Social media is prevalent in the lives of nearly everyone these days. Your target audience is likely spending hours a day scrolling through different social platforms. So what does that mean for you? That means you should be growing your social media presence to help generate traffic, build relationships, and acquire new clients! If you’re unfamiliar with social media, growing your network can feel like walking into the bar or club by yourself ⎼ you don’t know a single person, you’re nervous, but you’re there to have a good time. You can use the following tips to relieve some of the awkwardness and make some new friends!

Set A Goal for Yourself

Have you ever watched a movie where there’s the single chick and her friends are like, “You have to talk to at least three guys tonight!”? So she nervously goes around and tries to make conversation with three guys in the club? That’s kind of what you have to do when it comes to growing your social media. Set a goal for yourself! Record how many followers you have right now, decide where you want to be three to six months or even a year from now, and get to mingling!

Listen to Those Around You

No one wants to be the person who enters a conversation and has no clue what’s going on. You can’t go in talking about how you love to read when everyone is talking about this dope concert they want to attend over summer. You have to be smooth…walk around, observe the crowd, listen to what topics are trending with your audience. This is called customer or consumer listening. Find out what appeals to your target market on social media and then create your content (or conversation) to go around it.

Be Yourself

Your social media presence is, essentially, a way to display your brand for the whole world to see. While it’s important to get an idea of what your audience wants and needs to hear from you, it is even more important that you do so while being true to yourself and your brand! Every message, every photo, every piece of content you put out there should be consistent with who you are and what your brand represents. Not only will this increase your brand awareness, but it will make you stand out in the crowd. Be strategic, post with intention, and you will get the attention and growth you’re aiming for.

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