Why selling your service shouldn’t be scary (and tips to help you sell better!)

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Your skills will not sell themselves. if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s not enough to just be great in your field. you have to be able to sell your service so that you can profit, people can’t hire you if they don’t know you exist.

What’s up guys? it’s your girl, breonna queen, and I help service based entrepreneurs get to the money so they can sell their services consistently. today we are talking about something I used to hate, hate hate but now I love dearly and that is sales and marketing.

I think sales and marketing gets a bad rap right? because there are people who sell in a very bad way, they’re manipulative, you know they are annoying.

You know they just people who like sliding in your d. m. trying to sell you stuff you didn’t even ask for it. like I feel like sales and marketing gets a bad rap but selling is not a bad thing, selling is a good thing and I honestly feel selling saves lives so when it comes to sales and marketing, sales and marketing does not have to be sleazy, doesn’t have to be gross.

Doesn’t have to be scary. doesn’t have to be negative. especially as an entrepreneur, you have to learn to sell your offer, you have to learn to market because again, people can’t buy what they don’t know &

Doesn’t exist. nobody likes to be pitched to. I personally, I don’t like to be pitched to. I hate it and selling may be scary to you because maybe you’ve been pitched to, maybe you have felt like sales can be scammy or maybe you’ve had someone who was trying to sell to you and you felt like you was just a number, right? like they didn’t care about you as a person, they just wanted your money.

So maybe you feel like sales is unnatural or icky or you don’t want to be the kind of person who sells and you’re manipulating people or your aggravating people or annoying people.

I get that, but sales does not have to be that way. in today’s video, i’m going to share with you guys some, some tips for selling and why I love sales because I feel like sales is transformational, it allows you to transform others lives.

So contrary to popular belief, selling doesn’t have to be bothersome. selling is helping people, like you’re truly helping someone when you sell, let’s say there’s someone in the world, right? and their hair is breaking off and it’s breaking off and it’s dry brittle and they’ve tried everything, they’ve read all the books, you know, they’ve done everything they possibly can to help their hair, but their hair just keeps breaking off and they’re just like at their wits end.

They’re like, oh my gosh, like I just don’t understand why my hair is breaking off this bad. they are struggling.

They are suffering. here comes you, you are a beautician who focuses on dry and brittle hair. by selling your offer, this person discovers you.

And they’re like, oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize that this was an option for me. I didn’t even realize there was a specialist who specialized in my dry brittle, you know, 4c hair and they’re excited.

You’re helping someone who thought that one, either a. the problem didn’t exist or b. that there wasn’t someone to help solve their problem. you’re helping someone by selling your service, you’re helping someone to overcome a problem.

A hurdle, a pain point, an issue of frustration, like by selling your service, you’re helping someone transform their life, get over something or make something easier. selling is helping people when it’s done in a non manipulative way.

I truly feel like we all have gifts and expertise and talent and when you don’t sell your honestly you’re doing yourself and your audience a disservice, you’re ideal client a disservice because when you don’t sell your service, you ideal client doesn’t know you exist. they don’t know this offer exists and they may be running themselves ragged trying to find a solution to their pain because you’re too scared to let them know that you have the solution.

Like think about that somebody is out here and they are looking for what you offer but you’re too scared to announce it so that person doesn’t know that it exists. so they are just running themselves ragged.

They are on instagram and facebook and twitter and online and talkin to friends. they’re trying to get the solution and they can’t find it because you’re not showing up in the capacity that you need to show up to offer it to them.

So that’s why I feel like selling is helping people. when you sell your offer that you know gets results. you’re helping someone overcome a pain point. you’re helping someone transform.

One of my favorite quotes is you can sell and serve at the same time. you can serve people as well as sell your offer. it’s not slimy to do so. we all have bills right? like every single one of us got bills, it is okay to sell and serve your audience.

It’s not a bad thing! inside my program uncomplicated sales, I teach students how to infuse sell psychology into their content so that they are able to sell and serve at the same time, they’re able to create content that doesn’t feel icky.

That’s not manipulating people. they’re able to actually serve their audience with their content. but in addition to that sell their service at the same time so that they are just not getting a bunch of you know subscribers, they’re not getting a bunch of followers but they’re actually converting people from viewing their content.

You know, consuming their content to actually purchasing their offer so they can get that full transformation. so it’s perfectly okay to sell and serve at the same time because selling in essence is helping people when it’s done in a non icky way.

In addition to that, selling helps you have more freedom. and I know you’re probably like what don’t think of sales is just sliding in the dm’s. don’t think of sales as just having a facebook post that’s like buy my item!

Don’t think of sales as you know, tagging me and 57 other people to a facebook post. like that’s not strategic and efficient selling. selling is going to allow you to get rid of the freebie seekers, selling is going to allow you to get rid of the lurkers. you know what i’m talking about, people where you post the status and they’re like yes yes great status, amazing post awesome content.

But they never actually purchase your item, the ones who you know you have a freebie and they get the freebie then they immediately unsubscribe or you know they’re always checking out your free content but when it comes to actually purchasing, they don’t do it.

When you sell you pre qualify, you’re able to separate out people who just want your free content. just want to lurk, just want to see what you’re up to.

And instead people actually want what you have to offer, who value your time, who value your expertise and actually want that transformation, it gives you freedom.

So if you have 5000 people on your email list, and 4500 of them are just lurkers. you know, instead of trying to prep and prime these lurkers who are never going to buy from you. when you sell you’re able to actually prequalify people, people who are gonna say, i’m interested in that thing that you’re offering, I want to put my money to that transformation and those who are just on the sidelines, just looking knowing they’re never gonna buy from you.

They’re just on your email list just to get the free stuff. they’re just “yes-ing” your statuses just because. they don’t have no intention on any really actually moving the needle and working with you.

So selling allows you freedom. and there’s nothing wrong with lurkers, by the way, you know, like there is a thing called the buyers journey. people who are not ready to buy, people don’t even realize that so that they need to buy and people just want to support you and i’m all down for support, but at the same time you can’t pay your bills with support.

So selling gives you freedom because it allows you to to 1. make more money so you can pay your bills and live a life that you want. but 2. it allows you to separate out those who will never buy from you and those who want to buy from you or interested in buying from you or may by, from you in the future, which leads me into number three, which is relationships.

Sales is all about relationships. now, wait a minute. can you sell without having a relationship with somebody? absolutely, but is a heck of a lot easier to sell your offers with ease when you have a relationship with that person and i’m not talking about relationship like you kissing them, y’all making out or they stay on your couch or you do brunch, but just a relationship where you know, somebody feels connected to you think about youtubers or instagrammers that you follow that you feel like they are your best friend in your head, right? like they may not even know you exist, but you, from consuming their content, you feel like they, they are your best friend, you feel connected to them.

That is a relationship in a way and selling is all about building relationships, selling is all about being able to connect with people and let people know, listen, this is what I do, you know, helping them solve this problem that they’re having this pain point.

Helping them transform from frustration to solution. people buy from those they know like and trust. so if they like you, they feel like they know you and if they trust you, they’re more likely to purchase from you. so if you feel like sales is icky sales is gross, it doesn’t have to be. and I find that when you create content, when you serve your audience, when you are authentic, you know, it’s easier to sell your offer because you’re letting people know like listen here is the transformation that I provide here are the results that I can give you if you want this, here you go.

And it gives people the option to say yes or no, you’re not manipulating them at all. selling is all about influencing a person to make an informed decision that will solve, eliminate or reduce their problem effectively and efficiently.

That is what selling is. selling is not manipulating someone, selling is not being rude, selling is not pitching someone and making them feel bad for not want to purchase from you.

Selling is all about helping someone make a decision to solve a pain point and when you look at sales from a capacity of, i’m helping someone, it’s easier to sell your item because we all want to help people right. last but not least, selling is a muscle.

You heard right! it’s a muscle. the more you do it, the easier it becomes, the more you do it, you know the better you become at it selling is a muscle.

Some people right off the bat, they’re great itself, other people, they have to become great at it, but it’s a muscle, you have to constantly do it so that you can improve it.

But like I said, selling should not be slimy, it should not be manipulative. there is a way to sell that is, it’s helping someone and you’ll find that when you’re helping someone you will become better at it.

You have to be okay asking for the sale at some point. like I said you can’t pay your bills on likes and loves and support. you can only pay your bills with money.

So at the end of the day you have to be okay asking for the sale. I saw a facebook post the other day where the girl was saying she was selling her dessert and someone came up to her and asked her question about a competitor and she just answered their question and let them walk away.

And it was like no. like you had an opportunity to sell when that person came to you asking you about the competitor asking, hey, is your competitors still have their restaurant here? say “yeah, they sure do.

It’s right around the corner. however, since you like this competitor, have you tried my dessert? they’re homemade, they’re freshly baked.

I cook them myself. here is the most popular dessert that we have. usually it’s sold out around this time, but we still have it. you should try some.

Here’s a sample” you know, taking opportunities to ask for the sale. it doesn’t make you slimy. it doesn’t make you gross.

It allows you to inform someone to make an informed decision. it allows you to influence someone to make an informed decision. don’t be scared to ask for the sale.

Your electric bill, the electric company, they’re not scared to ask you to pay your bill and the water company. they’re not scared to ask you to pay that bill. like don’t be afraid to ask for the sale because your bills are not afraid to ask for payments. they’re just not. understanding the value of your offer and being able to explain that to your client.

It’s gonna make selling easier and simple, you know, inside my program uncomplicated sales. I really help students to package up their offer so that it’s irresistible and to create messaging so that they can sell easier. they can sell to the right people, not just anybody but sell to the right people. the ones who are happy, the ones who are happy to pay the price, the ones who need that transformation, the ones who are ready to purchase and ready to do the work.

If you’re able to see the value in your offer and you’re able to understand and share the value of this offer to your clients, it’s gonna be easier to sell because they’re gonna even see that’s something that they need, something they don’t need.

You know when you talk about the transformation, the results that you provide in a way it’s selling right? you’re selling this transformation, you’re selling this result, but you’re also helping someone to get that transformation and get the result that they wouldn’t be able to get by themselves without your knowledge, without your expertise, without your skills. so selling is helping . selling doesn’t have to be slimy, doesn’t have to be gross, it doesn’t have to be manipulative.

Like you can sell your offer with ease and feel aligned and feel like empowered, not feel like oh my gosh i’m this terrible person selling does not have to be that way and like I said as an entrepreneur, you have to learn how to sell your offer.

You know, you can’t just be great at your craft and nobody knows that you even have this craft, they’re not able to buy it. so if you struggle with selling, if you struggle with selling your signature offer you and you’re a service based entrepreneur, I invite you to check out my program, uncomplicated sales. it is literally all about uncomplicating sales and selling your service.

There’s three phases. the first phase is magnetic messaging and it’s all about packaging up your offer. so it’s irresistible and the messaging is magnetic and attracts your ideal client, not anybody, not those freebie seekers, not those, “yes” status posters who never buy, but you actually attract people who want the solution that you offer.

The results that you provide in the service that you give. the second phase is called content that connects. and it’s all about creating content that allows you to sell and serve at the same time so that you’re no longer having to post every single day so that you’re not getting on sales calls.

And as soon as you give the price, they run fast away! content that connects. that phase is all about helping you create content that allows you to serve your ideal client as well as sell to them and helps you attract new people, lead generation, nurture them, connect with them and allow them to convert. and then the third phase is called easy conversions and it’s all about helping you turn your ideal client from a viewer, your content consumer to an actual client, a prospect into a client.

It helps you perfect your onboarding so that you can onboard your client so that you can convert them with the sales call, so that you can have a sales call that converts for you.

And then on top of that you also have a bonus phase which I call automation simplified. and you learn how to simplify your business and put automations and systems in place so that you don’t have to work harder.

You can work smarter and you can work less. so if you’re interested in my program uncomplicated sales, go to uncomplicatedsales.com or breonnaqueen.com/free-training to learn more about the program.

So I hope you guys after watching this video or listening to the podcast. I hope i’ve shifted your mindset so that you realize that sales is not a bad thing.

Selling allows you to serve your people, it allows you to help people and it allows you to have more freedom in your business and in your life. so i’ll talk to you guys in my very next video or podcast episode.

Don’t forget to thumbs it up. give me five stars. write down below if you struggle with the sales, let me know down below what it is about sales that you struggle with.

Maybe I will create a podcast episode/ video about it and giving you some tips. it’s possible. all right, let’s talk to guys in my very next episode.

Take care. bye.

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