What to wear on a yacht: 17 beautiful ideas for women

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Wondering what to wear on a yacht? I totally understand! It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of sailing away on a yacht; however, if you plan on living it up and really making the most of your time out on the water, make sure you have proper attire for whatever situation arises.

Whether you’re looking to soak up some sun or just relax with friends, having stylish yet functional clothing options will ensure that your trip is comfortable and enjoyable. Read on for helpful tips so that you know exactly what to wear while maneuvering around a yacht!

What to wear on a yacht


Rompers are a stylish and comfortable option to wear on a yacht, especially during the day. Choose a bright and cheerful one with a light fabric so that you can stay cool in the summer months. For an evening on the yacht, opt for something dressier such as a floral romper or a solid black jumpsuit. Pair with espadrilles or wedges for night.

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Flowy dress

A yacht is a place to let loose and be yourself, so why not dress the part? Flowy cotton or linen dresses are perfect for keeping it classy while still looking stylish in the sun. Go for something with a V-neckline to show off your shoulders or an airy maxi skirt that will move gracefully in the sea breeze. Opt for a light color to keep the look fresh.

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Two-piece short set

A two-piece short set is a great option for a day on the yacht. It allows you to stay cool in the hot sun and look stylish at the same time. Choose a light cotton or linen set that is comfortable and easy to move around in. Add a pair of sandals and sunglasses.

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Two-piece skirt set

A two-piece skirt set is a sophisticated and comfortable outfit for a yacht. It typically consists of a sleeveless top paired with an A-line skirt. Choose a set made of light fabrics like chiffon or cotton that won’t weigh you down in the summer heat.

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Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a great choice for a day on the yacht. The breezy and lightweight material will keep you cool while you bask in the sunshine. Choose a light-colored dress to make the most of the sun and keep you looking chic on deck. Pair with sandals for a casual look, or dress it up with some statement jewelry.

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You can never go wrong with a skirt in any situation! When it comes to wearing something aboard a yacht, you want to make sure that you choose something that is not only flattering but will also keep you comfortable throughout your journey. A skirt is a great option because it allows for a breezy and lightweight feel while still giving you a bit of coverage.

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A jumpsuit can be the perfect choice for a yacht. It’s comfortable, stylish, and chic. Choose a light material that won’t get too hot in the sun and that won’t cling too tightly to your body. Opt for a solid color or a subtly patterned jumpsuit with a fitted waist that flatters your figure.

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Linen pants:

Linen pants are the perfect choice for a day on the yacht. They are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for warm days. Choose a fitted style with cuffs, pockets, or a tie-waist to dress up the look. A linen pant can be paired with a breezy top, such as a tank or blouse. Neutral colors, like white, beige, and navy blue, are classic choices that will always look chic.

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Cover-up dress:

A cover-up dress is a must for women who are looking to stay comfortable and stylish while on the yacht. A lightweight, flowy fabric or breezy linen dress will keep you feeling cool and looking chic.

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Linen dress:

Whether you’re heading on a day-long yacht excursion or taking a longer cruise, linen is one of the best materials to wear. Not only is linen lightweight and beautiful, but it’s also breathable and comfortable. Choose a dress in a neutral hue like white, tan, or navy blue. Accessorize with a straw hat, espadrilles, and perhaps some gold jewelry to complete the look
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Wrap dress

If you want to be stylish and comfortable while on a yacht, wrap dresses are always an appropriate choice. The dress is perfect for sailing because the waist tie helps to keep the dress in place even when there is a breeze. You can also layer a lightweight jacket over it for extra warmth if needed.

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For days spent lounging and swimming in the ocean, it’s best to wear swimwear. A one-piece or two-piece swimsuit is the most appropriate apparel for a day on a yacht. If you’d like, you can add an oversized shirt or wrap to provide extra coverage. Make sure to bring along a pair of goggles and flip-flops for when you jump into the ocean or walk around on deck.
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Shorts and tank

Shorts and a tank top are the best go-tos for women looking to have a relaxed yet stylish look on a yacht. If you’re looking for a more tailored look, try a pair of dressier shorts paired with a nice blouse or even an off-the-shoulder top.

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Wrap skirt

A wrap skirt is a great option for women who want to look smart and stylish on a yacht. They are comfortable, easy to wear and match many different tops and accessories. A wrap skirt can be made of a lightweight fabric, like linen or cotton, to keep you cool while still looking polished.

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Yacht essentials

Now that we’re discussed yacht outfit ideas for women, let’s talk about some yacht essentials you’ll want to include during your next trip:


One thing you want to have during your yacht trip is sunscreen. It’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, as you can easily get sunburned while out on the open water. Make sure to bring sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and reapply frequently, especially after swimming or sweating.

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Motion sickness relief (optional)

If you get motion sickness (like I do!) then you definitely want to bring something that can help with your motion sickness, some as patches or bills. It’s always a good idea to have some of these on board in case you experience any symptoms while out at sea. You may also want to take some motion sickness medication before you head out, like Dramamine or Bonine, as a precaution

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Don’t forget your shades when heading to a yacht! A good pair of sunglasses not only help protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays, but it also adds a touch of style to your yacht experience. Make sure to choose a pair with polarized lenses for maximum eye protection. Be sure to also bring along a sunglass strap, so that you don’t misplace them during a windy day.

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If you plan to swim during your yacht trip, you’ll want to ensure you have a pair of flat sandals or flip-flops. These will provide you with the grip and stability you need to make it from the boat to the shore safely.
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Summer Bag:

A summer bag is nice to have during your yacht trip that includes your essentials, such as sunscreen, shades, and a hat. It should also include items such as a bathing suit, flip-flops, or sandals if you will be doing various activities like swimming and scuba diving. This way, you can be prepared for whatever the day has in store.Shop: Backbag


Snacks & beverages:

Being on a boat can make you more thirsty than usual as the sun is beating down on you. Pack a few snacks and cold beverages to make sure you’re hydrated throughout your trip. Consider bringing items like energy bars, trail mix, sandwiches, and plenty of water.
What to wear on a yacht



A floppy hat or visor are a great option to keep your face shaded from the sun while sailing. Choose a hat with a wide brim that will provide enough coverage for the sides and back of your neck. Make sure it fits securely so that it won’t blow off in a gust of wind.
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Make sure you have a towel if you plan to go swimming during your yacht trip.
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How to decide what to wear on a yacht

What activities will you be doing?

To determine what you should wear on a yacht, first think about the activities you will be doing. Will you be swimming? Snorkeling? Jet skiing? or simply relaxing on the deck? Each activity requires different clothing and accessories for comfort.

For example, you’ll want to bring a swimsuit if you are swimming or jet skiing. However, if it’s a more formal event, such as dinner and dancing, you’ll want to wear more dressier attire.


What is the weather like?

The weather is also an important factor in what to wear on a yacht. If it’s hot and sunny, shorts and t-shirt might be best. If it’s cold or raining, you may want to bring extra layers like a jacket or windbreaker that you can take off if it gets too hot.

What does the dress code say?

It’s also important to check for any dress codes that may be in place. If you’re attending a fancy event on the yacht, your attire should reflect it – don’t forget to check for any requirements, such as wearing formal attire or a specific color dress.

What to wear on a yacht

FAQ: What to wear on a yacht

Can you wear jeans on a yacht?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s important to take into consideration the type of yacht you’ll be visiting and the occasion.

For casual trips aboard smaller vessels and day cruises, wearing jeans can be acceptable, depending on the context. For example, if the outing includes activities such as swimming or kayaking, a lightweight pair of jeans might be more suitable than something more formal.

For larger yachts and dressier yacht events, however, it’s best to dress conservatively in order to adhere to the occasion and etiquette. You’ll want to avoid casual attire like ripped jeans, shorts, and tank tops. Instead, opt for something classic like a dress or skirt with a blouse or flattering trousers paired with a nice top.
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What do you wear on a yacht day trip?

When it comes to dressing for a yacht day trip, comfort is key. Opt for comfortable yet stylish pieces that won’t limit your mobility. While Stiletto heels are not ideal for a day on the boat, sandals or wedges with good grip are perfect choices.

Additionally, dresses, skirts, rompers, and jumpsuits are great options to wear on a yacht day trip. You can opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen or even a few pieces made of flowy fabric that won’t cling to your skin. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a pair of shorts with a flowy blouse for a relaxed but chic look.

Accessories are also important when it comes to dressing for a yacht day trip. A fun hat, sunglasses, and statement jewelry can all help make your outfit complete.

What do you wear on a yacht at night?

At night, you should aim to dress a bit more formally. Women can wear a dress or skirt with a nice blouse and some jewelry and add a blazer or cardigan if it’s chilly.

A nice pair of trousers with a top or blouse is also always appropriate. Footwear should be smart and comfortable, such as low-heeled pumps or sandals.

If you’re planning to go swimming later on, it’s best to bring a change of clothes, such as a swimming costume and cover-up. Accessorize with a clutch bag, statement necklace, or scarf for a stylish touch. Whatever you wear, be sure to feel comfortable and confident on the yacht.

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What to wear on a yacht in winter?

If you’re a woman planning to spend time on a yacht in the winter, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. Depending on the climate where you’ll be sailing, you may need to wear several layers in order to stay warm and comfortable.

Opt for materials such as cashmere or wool that will help keep you insulated. For the bottom half, jeans or trousers made from heavier-weight fabrics are ideal. Additionally, wear a jacket, a long scarf, and a hat to protect yourself from the cold.

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Taking the plunge and setting sail on a yacht can be an exciting venture. Whether it’s your first time or you’re planned out many oceanic voyages, knowing what to wear is essential to feel comfortable throughout your experience.

Ensuring that your ensemble is stylish, comfortable, and weather-appropriate will have you looking incredible no matter the occasion. With a look that’s both sophisticated and fun, a well-considered outfit will cement your place as the trendiest guest at sea.

So make sure you step out of your comfort zone this summer and take advantage of these ideas to find the perfect look for your nautical adventure! What’s your favorite outfit for a day on a yacht? Let me know in the comments below!


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