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Are you an entrepreneur who wants to build and grow your personal brand on social media? Maybe you’ve always wanted to create a YouTube channel sharing the things you love but you’re unsure where to start or how to even leverage the platform to earn money.

Perhaps you’ve tried blogging, emailing, social media posting, podcasting and almost everything under the sun to build a business of your dreams #TIREDDD.

…and you’re being told to do this thing and that thing and it just feels like everything is being thrown at you yet nothing is actually working. #EXHAUSTEDDD

 You’ve watched every video, downloaded every freebie that you could get your hands on and Googled yourself into a headache to figure out how to conquer this whole YouTube-business thing (seriously, where’s the aspirin?)

 …and maybeeeee you’ve late night stalked others on social Media, copying and pasting their framework (Seriously?! How does she do it?)

 You’ve listened to the inspirational stories, hyped yourself up over and over again (I can do this!) Only to question whether you really can less than a minute later.

Creating a YouTube channel that shares your passions and makes you money is on your bucket list but you feel stuck at the starting line…

Girl, it’s time to finally jump off that hamster wheel of struggle.


Let me take the guess work out of it for you.

Inside video creator academy, I’ll teach you everything from building your confidence on camera, figuring out what the heck to talk about, the best equipment to invest in for your videos, 10 minute video-editing, creating your branded set, increasing your video views, makeup/wardrobe tips, video analytics, leveraging the platform to earn money and so much more!!

In the video creator academy, I’ll help you eliminate the overwhelm, finally take action and learn how to leverage YouTube to grow your visiblity, impact & income!


Video creator academy is a 6-week program that gives you the exact steps to leverage YouTube & video to build your audience, grow your business, and create massive impact.

In 6 weeks you will…


– Learn my content calendar system so you can jump off the endless brainstorm bus of what to record next. You’ll learn how to routinely create great content that your audience craves and loves!

-Build your on camera-confidence so you show up on video fearlessly.

– Learn how to increase your video views and skyrocket your video visibility

– Create a branded filming background set that you’re proud of (without having to spend tons of money or needing a lot of space!)

– Learn how to leverage my best growth strategies, break down your analytics and optimize your videos, so you set yourself up for long-term success right out the gate.

– Use my easy-to-follow filming and editing tips, so you produce high-quality videos in half the time.

– Learn all about sales funnels, lead generation, and how to turn viewers into clients/customers by setting up the fundamental systems in your business

– Look your best on camera with makeup and wardrobe tutorials

– How to repurpose your videos for other social media platforms in as little as 5 minutes!

– Creating a magnetic personal brand that feels authentic to you

You’ve thought about starting a YouTube channel (or maybe you’ve started one) but you’re unsure where to start, where to go and how to leverage the platform for your success.



It doesn’t matter if:

❌ you’ve never been on camera before.
❌ have a small to zero following
❌ have yet to launch and/or make money with your business
❌ already have a YouTube channel but its not growing much
❌ have a small (or not at all!) email list.
❌ don’t have a big team (or maybe you’re a one person biz!)
❌ unsure if you have the right equipment to record and edit.


The techniques, hacks and strategies I teach inside YouTube Creator Academy will help you overcome all of that so you can create magnetic videos that generate more leads and make more money withOUT you feeling confused, overwhelmed and stuck.

Unlike most YouTube programs that only focus on growing your subscribers and views, The Video Creator Academy, focuses on not only providing you with the tools and hacks that you won’t find for free on the internet, but also on the key foundations of building a powerful personal brand that you can leverage and monetize. You aren’t just another YouTuber or content creator with video creator academy… you’re a business boss with a magnetic personal brand.


Here’s how we’re going to make that happen

What you will learn during the implementation program:

WEEK 1: Plan the brand

You’ll learn how to plan your content, research your video and pick your ppo (person-problem-outcome) for optimal ranking results

WEEK 2: Create your video

You’ll learn everything you need to create magentic videos. We’ll go over video format, lighting, set-up, hacks to increase engagement and editing in half the time!

Week 3: Publish and Promote

You’ll learn how to promote and optimize your videos for optimal success! You’ll also learn how to easily repurpose your videos for other platforms in 10 minutes (or less)!

Week 4: Turn your videos profitable

I’ll show you how to turn viewers into fans so you can generate MORE leads and MORE sales with LESS work! We’ll go over email marketing so you can truly grow your audience!

Week 5: Analytics and optimization

The power is in the data and you’ll learn how to read your analytics so you can constantly improve your channel

Week 6: Growth hacking

Once you’ve mastered the video basics and perfected the fundamentals, you’ll learn all the things you need to know about accelerated growth using video for your biz!



Video creator academy includes 6 step-by-step modules released weekly, plug-and-play templates, video scripts, checklist, weekly homework and lifetime access to the course.


You will be a part of a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, collaborate, get accountability, receive support and  feedback.

We’ll basically be your business-besties.

Yes, you can DIY it and see how far you get by trying to piece it together for yourself


you can get over 10 years of knowledge, strategies and experience packaged in 6 short weeks.


You’ll learn how I took my YouTube channel from church- mouse quiet to an audience of over 70,000 subscribers, 5 million views and into a successful business.

If you’re ready to leverage the power of videos to attract, engage, entice and earn, I’m here to show you how!
Reserve your spot TODAY.


When I came to Breonna I was basically unsure about everything. She helped me discover what I wanted and needed. I now have a foundation, marketing plan, brand strategy and plan to get there.
Ursula Lumpkin
Owner of Green Sea publishing
Breonna helped me to gain the confidence and strategies to create videos for my business! After recording one video and following her advice, I booked a new client for my shop!
Chantail williams
Classic Hair Therapy
Breonna's knowledge when it comes to online branding, YouTube and video is PURE GOLD! I learned everything I need to create a YouTube channel that not only gains views but increases my income!
Brandi O'Neal

Still got questions? I got answers.

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The course, materials and tools I provide in Video Creator Academy are well worth over $1500…it’s certainly made me more than that…

but YOU get it for much less.

If you’re ready to fast-forward your growth And start building your empire in 2019, I can’t wait to help you!

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Pay in full and receive a bonus module all about pro editing! Learn all the tips, strategies, tools, hacks and resources to take your video editing to the next level!


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