How I made $2,133.81 in October 2022 with my new beauty blog [October 2022 income report]

Late last year, I started a new blog called, Stylish weekly.

Mostly because I wanted to separate out my business blog content ( from my beauty blog content.

What I didn’t expect was for my Stylish Weekly blog to hit over 10,000 monthly visitors without much effort (this is NOT typical, but to be fair, my beauty post were already super SEO-optimized).

So in July 2022, I decided to get a little more serious with my blog and start writing blog posts on a more consistent basis. My goal is to now turn Stylish Weekly into a six-figure+ blog like I did my business brand.

… and I figured while building up my new blog and brand, I would start sharing BTS of how I’m doing it.

I’m a creator who helps creators make money… so why not share how I’m doing it all over again?

Please note this income report is ONLY for my Stylish Weekly beauty brand. I am not including course income, speaking income, video editing services, or coaching income I earn from Breonna Queen (my business brand).

The goal is transparency. The goal is to show you that we all start at $0 (despite all those “How I made a million dollars in one month posts). Let’s normalize slow growth, especially when you’re starting off or rebranding or, heck, been at it for a minute.

How I made $2,133.81 in October 2022 [with my new beauty blog]

I’m going to report my gross income (before any business fees). I don’t pocket this. Ya girl has expenses for this new blog and taxes.

Ad revenue: $520.51

I have ads on my beauty blog that allows me to make income. Ad revenue can be a source of passive income because you only have to write that post once and can bring income in days, weeks, months, and years later from that post simply by having ads on your blog post. However, ad revenue can be VERY slow income, in my opinion.

For the month of October, I had 37,835 page views, and lemme tell ya; I have been spitting out 3+ blog posts a week since July. It’s not easy, but I know I’m paying my future self.

Right now, I’m with Ezoic, and they pay me for placing ads on my site. DO NOT USE GOOGLE AD SENSE. Google ad sense will literally pay you pennies to put ads on your website. Ezoic will pay you much higher!

If you have a blog and want to utilize ads on your site, I recommend starting with Ezoic. You do have to apply but I find the payouts are much better than Google adsense and SheMedia (which I use to use).

There was a time when my beauty blog was making $20/month in ad revenue. Now I’m at $500. Keep going, keep writing.

Sponsorships: $1,250

Now, this is where the bulk of my income came from this month, and that was with sponsorships. I don’t do sponsorships as much as I used to, but my goal is to get back to them because they can be a great source of income!

It’s a common misconception that you have to have a large audience to make money working with brands, and that is not true! You can have a small following and still secure paid sponsorships!

Inside my monetize your influence mini-course, I share my tips for securing paid sponsorships as well as my pitch templates you can send to brands to land sponsorships.


Affiliate Income: $260.75

So my affiliate income came from mostly three sources: Amazon associates, reward style, and ShopStyleCollective (being my highest payout).

ShopStyle Collective


Amazon Associates


Because Amazon had Amazon day in October, they had higher affiliate payouts for creators.

I really love affiliate marketing because you don’t have to ship anything. You legit just recommend products that you already like and make a commission! If you’re unsure what affiliate marketing is check out my video below!


YouTube ad revenue: $56.55

Yall, my YouTube channel is dying 😭, and I know exactly why.

I pivoted to doing business content which my established YouTube audience does not want and I don’t post videos on YouTube anymore/

My goal is to get back to YouTube next year. I plan to focus on beauty content and short-form videos. Rebuilding a YouTube channel takes TIME and patience… but writing beauty blog posts has made me realize how much I miss and enjoy beauty content.

For the month of October, I earned $56.55 with YouTube, and this is one of my lowest income months on Youtube ever. I remember a time when I was bringing in consistent $600+ on the platform, so to see my payouts dwindling *no lie* hurts my heart a little.

I know I can rebuild the channel, though, once I have time and intention.

I’ve helped others grow their youtube channel to over 3000 subscribers recently with my monetize with youtube course. So I have a strategy that works once I have the time to commit.

But still, my YouTube channel is bringing in income, so yay, to passive income, regardless.


Instagram: $46

I debated adding my Instagram creator income to this since technically it’s under my Breonna Queen page. However, I only posted one reel last month, and it was a lifestyle reel, so I figured it made sense to group it with the beauty blog income report.

I earned this with the creator reels bonus. I love the fact that there are so many ways to make money as a creator these days. Diversification really is key.

october 2022 income report

Earning $2000+ may seem like nothing to you or perhaps it seems like a lot. However, I want you to know that:

1. You can still monetize your content. You still have time. You can create content you enjoy and make money, STILL. People say blogging is dead but it’s clearly not. It just requires the right strategy and time.

2. Low income is still income. The internet streets are full of people making six figures in a day. Yes, that’s amazing and that’s my goal for Stylish Weekly too BUT we all start at zero. We all have to work our way to it. Normalize the messy, slow beginning and middle. Know the money will come.

3. Be intentional. Making $2000+ in one month for a new blog is not luck. It’s strategy. I’ve been in the creator world for 10+ years, so I know how to monetize my income (which is literally why I created my courses, to help you monetize your content, too!).

So I hope you enjoyed my first-ever blog income report showcasing me growing my new beauty blog and brand, Stylish Weekly. If so, please let me know in the comments! This lets me know this is wanted content, and I’ll continue creating more 🙂

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