Sell With Video

A step-by-step game plan to strategically use video to increase your revenue, visibility, and influence – all in one place.

No raging overwhelm. No crippling tech. No ‘where-do-I-start’ syndrome.

Sell with video

Video is the fast track to becoming the go-to in your niche, attracting quality leads and making consistent sales on autopilot.

While other marketing tools are either unpredictable or painfully long-distance events, videos…

But it can all feel a bit daunting, right?

All the focus on how you look, Instagram vs YouTube, and your tech set-up? It’s actually not important...

Here's the thing:
You have the power to choose your relationship with video.

Video can either be …


A fun, intentional way to share your mission, create meaningful connections, and make money while showing up any way you choose! 👏

✋ Hold up Breonna, so you’re saying:

I don’t have to point and dance or go for the hard-sell

The tech stuff doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive

It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a huge audience

I don’t have to go viral to be profitable

Yup, that's what I said.

Now listen, you already have the most powerful ingredient you need to create profitable, reputation-building videos… YOU!

But there is STRATEGY to it. There are TOOLS that help. And a MINDSET shift that no one really talks about.

 Because the truth is... You don’t get sold-out until you stand-out.

🎉 Introducing… 🎉

The proven framework to increase your sales, visibility, and influence leveraging strategic video content.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to use video to grow your business, not just your followers, so that you…

Here’s all the life-changing info packed inside Sell With Video

Phase 1: Magnetic Messaging
Ready to get clear on your messaging and attract the right people?

You’re going to get crystal clear on who you are talking to and how to create stand-out messaging that attracts your ideal audience.

Wouldn’t skip this part for ANYTHING because I want to make damn.well.sure your videos get noticed by the right people right from the get-go. No more free lurkers.

Phase 2: Video content that connects
Plan, script, record and optimize your video content.

Create high-quality personality-infused video content that your audience binges on.

From what equipment to get started with, how to script out your videos, to easy time-saving recording hacks, I’ve got you covered.

Then we’re gonna take your editing from amateur –> professional, as well as adding some extra spice (I’m talking Hot Sauce level).

And that feeling of “what the heck do I record today?” Gone. Because I’ll also cover how to craft the BEST video content strategy so you never run out of ideas and plan out videos that actually get eyeballs on your content.

You’ll walk away from the phase with a simple pipeline to create strategic and compelling video content with ease.

Phase 3: Easy conversions
Not interested in creating videos that are super salesy? Me either!

Learn how to sell on video in a way that feels authentic and aligned. No more struggling with how to turn video viewers into video customers and clients!

You will learn how to set up systems for your success and master the sale in a way that feels good.

But WAIT... did somebody say bonuses?!

Because I want to give you every single actionable step you need to get your videos into the world, I’m also including this stack of aces —



Propel your sales bundle



Winning webinar system



YouTube Boost

and let's not forget...


Personalized feedback

✋ And that's not all.

pay in full and get this additional MEGA Bonus!

Digital Offer In a week


take a peek inside….

"I had a $20,000 launch and made $40K in 90 days thanks to Breonna's advice and coaching!"


Photographer & Coach

"Within 3 weeks of joining Sell With Video, I raised my rates and had my first high ticket sale! I made my money back in less than one month of joining!"


Ready to meet your video guide?



I’ve been helping educators, experts and entrepreneurs create amazing videos (and the income streams that come with them) over….and over…and over again. In other words, I’m the powerhouse teacher your business needs.

Over the last 10 years working with seriously talented service providers who have been #doingallthethings, I’ve realized something……

Most don’t know how to sell 😳

So I thought “Hang on. What if doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming, or complex? Can’t it just be simple and authentic?”

Yep, it can.

And that’s exactly why I packaged everything I learned about creating fun, bingeable videos that also infuse powerful messaging, and sales psychology into my premium program, Sell With Video.

I’m here to show you how to produce personality-infused, strategic video content that attracts the right audience, turns viewers into clients and skyrockets revenue.

And, just so we’re clear, here’s how I can make such bold claims

I went from little more than an iPhone and a YouTube account to:

→ Over 85,000 subscribers and 5 million views on YouTube
→ My services and products selling on autopilot
→ TRIPLING my business income and $20,000+ months
→ Working with DREAM BRANDS
→ GETTING PAID to speak at events
→ Clips of my videos being played on HBO and OWN (Yes, theeeee Oprah Winfrey Network 👑!)
→ Winning awards and being named one of Tampa’s Top Influential Women
→ SOLD OUT events

BUT my video journey was not all plain-sailing and mimosa popping.

The truth is I made plenty of mistakes along the way, trying to figure it out on my own.

I’ve come out the other side (with results that still have me doing a double-take) and now I’m offering YOU a short-cut.

One that allows you to confidently show up on video and make consistent sales.

"After joining the program, I was able to create and market my signature offer and had 4 people sign up the first week I launched!

– Danielle B Jackson​

Frendship coach


After implementing just one suggestion from my session with Breonna, I saw an increase of new clients to my business! I highly recommend Breonna if you need direction.

–Chantail Williams

Owner of Classic Hair Therapy

When you join Sell With Video you get:


The Step-by-Step Method

You’ll learn exactly how to create your high-converting video content like a pro — AND how to get it into the hands of the right people every time.

VALUED AT $3,000


A Private Community

Why go it alone when you can do it with a high-vibe community? The Sell With Video private community is ready to work through ideas and celebrate milestones with you).



Tons of Scripts, Tools & Templates

Everything you need including workbooks, scripts, templates… even a year’s worth of video content ideas!

VALUED AT $2,000


Personalized Feedback

No such thing as lost in the sauce with Sell With Video! You receive personalized feedback within the private community and even video audits.

VALUED AT $3,000


Guest expert submissions

Get access to additional trainings and mini-lessons from other experts!



Access It Anywhere!

Busy girl on the go? Me too! Sell With Video is available via a mobile-friendly app so you can access anywhere at any time! 


In other words, you’re basically getting a business in a box. And, if you get started today, you get everything above for a fraction of the price.

Here's what my past clients are saying...

"I have a foundation to get clients"
- Ursula Lumpkin, Publisher
"Breonna was available and provided so much guidance as I built my program."
- Danielle B Jackson
"I have the courage to go after my market"
- Jorgie Franks Bell, Consultant
"I have so much clarity."
- Melena, Licensed Therapist
"I know how to show up and what video content to post"
- Lakisha Mosley, Event Planner
"I have an A-Z Blueprint"
- Kay H, Photographer

Still here, wondering whether to make a move?

All the results I’m talking about likely seem straight-up impossible right now. Your imposter syndrome is probably going into overdrive, that feeling of overwhelm is closing in, and the “where-do-I-start” panic is creeping in.

So let’s take a deep breath —

Because in reality, creating and leveraging video and getting those big-picture results is all just a series of little steps.

so let’s suppose — just for a second — you do buy Sell With Video. You tackle one small step at a time, moving yourself forward bit-by-bit, and in a few weeks from now you publish a video, and then another, and another…

and from that point on, you have consistent content…

 → Which leads to quality traffic…

→ Which brings warm leads…

→ Which convert into sales on repeat…

→ Which means money in the bank. Consistently.

And all of this leads to increasing the value of your brand…

Which leads to more revenue, speaking opportunities, partnerships, and collabs…

And it’s this stuff that cements you as an authority in your space. And, maybe quite suddenly, you have the freedom to serve your audience in a much bigger way.

The good news is, all of that starts right here, with a click of this button.

I went from $0K/months to $5k/months after working with Breonna to build my business!

– Heather

Blogger & health instructor at The Fit Foodie

“I knew being on video and leveraging video was what I needed to do but I was unsure how to infuse video into my business. After working with Breonna, I'm not only confident with being on video but I know exactly what to say and what to do to help utilize video to grow my business.”

–Casandra Merritt

Licensed Counselor

Got Some Questions?

I got answers.

Aht, aht! 

Sell With Video is designed to help you shine on video and increase your sales, even if you have a teeny-tiny audience.

Sell With Video is not platform or channel specific, meaning you can use everything you learn inside this program for Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

Some of the learnings will be applicable no matter your industry, but since Sell With Video is designed specifically for service providers, and course creators it’s probably best to sit this one out if you own a product based business.

Uh… how about immediately?

You get instant access to the private community, and the recorded trainings.

You get 12 months of access to the program, including the videos, templates and the private community. The skills you learn will last you a lifetime.

You’ll find a vast sea of information available online. The difference is that I’ve taken every single thing you need to know and DO to make video work for you, and put it in an easy to follow, step-by-step action plan.

The result? Not only do you save hours (#winning), you can rest assured that my 10 years’ experience as a digital consultant means all your boxes are ticked.

My program combines experience, the latest tips and proven strategies to help you level up with video.

Put your credit card away! Once you’ve enrolled, every single thing is included.

1:1 coaching is reserved for my private clients, however, you do get personalized feedback from me and my team inside the private community.

If you feel you might need private access to me, let’s chat about other ways we can work together here.

If you’re looking for one of those “no questions asked refunds”, you’re bang outta luck. Because you know one thing I know for sure? The best results come from those with skin in the game; not the people looking for an easy way out.

Now, I don’t offer refunds but I do offer a guarantee. I’m committed to bringing only quality products to the market, and I guarantee that you’re getting the very best of my experience and knowledge.

Everything I cover will work if you do!

Sell With Video is for you if...

Sell With Video is not for you if...

So right now,

you have two choices:

Choice #1

Continue to do things the old way and stay on that exhausting hamster wheel of doing #ALLTHETHINGS or worst #nothingATALL

Google, YouTube, and collecting allllllll the email freebies in the world trying to gather up information piece by piece attempting to figure out everything on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).

Always wondering “what if?” and never know the true potential of your business and impact.

Choice #2

Have a system to attract, engage and convert prospects into clients who are excited to work with you.

Go from best-kept secret to industry superstar without the hustle of balancing all the other “stuff.”

Get step-by-step, hands-on support every step of the way from someone who has been where you are and knows the steps to leap forward.

Think about where you want to be 1, 3, 6 months from now…
or even 1 week from now.

Do you have a proven plan to get there?

You can use the step-by-step formula I teach inside Sell With Video to shine on camera and sell your offer easier in a matter of weeks.

What will you choose?


Are you ready to sell with video?

Sell With Video is exactly what you need so that you can use videos like a pro, build your ride or die crew, and create the sales you’ve been dreaming of.




$600 $297



$3,000 $1497

Questions about Sell With Video?
Send us an email at hello@breonnaqueen.com!

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