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Want to know my step-by-step process to creating irresistible video content?

(The same video content that tripled my business income, gained me over 80,000 YouTube subscribers and landed my video on the likes of OWN, HBO and Buzzfeed)

Ready, Set, Record Bundle

The Ready, Set Record Bundle is your ultimate vault of resources, videos and guides to help you become more confident on camera and create great videos!

Inside this bundle, I reveal my step-by-step process for creating YouTube videos that turned my passion into profit, garnered over 80,000+ subscribers, 6 million+ views and features on OWN and HBO!

Are you ready to get more eyeballs on your videos? Snag your copy today and get the Ready, Set, Record Bundle at special pricing!

$49 $14.97

Inside this bundle, you're receive:

✅ MY ULTIMATE CHECKLIST: Everything you need to ask yourself prior to hitting that record button! Guarenteed to save you time and headaches!

✅ MY CONTENT CREATION FORMULA: Do you want to create mouth-watering videos but unsure what to talk about? I’m sharing my formula and tips to creating video content people will actually watch and love!

✅ MY CAMFIDENCE TOOLKIT: Everything I use to record and edit my YouTube videos… the same videos that have been featured on HBO, OWN, Buzzfeed & Bustle (plus tripled my income!)

Plus you get these BONUS VIDEOS & AN EXTRA GUIDE:

✅ Video sharing my easy tips to look more natural on camera
✅ Video sharing ways to get MORE eyeballs on your videos and how to market
✅ Common mistakes made when creating videos (which you won’t make because you have this bundle!)

✅ Go live toolkit that provides an extensive script you can use when livestreaming on Instagram, Facebook and/or YouTube!

Still unsure if this bundle is right for you?

Here's what included:

Guides & Checklist

Ready set, record bundle includes my step-by-step process for creating awesome video content, my ultimate checklist prior to hitting record, a list of everything I use to record videos PLUS MORE!


You'll receive videos sharing ways you can become better on camera, mistakes to avoid on video and even my tips to market your videos better so you can get more eyeballs on your content!


There are two types of video formats: Pre-recorded videos and livestreaming! I want to help you conquer BOTH which is why I'm also giving your my livestreaming checklist and script too!

If hitting that record button has you feeling nervous, uncomfortable, and frustrated, this bundle is for you!

Ready to create amazing videos that grow your influence, audience and income ? It's time to get Ready, set & Record!

Scripts you can use to pitch & negoitate with brands(1)
$49 $14.97

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