Learn the tips, tricks and techniques to monetize with YouTube

the number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube has increased by 40% year over year?
(source: brandwatch.com, 2020)

that videos attract 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads?
(source: Hubspot.com, 2020)

64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms
(source: Hubspot.com, 2020)

Over 2 billion monthly active users.

The second most popular search engine after Google.

90% of users finding out about new products and services directly on the platform.

You know video is powerful and YouTube is a popular tool to get your name out there but (does this sound familiar?)...

BUT what if I said...


The truth is YouTube is not a platform you can just "wing it" with. It takes knowledge of the algorithm, how to strategically create videos that have the power to grow your audience, impact and income.

...and I created a bundke specifically to help you get there...

*cue the confetti*



An self-paced course where you learn step-by-step how to start, grow and leverage YouTube to increase your sales and visibility even if you have a small or new channel.

Over 1,000 YouTube subscribers! Shout out to to Breonna who helped me grow my channel and business leveraging video!

–Ebony Evaughn

Business Coach

I’ve taken everything that I know from growing my YouTube platform to over 85,000+ REAL subscribers, 6 million+ views$20k+ months, 5 figure brand sponsorships, and video features on top networks like HBO, and I’ve packaged it into a comprehensive course that teaches you how to master YouTube.

Here’s how it all breaks down...


Rock Solid YouTube Foundation

We’ll start with the foundations such as how to set your channel up for success as well as how to craft the BEST video content strategy so you never run out of ideas and plan out videos that actually get eyeballs on your content.


Planning and scripting for sucess

Ready to create high-quality personality-infused video content that gets in front of the RIGHT people? You’ll learn how my simple hacks and tips to NEVER run out of bingeable online content for your subscribers!


Filming simplified

You’ll learn how to record video content that your audience loves. We’ll cover what equipment to get started with, simple video scripts, easy time-saving recording hacks and ways to shine on camera like a pro.


Editing with ease

Take your editing from amateur to professional without spending all day on it. We’re cover editing software, ways to sprinkle some extra pizazz on your videos and editing tricks.

I even teach you how to edit your videos in LESS than 10 minutes whether you’re on the computer or on your phone!


Growth & Optimization

Once your video is done, it’s time to make your video work for you! You’ll learn how to create eye-catching thumbnails, ways to promote your YouTube videos (outside and inside the platform!) plus how to optimize your videos for maximum exposure!

PART six

Analytics + optimization

It’s time to optimize your videos for maximum exposure… AND RESULTS!
You’ll also learn how to leverage the power of analytics to understand how you can do better and what opportunities to tap into when it comes to YouTube.

I’m showing you how to read the metrics on YouTube and understand which are the KEY metrics you need to track!

PLUS these bonuses:



Does the thought of being on video give you an instant headache? Uncover my best camera-confidence secrets so you’re comfy on video!


Learn how to get started with the hottest feature on YouTube these days! YOUTUBE SHORTS! Learn how to edit YouTube short videos and leverage them!


I’m sharing an on-camera makeup look using inexpensive beauty products and that can be achieved in less than 10 minutes!


Get access to over 9 Done-for-you YouTube Thumbnails that you can fully edit inside of Canva


Get access to my beauty and style guides geared towards helping you look and feel your best on camera!



Learn my simple step-by-step process to creating an entire month of YouTube content in as little as 8 hours!


I had a few mindset blocks around creating YouTube video content because I thought the process was going to be long and tedious, but with Breonna's guidance I'm now confident and excited to start filming and editing!You


Here's what other Students are saying...


Amassing over 85,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 6.5 million views, my videos have opened the door to features in HBO, Buzzfeed, OWN, HuffPost, and even being selected as one of Tampa’s top influential women of 2019.

With over a decade of experience teaching video marketing strategies and developing video marketing campaigns that boost online visibility and revenue, I’m well-known for taking entrepreneurs from church-mouse- quiet creators to profitable creators.

It’s why I created this course! YouTube has changed my business and my life and I want to help you leverage the power of video to impact yours too!

#WIN! As of Yesterday, I now have 200 YouTube subscribers and received a lot of messages and feedback saying that I did a good job & to keep the momentum going!

–Jo John

Beauty Influencer & YouTuber

Ready to accelerate your YouTube channel?

Use YouTube like a pro, grow your channel, and create massive impact.

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