Why your brand needs consistency


Consistency is about much more than posting on social media all the time to tell your audience the
the latest update on your business. It’s also about being recognized for who you are and what sets your brand
apart from others.

When your brand is not consistent, you risk confusing your audience and confused people don’t

So let’s talk about some reasons why brand consistency is important (and I’m not just talking
consistency in time of posting either

1. Consistency builds brand recognition….
Everything should be cohesive so people can start identifying your brand. Your brand should mirror
the same experience regardless of the platform.

2. People need to be reminded
It’s estimated that potential members need to see an ad seven times before the marketing begins to
register in their mind. Attention spans are minimal so you have to continuously promote yourself and your business in some form or fashion. Remind people what you do. When people think about you, they should be vividly clear on the services you offer.

3. Establishes yourself as an expert
As a consumer, you don’t want to entrust your money to someone who doesn’t have a clue what they’re
doing or doesnt have it altogether. You want a real expert anddddddd if you want to be seen, respected and paid like an expert you have to position yourself as the expert. Your brand must look and feel polished.

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