Your vision doesn’t require others validation!

Can I tell you something? Your vision does not require others’ validation! You don’t have to allow other people’s limiting beliefs to limit you too.

In today’s video, I’m sharing why your vision does not require others’ validation and tips to help you stop thinking negatively about others.

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Your vision does not require
other people’s validation.

It’s your vision, not theirs.

What’s up guys?

It’s your girl, Breonna Queen.

I help service-based entrepreneurs

sell their services with ease

without having to post online every day,

without having to have
crazy email, phone calls

or needing thousands and
thousands of subscribers.

I help you sell your services with ease.

And today’s video is a little personal,

and I’m talking all about mindset.

So in my previous video,

I said there are three
things you definitely need

to hit consistent five-figure months,

and that is one, have a
business that is sustainable,

that is two, have a consistent strategy,

and three, that is making sure

that your mindset is tough, is ready,

and you know that you can do
anything you put your mind to.

In today’s video,

we’re talking about why
your vision for yourself

does not require other people’s validation

as well as some ways I have helped

really start building up my mindset

that you would be able
to incorporate as well

if you suffer from limiting beliefs

or stinking thinking.

So, let’s go ahead and let’s get into it.

So in 2015, I wrote my very first book,

and it was called Just Face It.

And I was so excited
about writing this book.

I had been wanting to
write a book forever,

but I was kind of nervous,
I was kind of scared.

And I had a friend and
I had told her like,

oh, I really wanna write this book.

My goal was to have this book finished

by the end of this month.

And you know what my friend said?

My friend was like,

do you think anybody’s
gonna buy this book?

Like do you think that
anyone’s gonna read it?

Like she just was telling me things

that were kind of hurtful.

Obviously, writing this book,

I had some stinky thinking

in the back in the back of my mind.

Like what if I spend all
this time writing this book

and nobody buys it and nobody
reads it, nobody likes it.

But at the same time I was excited

’cause I really wanted to write this book.

So, hearing my friend validate

these stinking thinking thoughts,

it kind of did something to me

to have me thinking like
dang, maybe she’s right.

Maybe nobody will buy my book.

All these negative
thoughts start rushing in

because somebody else’s negative thoughts

validated those negative
thoughts I already had.

Long story short, I decided you know what?

If nobody buys this book,
if nobody reads this book,

if nobody likes this book, that’s okay.

At least I know I did it because
I never wanna live a life

where I’m always wondering

what if I did that thing I
wanted to do, but I didn’t do?

I’m okay with failure.

I’m okay with things
not turning out the way

I had planned it to turn out.

What I’m not okay with is not even trying.

So I decided that I was
gonna release this book.

Well, guess what happened?

I released this book,

and it was number one on Amazon for a day,

and people were writing me
saying they love the book,

they enjoyed the book, it
helped them with their makeup,

helped make their lives easier, right?

Because they read this book

and now they were doing their makeup,

they felt beautiful,
they felt more competent.

By writing this book and not
being scared to actually do it,

I was able to see my vision come to life.

But here’s the thing, my
friend didn’t see that vision.

My friend didn’t believe in that vision

because it wasn’t her vision.

It was my vision.

But that’s what I mean by your vision

does not require other
people’s validation.

A lot of times we have these
dreams, we have these goals

and we tell others
because we’re so excited

and we want them to
validate it, but they don’t.

And then suddenly they were discouraged.

And we feel like, well, if you know

my mom can’t see this vision

then this vision just may not work.

Or, you know, or my sister
feels like it’s a dumb idea

then maybe it’s a dumb idea.

And a lot of times it’s
not even a dumb idea.

It’s not even that it won’t work.

It’s just that they can’t see it.

So let’s talk about some
ways that you can navigate

going after your dreams,
going after your goals

when those around you
don’t see that same vision.

So my tip number one is, do it anyway.

Do a scared, do it terrified,

do it not knowing what’s gonna come next.

Here’s the thing,

the most successful
people are risk takers.

They’re the ones that 1,000%
believe in their dream

and they go for it.

I’ll give the example of Oprah.

Oprah grew up poor, living in Mississippi.

And she took a lot of
risks to be who she is now.

One of the risk she took was,
you know, going into school

in a completely different city,

in a completely different state.

And another risk she had was
she gave up financial security

to become a talk show host.

She wasn’t sure that she was
gonna be able to make money

as talk show host.

She was giving up a very well-paid job

to come a talk show host.

And what happened that show ended up being

one of the top rated
shows ever 90s, heck ever.

So she had to take that huge risk.

So a lot of times you have to just do it

and you have to say, I don’t
know what will come next,

but I see this vision for my life.

I know that it can come to
fruition if I just work hard.

I truly believe that all
of us have expertise,

passionate experience, stories to share,

and when we share those, we impact others.

That is our way of serving
others is by sharing our stories

and our education, our
expertise, and our gifts.

And a lot of those are rooted in fear.

Some of the banks that
we’re so scared to do

is actually the thing that
will help us move forward.

When I was 24 years old,

I relocated to a completely
new city and state by myself.

I wasn’t going to college.

I wasn’t going for a new job.

I literally was like, you know what?

I’m not happy where I’m at,
I’m not happy where I live,

I want something new, I
want something different.

It was a big leap of faith for me.

And of course I had family
and friends who was like

don’t go, you’re going by yourself.

That’s dangerous.

Don’t go.

You’re a single woman.

You know, I had people in my ear

who didn’t see this grand
life that I saw for myself.

And I knew that I was not
going to be able to see success

where I was at.

There is a quote from this
movie called Big Fish,

if you’ve ever seen it.

And inside this movie, the quote is,

“If you keep a gold fish
in a small fish tank,

it will remain small.

However, you can take that goldfish

and he put it in a big tank,
the goldfish will grow.”

And I felt like a goldfish
in a very small tank.

I felt like I was not able to get bigger

because I was constrained.

Fast forward to eight years later,

my biggest regret is I wish
I would’ve moved sooner.

That is my biggest regret.

I wish I would’ve moved sooner.

You know, I’m a homeowner.

I’m engaged, you know, I
have a successful business.

I have a travel friends
who are now like family.

I’m establishing my roots here

but it required me taking a risk.

I had to do it scared,
I had to do it afraid,

I had to do it nervous.

It leads me into number two.

Don’t leave this world
with untapped potential.

Don’t leave this world with stories

still muddled inside you.

I will leave this world
and I wanna have a legacy.

Legacy in my books, legacy in my videos,

legacy in the people that
I impacted and I served

and I cannot help others
if I’m not helping myself.

So if you’re fully like, man,

like all these people around
me, they don’t see my vision.

Ask yourself who will impact from this?

I know for me, when I started doing makeup

one thing that really pushed me was like,

yeah, I am gonna be doing
these makeup tutorials

and I’m gonna help women feel beautiful.

I’m gonna help women see
that you don’t have to spend

a lot of money on makeup or
you don’t have to take on

tons and tons of layers of
makeup to feel at your best.

And that was something
that pushed me forward

was knowing that I am
going to be helping people

and serving people in the
capacity that is best for me.

So here’s one of my tips,
get clear on what you want.

So first things first, think
about what exactly do you want

and make it measurable, make it realistic

but kind of risk-taking,

make it to where you can
track the progress of it.

So when it comes to having these goals

and nobody supports you think
about what you need to do

what is required from you to
actually make these goals,

these dreams a reality.

Additionally, if you
are clear in your goals,

if you’re clearing your dreams,

then the naysayers will not
have that much effect on you

because you can say,

okay, I want to be
self-employed in 12 months.

And those around you are
like, oh, you’re never do it.

You’ll never make enough
money in your business

and your little business
to make that much money.

And if you have attainable
goals and somebody says

how’s your little business doing?

If you’re a month four and
you said, you know what?

This month I generated $5,000.

So yeah, I’m not at my goal
yet of having $10,000 a month,

but I’m halfway there.

So when that person comes to you

with their negative thoughts
and their negative words

it won’t beige as much ’cause
you already have a goal.

You know exactly what you want.

Knowing your vision and
goals will give you clarity.

It will give you a drive and
it will give you fulfillment.

So having a goal and having
visions and knowing exactly

what you need to do is gonna
give you that fulfillment

and it’s gonna give you that drive

so that you’re not listening
to those naysayers.

Additionally, you have
to realize that people’s

limiting beliefs have absolutely
nothing to do with you.

Going back to the book.

So the book I wrote
and my friend was like,

you think anybody’s gonna buy that book?

She was saying that because
nobody bought her book.

She had these limiting
beliefs about herself.

She didn’t think certain
things were possible.

Therefore she couldn’t see
it being possible for me.

How she felt had absolutely
nothing to do with me.

And here’s the thing.

Realistic is all about you.

Realistic is a personal thing

because you create your own reality.

So someone may say, oh, is that realistic?

And it’s like, maybe not for you

but I create my own reality.

I determined what is
realistic and what is not.

So people’s limiting
beliefs about themselves

and about you has nothing to do with you.

It’s just like that whole quote,

“How people think about me
has nothing to do with me.

That’s not my business.”

It’s the same thing.

You can’t control how someone thinks.

You can’t control someone’s mindset

have nothing to do with you.

And if you have a dream,
if you have a goal,

if you have this vision and
somebody else doesn’t see it,

that is their problem.

If that’s not your problem
and it’s not your duty

to make them see it especially
if they’re not needed

and they’re not necessary.

If you don’t need their support,

or you don’t need their okay for you to go

after this goal and vision,

it’s okay to not have their support

and have their clarification.

You can do things without your
friends and family support.

And that’s something I had to
learn when I was 24 years old.

I can do things without
other people’s support.

I can do things without my
friends and family confirming it.

I can do things about my
friends and family feeling like,

oh it’s gonna happen or
it’s not gonna happen.

What’s gonna allow you to succeed is you.

You are the determining
factor on your success.

If you struggle with taking
the road less traveled

there are three things I do recommend.

The first thing I recommend is
take out a journal and write.

Write down the worst
things that can happen

if people didn’t support you.

What is the worst thing that could happen

if your mom didn’t see that
same vision that you have.

And then on the flip side,

write down what’s the best
thing that could happen.

Let’s say this vision
you have for yourself,

what if you do succeed?

What is your life look like?

How does that feel?

Write down the pros and
the cons of not going

after your dreams.

Which one outweighs the other?

Number two, I highly encourage you

to start consuming mindset content.

Read books about mindset,
something I do every single day

when I walk my dogs, I
listen to audio books

and I always have an audio
book I’m listening to.

Your mindset is a muscle.

And the more you feed it great things,

positive things, affirmations,

the better your brain will take it in.

It will get stronger.

If you constantly feed
yourself negative stuff,

your outlook on life’s gonna be negative.

If you constantly feed
yourself positive stuff

your outlook will be positive.

So I highly recommend
really incorporating mindset

as a daily routine, whether that is books,

audio books, affirmations,
prayer, something,

something that will allow you to be

in a state of positivity every single day,

which leads me into my number third thing

that I recommended if you really struggle.

And that is to be okay
dismissing people from your life

who do not make it better.

And maybe you can’t dismiss them, right?

Maybe they’re your family.

Then reminding yourself
to dismiss their opinions.

Dismiss the things that they say.

It is okay to take a break from someone.

It is okay to love
someone from a distance.

Self-care is me not surrounding myself

with people who deplete me,
who make me feel less thin

who put me in a negative mind state,

who put me in a negative state of mind

and just unhealthy physically.

That is okay.

Sometimes you have to just
change the people around you

and be okay with love
people from a distance.

Sometimes entrepreneurship,
I know for me can be lonely.

When I really started
focusing on entrepreneurship

I lost a lot of friends.

A lot of friends who wanted to club,

a lot of friends who were upset when they

were no longer a priority.

It was like, hey, listen, I
got to get this content out.

I can’t hang out with
you on Saturday night

because Sunday morning
I got to create content,

or hey, listen I’m going
to this business event.

I can’t go the club with you.

I can go out to eat with you.

I can’t do it.

My priorities shifted.

They did not like the
company second place.

They didn’t like me taking
up for myself and saying,

hey, I can’t do this.

I’m sorry.

They didn’t like me setting boundaries.

They took offense to that.

And that is okay.

We parted ways, no shade
to them and no shade to me

but I have a vision for my life

and other people can’t
see it, that is fine.

It is my duty.

It is my priority.

And it is my place to ensure
that I carry out this vision

because they end up in my life
I don’t want to have regrets

and wonder what else.

I don’t want to be on my
death bed and feel like

what if I took these chances?

What if I had did the things
I always wanted to do?

‘Cause at the end of my
life, I wanna tell God

I used everything you gave me.

The story you gave me, I shared.

My expertise, I applied it.

My education, everything
that you gave me, my gifts,

I gave to others.

I don’t want to say,

well, God I didn’t use
the gifts that you gave me

because Susie said my
gifts were kind of ugly.

And Johnny said that my
gifts were not worthy.

I don’t want to live like that.

So that is how I focus.

So if you believe in God, and
you believed in a higher up

above you think about that.

Think about, I was put on
this earth to serve others

and I wanna do just that.

I don’t wanna live in a whatya,

shoulda, coulda, wouldas lukewarm life.

I want to live in a life
where I used everything

that was given to me.

Say out loud the vision for in your life,

create a plan and get to work.

Get to work, do it until it works.

So if you have any mindset
tips, anything that you feel

could help somebody who’s
struggling with their mindset

who has limited beliefs write
down below and let me know.

Thanks for checking out this
video, our podcast episode

we share thumbs it up,

five stars all records via Angie TV.

Let me know down below in the comments

some recommendations you have for Mindset.

So I’ll talk to guys in
my very next episode.

Stay blessed, stay healthy, stay happy.

Bye guys.

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