Everything you need to confidently tackle live-streaming videos

the number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube has increased by 40% year over year?
(source: brandwatch.com, 2020)

THINK ABOUT IT: Over 2 billion monthly active users.

The second most popular search engine after Google.

90% of users finding out about new products and services directly on the platform.


However, It’s hard enough creating video content for your YouTube channel…

… having the time to actually be consistent with your video content too?

Ummmm, can we say #StruggleBus?

The planning, recording, editing…

Sheesh… aren’t your palms sweating just thinking about it?

You know video is powerful and YouTube is a popular tool to get your name out there but...

So what if I said you can:


The step-by-step resource that teaches you how to create an entire month of YouTube in less than 8 hours!

$67 USD
(valued at $250!)

Here's how it all breaks down:


Planning & scripting your video content

Learn my tips and tricks for planning out your video content in less than 30 minutes!


Ready to hit RECORD

Ready to hit that record button with confidence? Get my checklist to help you prep for recording as well as my video recording tips! PLUS 8 different video content ideas

PART three

Editing, simplified

It’s doesn’t have to be complicated! Learn how to edit your videos in LESS than 10 minutes wheather you’re on the computer or on your phone!

PART four

Repurposing extravaganza

Ready to be seen EVERYWHERE?! Learn simple, and quick ways to repurpose your video content into a podcast episode, blog post, and more!

PLUS these bonuses:



Does the thought of being on video give you an instant headache? During this bonus lesson you’ll uncover my best camera-confidence secrets so you’re comfy on video!



Aht-aht! You don’t need fancy equipment to get started on video! I’m sharing my video guide with you whether you’re using your camera, computer, tablet or laptop!

Here's what others are saying:

⚠️ but warning... ⚠️

Side effects of batching all of your content may include...

More Free Time

More Brand Visibility

More Revenue

Inside YouTube Batch Like A Boss, you will learn my step-by-step process to batching video content in less than 8 hours.

Yup, the same video content that tripled my business income, gained me over 85,000 YouTube subscribers and landed my videos on the likes of OWN, HBO and Buzzfeed!

$67 USD
(valued at $250!)

Still Unsure? Here's everything you get access to:

Lifetime access to video trainings you can watch at anytime!

Workbooks, and checklists to help you batch your video content quicker and easier.

Bonuses to help you become comfy on camera!

WAIT-A-MINUTE, BREONNA! Why is this so inexpensive?!

One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs and business owners don’t leverage video content and YouTube is due to lack of time.

Video doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, and it’s my goal to help as many entrepreneurs as possible realize this, which is why I’ve priced this so low.

While I have chosen to price this low, so that’s is attainable to any entrepreneur, at any level (even those just starting off!), please make no mistake! This isn’t some course full of fluff!

I created this mini-course specifically to help you create video content in LESS time with ZERO overwhelm!

And just in case you're wondering who the heck am I to help you with video content?

I am an award-winning content creator, YouTuber and video consultant known for taking brands from boring to bankable.

Amassing over 85,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 6.5 million views, my videos have opened the door to features in HBO, Buzzfeed, OWN, HuffPost and even being selected as one of Tampa’s top influential women of 2019.

With over a decade of experience teaching video marketing strategies and developing video marketing campaigns that boost online visibility and revenue, I’m well-known for taking entrepreneurs from church-mouse- quiet creators to profitable creators.

Ready to leap off that content hamster wheel?
It's time to simplify your video creation process!


$67 USD
(valued at $250!)

Questions?! I got answers!

INSTANTLY! Once you purchase the toolkit, you will receive an email with your login credentials and instant access!

Uhhhh…. how about FOREVA! As long Influencer with income is alive and kickin’, you’ll have lifetime access!

Entrepreneurs and content who want to become better at being on video.

Take as long or as little as you want! I’ve organized this bundle into guides, videos and scripts. Additionally, most videos are bite-sized so you can get everything you need without all the added fluff

How about… Nah! This bundle is aimed at getting you prepared to be on video.

I share simple tech equipment for recording on your phone as well all extra the bells and whistles (if that’s your style!)

1:1 access is reserved strictly to my private clients.

However, you do have access to my public Facebook group to ask questions!

I do not offer refunds for this bundle due to the nature of all course materials, videos and assets. However, my team and I will do everything to help you get the most out of this bundle, and we’re 100% invested in ensuring you do, however, my advice and resources only works if you do.

If you need technical assistance, please email hello@breonnaqueen.com.


$67 USD
(valued at $250!)

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