Why posting everyday will not get you sales

Why posting every day will NOT get you sales

1. engagement is not the same as getting sales.

– concentrating on your $$$ numbers, not your social media numbers. measuring your results so you know where your sales are coming from and where you should be spending your time

2. You have to be seen as the problem solver. Breakthrough the noise

– Cute quotes are nice but your post should move people to take action. It should make people think differently. It should teach them why they’re having the problem and how YOU are the solution to that

3.  You will become burnt out and overwhelmed as a small business

– big accounts have an entire social media expert dedicated to posting
– Stop feeling you have to do the most
– By having a streamlined process, you can book sales without having to post every day

Instead of posting every day

1. be strategic. Focus on creating content that moves the needles. That gets people to change their thinking and take action.
It’s not enough to be popular and tons of “likes” on a post if your dm’s is as dry as the Sahara desert.

Inside my program, uncomplicated sales, students learn how to infuse sales psychology and the buyer’s journey into their content so they are creating content with intention and not just for the sake of being consistent


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