Personal Branding: Why you need a signature drink

Have you ever attended a wedding or restaurant that had a signature cocktail? Often times, people or establishments will curate a unique beverage that they feel best represents them or a specific theme, and gives guests a memorable (and tasty) experience that sets them apart from all the rest. As an entrepreneur, you need to have a “Signature Drink” of your own!

Building a personal brand for yourself equates to crafting a yummy drink that represents the particular mix of skills and experiences that make you who you are. Let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients you’ll need to concoct the perfect signature brand…


Before building your personal brand, you need to be confident in the key focus or message you’re trying to deliver. You gotta get specific here! The more specific, the better. You can’t just put a little bit of what everyone wants into your signature drink and hope it tastes good ⎼ it has to be a precise mixture of the things you want people to remember about you and your business. The more narrow and specific your personal brand is, the more people will remember you for what it is you do so well!


A combination or your unique skills, abilities and characteristics; the right personal brand requires you to be authentic. The cocktail you’re serving will taste a little off if make it with different ingredients every time, and people will know you’re being disingenuous if you simply take someone else’s creation and slap your logo on it. Be authentic in every way and allow your personal brand to amplify what you’re good at and build a solid reputation for your business.


One of the most important, yet overlooked, ingredients in your personal brand is your story. Your signature drink might look and taste refreshing, but will people really remember it if they don’t know why you made it that way? Find ways to personalize your interactions with your audience. Tell them your story, learn and understand theirs, and identify ways your personal brand can make a lasting impression. Providing people with a memorable experience that resonates with your audience will keep them coming back for more sips of your signature drink!


Call it the cherry on top, a lemon wedge…whatever garnish you prefer ⎼ the only way to top off your personal brand is to live it. Whatever message you want to get across, whatever experience you want your audience to have, whatever you choose your personal brand to be ⎼ manifest that vision with every move you make. Craft and curate a brand that is unique solely to you. Live it consistently and authentically. And your signature drink will leave a legacy!

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