Top 5 FREE Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

My favorite apps:

  1. TRELLO-  I use this to communicate with my VA, I also use it to write all on my content and scripts out. So it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting at the vet, I can write my scripts on my phone. If I’m at the grocery store and get a content idea, its nothing for me to whip out my phone and put that idea in Trello. Plus, I use Trello to communicate with my VA and see what task are being worked on and complete.
  2. GOOGLE DRIVE – I store all of my content in Google Drive. So onceI finish a video, I put that script into google drive to be formatted into a blog post.
    – Once I record a video, I put my graphics in Google Drive so my VA can turn them into YouTube or Pinterest templates.
    – I have all of my promo things in Google Drive to be scheduled out as well and its nice because Google Drive is where I store content.
  3. PLANOLY – Most social media platforms allow you to schedule things out such as YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest… however, Instagram does not so I use Planoly to schedule out my IG stories… specifically promos to let my audience know of a new video. I also use it for Pinterest pins and metrics. Scheduling content helps me to stay consistent.
  4. WAVE APP – I use wave app to help with my budget. I have it synced up and it allows me to see how much I spent, how much I made, my profit margins. I can also create invoices, do monthly billing for clients…. Wave is great it helps balance my business money and I’m not having to pen and notebook everything down.
  5. MICROSOFT TO-DO – This another app that syncs to everything… so if i’m laying in bed and I need to do something tomorrow, I’ll whip out my phone and put it on my to-do list. That morning, when I’m working on my computer. I open up my to-do list app on mac and I have the things I need to. It helps me to not forget things and I can put due dates like answer this email by Thursday. Submit this info tomorrow.

Do you have any free apps you use? Comment below some of your favorite productivity apps! Let’s share the resources!

Watch my video where I go more in-depth and provide some screenshots.

On the go? Here’s the podcast:

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  1. Love this!! I use Planoly and Crowdfire for posting to social media. I use Notes for typing blog posts and then transferring them to WordPress. I use Headspace app for mediation that gets my productivity going.

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