How I make over $1000 in passive income with Youtube

I love YouTube and once you grow your channel to a specific amount of views and followers, you can earn ad revenue. What does that mean? It means youtube can be a great source of passive income because can make money on old videos. Videos that you don’t have to touch after you upload!

I haven’t posted a new YouTube video in over a month (I’ve been a little busy)… yet this month I made over $1000 from YouTube videos and affiliate links.  Some months I can obviously make more with sponsorships and new videos but the fact that my videos still continue to make me money each month (even when I don’t post new content) shows that you really can make money while you sleep (and do other things… like travel!). Youtube provides a great opportunity for just that!

How I earned $1000/month in passive income with YouTube

Youtube Adsense

I earned a little under $750 this month with youtube Adsense.

What is YouTube Adsense and how do you earn money from ads?

Once you are accepted into the Youtube Partner Program, you can earn money for the ads that play before, during and after your video.

Affiliate links (shown: Amazon Associate)

I also made an additional $300 through other affiliate programs such as Amazon associates, siteground and shareasell (there’s a 60-90 day payout).

I create beauty and decor videos on my Youtube channel. If viewers are interested in the products I’m using, they can click the bottom description bar of my videos where I list out the products and affiliate links. I add affiliate links to every single YouTube video I create.

My 3 tips to help you start making money with Youtube:

1. Create evergreen content (long lasting content)

Instead of posting trendy videos that will be old news in a month, post videos that people will still be searching for 5 years down the line. Share things that will be relevant for a while.

A news article is not evergreen content because it will be outdated a month from now. A video such as “how to cut an apple” will still be relevant and searched for years from now because it has no expiration date.

My “smokey eye for beginners” video is literally 5 years old and I still make money from it because it continues to be relevant long after the published dated.

2. Use Affiliate links

I love affiliate links because it allows me to make money off of the purchases. For example, in my $150 kitchen renovation video, I share all the products I used. If viewers are interested in purchasing any of the products, they can click on affiliate links for the products. When they purchase the product, I get a percentage of that. Amazon Associate is the most popular but there are other affiliate programs such as Ibotta (I’ve made over $200 in with Ibotta), dosh, share a sell, ebates (another one I’ve made lots of $$ from) and more!

3. Leverage Products

Leverage your YouTube channel with products and services. I have a cosmetics boutique and I LOVE using Youtube to advertise it. For example, if I’m rocking a lipstick in a DIY video or a beauty video, I can direct viewers to my cosmetics line. You can also do this with things like shirts. Design a shirt, create a great video wearing your shirt and then tell viewers where they can get your shirt. You don’t have to wait for brands to sponsor you. You can sponsor you!

I’ve also used Youtube to sell my books and consulting services!

I love Youtube because making money on the platform is endless. Even with this blog, most of my traffic is from YouTube (which means MORE money for me because of blog ad revenue)!

If you’re ready to start a Youtube Channel but haven’t yet, I encourage you to start today! It’s a great way to make some extra money and impact lives daily!

If you’re feeling nervous, that’s normal. I created a FREE Youtube checklist for those who are just starting off but want a banging channel and videos


Oh, I get a ton of questions from people asking what equipment I use for my channel. Check out my resources page for what I currently use. No, you don’t need the best to start off (I started off with my phone) but producing quality videos that are visually appealing helps your channel too!

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