You're already an expert. Now it's time to be seen (and paid) like one.

Ready to make a name for yourself in these internet streets while still being authentic and without feeling salesy (#yuck)?

It’s time to have consistent clients and a sales pipeline that not only automates your leads but has the RIGHT people beating down your door to work with you.

I get it. You’re over feeling exhausted and confused as to why people are not booking you.

And you're definitely over joining sales calls with prospects just for them to go ghost the minute you tell them your price.

The good news? It's not you, it's your strategy and you're at the right place to fix it.

Ready to work together?! Here's how:

Coaching program

Designed to help service-based entrepreneurs generate consistent sales leveraging the power of strategic video.

Inside this step-by-step premium program, you walk away with an A-Z blueprint to increase your visibility, influence, and revenue consistently.

"Breonna is the real deal and just talking with her for one hour totally changed the game for me. She gave me fresh ideas and ways to monetize the things I'm already doing. Our session was transformational"
Publicist and Friendship Coach