Let’s talk about pivoting (and my entrepreneur journey!)

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0:00:00.0 Breonna Queen: Two words, Oprah Winfrey. When she first started off, she was a talk show host, now she has, you know, O magazine, she has O, That’s Good Food. She has her own network OWN. By the way, I have been featured on The Rock start out doing wrestling. Come on, everybody knows that. “Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?” We all did that as kids, and that is one of the highest paid actors in the world AKA, Mr. Dwayne Johnson. So what does Oprah and Dwayne Johnson have to do with this video? Well, they both pivoted, they both started off doing something and then they evolved, they expanded, they scaled, they switched it up. So today’s video we’re talking about pivoting. I’m gonna be sharing my own entrepreneur journey, you know what I’ve done differently, how I’ve switched it up, as well as why you should not feel bad for reinventing yourself and switching it up in pivoting when the time is necessary. But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Breonna Queen. I am an entrepreneur, a content creator, and I help people just like you, as service providers, really grow their business and self with ease.


0:01:10.6 Breonna Queen: So in today’s video, I’m sharing my entrepreneur journey as well as sharing how it is okay for you to pivot in your own entrepreneur journey. So let’s go ahead, it and let’s get to it. So, my entrepreneur journey was kinda by accident. I had graduated from college, could not find a job to save my life, but them bills was still looking at me. They was looking at me and I was looking at them, and I was looking at them and they were looking at me. So I was like, “Oh my gosh, I gotta figure out a way to pay these bills.” So I just had to start my own business, just helping business around the area do their social media and back then Twitter and Facebook was really hot. So technically, I was a social media manager and I had a client come to me and they wanted to get on YouTube. And at that time, I didn’t know anything about YouTube, so I started my YouTube Channel just to help a client as a social media manager. So this YouTube channel, you guys may know it is my Breonna Queen behind the scenes channel. It kinda blew up, right? You know, millions of views, over 85,000 subscribers, and I kind of pivoted, I went from being this person via social media to switching up and doing my YouTube channel and kinda becoming a YouTuber.


0:02:22.0 Breonna Queen: So my YouTube channel was not about business, it was about makeup, and I found that I really enjoyed doing makeup people love to watch my make-up tutorials. So I pivoted, I went from really being a social media manager to be in a beauty YouTuber, and it kind of evolved into me doing beauty books, having my own cosmetics line, being a make-up artist. So all of those things happened and it was a pivot, it was an accidental switch. Right? So I was a makeup artist, I was doing make-up, I had lots of clients, I had a cosmetics line, I was getting sales every single day, I was technically a very successful makeup artist, but I didn’t love it. It was more like a hobby that I was getting paid for that I kind of wanted to keep as a hobby. So I decided I was gonna pivot again, back to business. As you guys know, I love business, you know my degrees are in business, I was doing business anyway, with my full-time job, so I was like, “You know what, we are switching up, we are moving away from beauty and being a beauty YouTuber to focusing more on business and marketing and advertising.” ‘Cause I always loved business and advertising, and even as a make-up artist my most favorite thing, it was like the marketing and advertising aspect of it, it actually wasn’t the fulfillment of doing make-up, but the actual marketing of doing make-up and pretty much just helping women feel beautiful and amazing.


0:03:45.4 Breonna Queen: So I made that shift from makeup, beauty, 2018, back to business. And I really focused on video marketing and personal branding because it was kind of like a play on YouTube. Like YouTube is all about personal branding, it’s all about video, so I really started focusing on video and personal branding, ’cause I had perfected that craft as a beauty YouTuber. So I pivoted and kind of shifted a lot. I went from social media manager to beauty YouTuber, to beauty makeup artist, back to doing personal branding and marketing. And let me tell you, you guys like each shift was kind of scary, each jump was kind of scary, but I learned so many things on every single phase of my entrepreneurship journey in every single phase of me. Because every time I pivoted, I was pivoting because I was a newer version of myself, I had grown, I had evolved, I had changed and it was time to switch it up. So here’s the thing, every phase of your life, ever phase of your business journey, we’ll require a different level and a different version of you, and that is okay.


0:04:51.3 Breonna Queen: If you started off in the game to a social media management, and you realized by doing that like, “Hey, I actually really enjoy branding.” I really enjoying marketing, and you find that you’re really good at this certain thing, it is okay to pivot, and sometimes your pivot is completely different, sometimes your pivot, it’s from business to makeup. Your pivot is from construction to gaming, sometimes your pivot is so different, that people around you are like, “What?” But that’s okay. Reinvent yourself as many times as you need to, as many times as you have to, to find out what works for you. The great thing about entrepreneurship is, as an entrepreneur you’re able to evolve, Oprah evolved, The Rock evolved, even Rihanna. Rihanna started off just doing singing and now she has a cosmetics line, now she has a lingerie line, now she has a skin care line. It is okay to evolve. If you find that you perfected your craft or you find that you have done as much as you can, or you no longer have a passion or desire into something, or you just feel like, “I feel really burnt out.” Sometimes that is a sign that it’s okay to pivot, to switch it up.


0:06:04.5 Breonna Queen: Social media management, it taught me how to be a entrepreneur. Like how to sell myself and ask for the sale. And being a YouTuber, a beauty YouTuber, it taught me how to market myself better. Being a make-up artist, it taught me how to perform, like how to have customer service, and do a really great job at customer service, as well, as having that cosmetics line, and having those beauty books, it taught me the power of having digital products and up-selling my offers. And going back to digital marketing and branding as a strategist, it taught me one, how to network better. How to build relationships, authentic relationships. It taught me how to not just think about today, but tomorrow. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Five years? Ensuring that I have a business that is scalable.


0:06:53.0 Breonna Queen: When do you feel it’s time to pivot or switch things up? Well, number one, when you feel like things just aren’t working. Like you’re doing the work, but something’s missing. Like, you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something just is not right. That could be a sign it’s time to maybe pivot in a little baby way. So maybe the baby pivot is, instead of you offering this one… Like 15 different kind of one-on-one services, you pivot to only offering just one. And maybe you have digital products, maybe you have coaching, maybe you have events, maybe it’s time to kind of minimize it and only offer one thing or two things. That could be a little baby pivot that you may feel that you’re ready for when you kind of ready to just switch up the services that you offer.


0:07:35.6 Breonna Queen: The other sign that it maybe time to pivot is maybe you’re just not excited about anymore. As a makeup artist, I remember my goal, my big dream was I want to be booked to do make-up outside of the country, like I wanna be an international makeup artist. And it happened, and I remember when it happened, I was just not fulfilled. I became this international make-up artist, and I just was like, “This is not what I wanted, this is not what I liked.” I just wasn’t excited about it. So if you’re not excited about your business anymore. You’re getting clients and you’re just like, “Oh, great.” There’s a time when you just not excited about the work. And I’m not talking about when you’re burnt out and just need the rest. I’m talking about truly, to the core, you don’t feel… You don’t light up at the thought of doing your job anymore. It’s not fun, you don’t enjoy it. You kind of actually despise it just a little bit. That may be a sign that it’s time to pivot when you no longer enjoy what you do.


0:08:33.9 Breonna Queen: Sometimes it’s time to pivot because the market has changed. Maybe you focused on helping physical newspapers distributed their newspapers all over. Well, in 2021, people don’t really read physical newspapers like they did in the 1950s. So that is a sign that you need to pivot before you’re out of business. So sometimes the pivot is just because of market changes, because things have changed. Things have evolved, so you have to evolve with it.


0:09:03.9 Breonna Queen: Let me say sometimes a pivot is not necessary. Sometimes you just need to be persistent. Sometime people wanna pivot because they’ve tried something for three months and they’re like, it’s not working. I need to switch things up. Honestly, you guys, I don’t think three months is a long enough time to really measure if something works or not, I always say give it at the bare minimum, six months. If you’re creating YouTube videos for three months, you may not see any success in those first three months, right? It takes time for YouTube videos to start picking up. Give it at least six months if you’re posting on social media three times a week for three months it may take a while, people to really start registering, as you as a problem solver, as you as an expert, as you as someone to take unfortunately serious.


0:09:48.7 Breonna Queen: So sometimes it’s not a pivot that you need, sometimes its just persistence. Ask yourself how long have you been doing it? Ask yourself if you’ve been doing it well, ’cause you have to do the work. If you’ve been doing something in six months, but you have not been strategic and consistent with it, then that’s not a good way to measure. Inconsistency, and doing something inconsistently for six months and you’re still not really gonna see results because you haven’t really been doing it right.


0:10:14.4 Breonna Queen: So sometimes it’s not a pivot that you need. Sometimes it’s just persistence. So ask yourself; One, have I been doing it long enough? Two, have I been doing it strategically? Three, have you been doing it consistently? And then four, are you keeping at it? Because sometimes you just have to be patient. Ask yourself that, am I’m doing the work? Am I focused? Or am I just in a stage where I’m feeling defeated or I’m feeling like it’s not working? Do I have these temporary emotions that are having me thinking, I need to pivot. If you have those temporary emotions, and you know what temporary emotions are. When one minute you’re high, the next minute your low. When you’re truly ready to pivot, it doesn’t excite you for weeks and months on end, it’s not a temporary feeling. So really ask yourself is this a temporary feeling that I’m getting because I’m not seeing the results that I want fast enough. If that’s the answer, then it may be persistence that you need and not necessarily pivoting.


0:11:13.5 Breonna Queen: So I share my journey as well as my tips to help you. If you feel like it’s time to switch it up, change things, pivot, transform; I want you to know that it’s perfectly okay to evolve, it’s perfectly okay to change. Like when you see some of the biggest actors, entrepreneurs, people in the world, a lot of them start off doing one thing and they change into something else. It’s perfectly fine to do that when the time is necessary. So if you enjoyed this video or podcast episode, then be sure to give me five stars on iTunes, or a thumb this video up on YouTube, or like this video on Instagram, wherever you’re watching this video. And let me know down below, have you ever pivoted in business? Are you thinking about pivoting in business? Let me know. I’m interested. Anyways, I’ll talk to you guys in my very next

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