What to do when you feel like giving up… #entrepreneurshipAINTeasy

Last week I shared on Instagram that a lot of things can be improved…

A really bad YouTube video can be improved.

A sucky marketing plan can be improved.

A business that does not make much, if any, money can be improved.

A bad blog post can be improved.

Most things can be fixed and improved but one thing that cannot? Inaction.

Doing & being will get you a lot further than not doing anything. That’s just the truth. So let me share with you 3 of my tips to get things done even when fear kicks in and you don’t want to,

1. Begin with the end in mind

Think about why are you doing it. Maybe you’re starting a business so you have the power to control your schedule? Maybe you’re recording YouTube videos because you want to make an impact in the world and earn some passive income? Maybe you’re executing that marketing plan so you can sell more products which will give you that down payment for the house? Think about your WHY.

2. Remember that no one started off as an expert

I love the internet but I hate how we overlook the fact that the beginning is very rarely ever pretty. We ALL start off as beginners. We improve with time and consistency and in order to do that, we have to put in the WERK. I remember my very first YouTube video. The quality was terrible, my room in the background was a mess, I was smacking my heavily glossed lips and the video had no real focus. With time I improved but I had to start somewhere. Remember that when you’re putting in the work. The beginning isn’t as glamorous as Instagram will have you thinking but the beginning IS necessary!

3. Do It Anyway

This is my motto. When I’m nervous, scared, uncomfortable, unsure and want to talk myself out of it… I do it anyway. We’ll trick ourselves into thinking that our gifts are common and we shouldn’t use it, charge for it or impact the world with it but guess what? Your gifts are not common and your gifts are needed! People are waiting for you to show up and release your gifts so no matter how uncomfortable it feels, DO IT ANYWAY!

Now, If you’re doing it and feeling like you are not getting much traction, attention or engagement then let’s talk.

My specialty is helping service-based business owners and professions increase their visibility, impact and influence online. If that sounds like something you need then schedule a call with me to chat more about your needs.



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