Budget-friendly dining room revamp!

Thanksgiving and Christmas is literally around the corner and one area I wanted to revamp is my dining room.

I must admit that my dining room doesn’t get much love. I rarely ever sit at the table but for the Holidays, I know it will finally get some much-needed TLC.

Here’s the before:

The first thing I did was remove the black rug. During the last few months Bailey, my 15 year old pop, was alive she suffered from incontinence issues and had peed on the rug several times. No matter how many times I tried to clean the rug, it just never felt clean so that was the first thing to go…

Next steps were my wall decor. I found 3 mirrors at Burlington that I loved! I have a thing for mirrors because they make the space look bigger.

You can watch my entire dining room refresh here:

Love this dining room? Check out my kitchen revamp video!

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