Tips to stay fit, healthy & fab while working from home

It’s really easy to become apart of the troll life when you become an entrepreneur. Sweat pants, bonnets, oversized shirts, and fuzzy socks become your comfy uniform of choice.

And because are you so darn busy with so much to do, gym visits become less frequent and you find yourself grabbing whatever is quick and easy (like microwave dinners). Oh, its sooooo easy to fall into that troll life.

Then one day someone walks past you in the mirror and you don’t even know who that person is (wait… is that someone ME?!). You ask yourself when did these dark circles appear? When did this pudge become a full on muffin top? Why do your eyebrows look like caterpillars? Trust me, I’ve been there and it seems like the better your business is doing, the busier you are and sometimes…. the uglier you look (hey, its the truth).

Below are four ways to stay a successful business owner and still remain healthy (and cute) because health is wealth and you deserve to have both!

1. Workout before you work… or on your lunch break (if you even have those).

I like to work out early in the morning before I get started on my actual work. That way I already get it out of the way and I can focus on business for the rest of the day. If you have lunch breaks, go then. The key is scheduling your workouts when they fit into your schedule so you aren’t skipping them. I like morning workouts before the client calls, meetings and responsibilities take over.

2. Have quick and easy meals around the house

I have weeks where I’m CRAZYYYY busy. The oven doesn’t even get turned on. I find myself ordering takeout or running to the nearest fast-food restaurant for something quick. Not good, not good! Instead, do meal preps. Prep your meals for the week so you have healthy foods on hand when you’re hungry. Seriously, keeping your kitchen stocked with healthy food will probably prevent you from ordering pizza for a week straight (true story).

Food prepping too time consuming? See if there are any customized food prepping like fitlife or flexpromeals

3. Leave the house.

Seriously. Go to a coffee shop or barnes and noble to work. Getting out of the house makes you want to at least wash you face and remove your bonnet. Plus that walk from your car to the library totally count as steps in your fitbit which leads me to…

4. Stay accountable with Smart Fitness Watches

Watches like fitbit, apple and garmin track your steps so you know exactly the amount of steps you took for the day and an estimated calories burned. Plus whats great about Fitbit is it can remind you to take a few steps every hour as well as if you haven’t hit your step goal for the day. I also like to join the fitness challenges as it keeps me accountable since I’m a little competitive.

5. Plan activities outside of the house that you force you to be… decent living

I like to plan nice dinners out at least once a month, a brunch with a friend, an outing. Something I can look forward to, something that will help me unwind and give me a reason to apply mascara or try out that new lipstick I purchased.


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