Six Types of Videos You Need For Your Business

We can see you…. hear you… but videos? IT’S BOTH… and this is why video is such a game changer.

Did you the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Forbes, 2018). You do now.

C’mon would you prefer to read a 10 page guide on to assemble a table or a 5 minute video…

So if you’re looking to add video content in marketing strategy to increase sales… then let’s dig in to 6 types of video to incorporate for your business.

  1. Storytelling- Provide a narrative
  2. Informational and educational videos
    Tell people how to do something… educate them… 
  3. Demonstration video and How-To’s
    People LOVE tutorials
    Show people how to do something…
  4. Testimonial and review Videos
    Show your receipts and that you get results!
  5. QA videos
    You answer questions from your viewers…. that can be via live where you answer in realtime or it can be as simple as asking your audience their questions so you can answer them in a prerecorded video
  6. Behind the scene videos
    Give folks a look at what its like behind your business. Share what your desk looks like, how you schedule, what kind of books are your bookshelf, what you are for breakfast… a day in the life!

Ready to get started using video? Check out my FREE HIT record guide here:

Watch the video version where I go more in-depth:

On the go? I love video but its not safe to watch videos while driving which is why I also have podcast edition! Listen here: 

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