Learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to grow your visibility and income with YouTube


the number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube has increased by 40% year over year?
(source: brandwatch.com, 2020)

or that you don’t need thousands of subscribers or millions of views to make money leveraging YouTube?

THINK ABOUT IT: Over 2 billion monthly active users.

The second most popular search engine after Google.

90% of users finding out about new products and services directly on the platform.


You know video is powerful and YouTube is a popular tool to get your name out there but (does this sound familiar?)...

So what if I said you can:

The truth is YouTube is not a platform you can just "wing it" with.
It takes knowledge of the algorithm, a video content strategy and strategically creating videos that have the power to grow your audience, impact and income.

...and I created a program specifically to help you get there.

*cue the confetti*


YouTube Coins

An 8-week program where you learn how to leverage YouTube to grow your income.

I’ve taken everything that I know from growing my YouTube platform to over 85,000+ REAL subscribers, 6 million+ views, and $20k+ months, and I’ve packaged it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you how to grow on YouTube, but also master monetization and online marketing leveraging the platform!

Here's what you'll learn inside my program:

Channel branding

We’ll start with the foundations such as branding your channel for optimal growth and even mastering your mind so you can kick those mental blocks to the curve!

Video planning & strategy

You’ll learn how to craft the BEST video content strategy so you never run out of ideas and plan out videos that actually get eyeballs on your content.

Video monetization

This is what separates YouTube Coins from others.

I’m going to show you how to turn your video content into coins even if you have a small YouTube following and not approved for YouTube monetization ads. You’ll learn how to create an income-generating, viable business leveraging YouTube.


You’ll learn how to create high-quality personality-infused video content that your audience binges. We’ll cover what equipment to get started with, simple video scripts, easy time-saving recording hacks and ways to shine on camera like a pro.


Take your editing from amateur to professional without spending all day on it. We’re cover editing software, ways to sprinkle some extra pizazz on your videos and editing tricks.

Growth hacks & optimization

Once your video is done, it’s time to make your video work for you! You’ll learn how to create eye-catching thumbnails, ways to promote your  YouTube videos (outside and inside the platform!) plus how to optimize your videos for maximum exposure!

Video analytics

Your videos are done but now it’s time leverage the power of analytics to understand how you can do better and what opportunities to tap into.

You’ll learn how to read the metrics on YouTube and understand which are the KEY metrics you need to track!


PLUS you'll also get these amazing bonuses:

youtube thumbnail graphics

Get access to 10 YouTube templates you can easily customize and edit in Canva (plus a tutorial to show you how!)

on camera wardrobe & makeup

Unsure what to wear? You get a bonus module to help you style better on camera!

email list accelerator

Get access to guest masterclass: how to build your email list. Inside this masterclass you learn how to create an email list, and get more sales!

digital offer in a week

Learn how to create a digital product like a book or course in as little as a week so you can make money no matter your size!

Profitable passion workbook

Unsure what you want your YouTube channel to be about? Get access to my profitable passion workbook

Camera confidence module

Are you a nervous wreck as soon as you hit record? Get my bonus module all about conquering camera fear so you can shine on video!

“After following Breonna’s content strategy for my brand, I now have PAID sponsorships, PAID speaking engagements, and I just landed features in 3 publications!!!”

– Heather, FitFoodielife.com

YouTube coins is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to create a successful YouTube channel but also how to leverage the platform to make money no matter how small or large your channel is.

Here's how YouTube Coins Stands Out...


Some people just throw a course your way and leave you to figure it out on your own. NAH, I DON'T ROLL LIKE THAT. Each week you will get the opportunity to ask me questions and get answers in real-time with weekly live coaching.

learn how to grow and monetize

I teach you skills outside of just recording videos for your YouTube channel (yes, I cover this too). I also focus on how to turn your subscribers into dollars , marketing, branding, and MORE!


You get over 10 years of experience, mistakes and lessons learned + the most up to date strategies and tactics bundled up into a 7 week program to help you skyrocket in less time.

private community TO connect with others

Receive the support you need to stay focused. Additionally, you get the opportunity to form valuable friendships with other students that can lead to strategic partnerships and collaborations!

While I cover how to grow your subscribers and YouTube channel, I don't focus on it (because newsflash, it doesn't mean anything!).

I focus on what matters the most and that's you having the clarity, strategy and purpose to show up consistently and intentionally on video so you can become the CEO of your dreams.

“After implementing just one video suggestion from my session with Breonna, I saw an increase of new clients to my business. I highly recommend Breonna if you need direction with your online marketing, and video strategy.”
– Owner of Classic Hair Therapy

Not sure if Youtube Coins is for you?

(because trust me, this program is NOT for everyone!)

this is for you if...

this is not for you if...

Inside YouTube Coins, you’ll learn how to create awesome videos from scratch that grow your audience and income.

You’ll get the same steps I used to grow my YouTube channel to an audience of more than 85,000+ subscribers, 6 million views, $10k+ months and even features in the likes of OWN, HBO and BuzzFeed!​

Here's what my past clients are saying

Inside YouTube Coins, you'll get access to all modules, cheat sheets, resource guides, and every tool you need (including a private community AND ME!) to build a profitable brand leveraging YouTube.

This is the comprehensive program you NEED that helps you master YouTube, video marketing and content monetization in one place!

Modules delivered in bite-sized videos

Scripts, resource guides & checklist

Live coaching & Private community

Still not convinced? Here's some common questions (and my answers)

All modules will be delivered over the period of 6 weeks, however, you get instant access to week 1 of the program.

Additionally, you will retain access to ALL course materials, forever.

I have over 10 years of experience as a digital consultant including YouTube.

I say this because almost a decade worth of experience and knowledge… cannot simply be found on Google or YouTube.

Additionally, a lot of the info you’ll find on Google was written years ago with strategies that are now obsolete. My program combines experience, latest tips + proven strategies to help you level up with YouTube.

Uhhhh…. how about FOREVA! As long as Video Coins is alive and kickin’, you’ll have lifetime access!

NO! This program is geared towards YouTubers at ANY size and at ANY LEVEL. This program is about helping you start/grow a YouTube channel and earn income leveraging your channel.

1:1 access is reserved strictly to my private clients.

However, you do have access to our private group to ask questions as well during our monthly group coaching sessions.

If you go through the entire program, try your best and after 3 months of consistency, you’re not happy then I will gladly give you a 100% refund.

This program only works if you do and I am committed to your growth when you join YouTube Coins

Before I talked with Breonna, I wasn’t clear about the direction I wanted to go with my content. After our call, I was energized and ready to hit the ground running! She gave me clear actionable tips and resources that I could use right away. I have so much clarity after our call
Christina jones
Christina Jones Photography

Ready to meet your YouTube guide?

I absolutely cannot wait to guide you over the next 8 weeks!

I am an award-winning blogger, YouTuber and consultant known for taking brands from boring to bankable.

Amassing over 85,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 5 million views, my videos have opened the door to features in HBO, Buzzfeed, OWN, HuffPost and even being selected at one of Tampa’s top influencial women of 2019.

With over a decade of experience teaching video marketing strategies and developing video marketing campaigns that boost online visibility and revenue, I’m well-known for taking entrepreneurs from church-mouse- quiet creators to profitable creators. 

It’s why I created this program! YouTube has changed my business and my life and I want to help you leverage the power of video to impact yours too!

“Breonna has truly opened up my eyes to the benefits of livestreaming and creating videos to grow my business!.”
– DreShawna Black

Still unsure? Here's a quick recap of all the AMAZINGNESS you get inside of YouTube Coins:

Sooo at this point, you can...


Save $95 PLUS access to additional bonuses


PAY IN FULL & you instantly save $200 off your tuition!

$957 usd

3 MONTHLY payments of

$387 usd


Spots are limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve your spot inside the program today!

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