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A treasure chest of videos, resources and PITCH SCRIPTS to help you become a PAID influencer.


92% of consumers trust the authority of an influencer over a traditional advertisement or celebrity endorsement.

Do you know what that means?

It means brands are spending a TON of money on influencer marketing these days.

How much is a ton?

That’s a billion dollars in influencer marketing (and on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022!)

Whether it’s free trips to beautiful destinations around the world or charging for a promoted post, monetizing your influence has become a lucrative way to be your own boss and earn money online.

Are you ready to charge your worth and become a paid influencer (even if you have a small following!)?


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(formerly known as the influencer with income toolkit)

Work with brands bundle is your ultimate vault of videos, resources,and templates that will help you turn your influence into income.


Valued at $299

This mini course is ideal for youtubers, bloggers, content creators, influencers and anyone who wants to work with brands and get PAID!

Inside this treasure chest of wisdom, you’ll discover exactly how to:

Monetize your influence: I’ll teach you how I’ve been able to consistently earn 5 figures on brand sponsorships and what you MUST do before you even think about pitching to big brands.

Proven Templates to Pitch to Top Brands: Why do everything from scratch? I’m sharing my top-secret templates that help me, as an influencer, secure the bag every time. Over 14 templates you can use to pitch, negotiate and ask for the money!

Customizable Media Kit Template: If you’re serious about being an influencer, you must have a media kit to show off your work. Download mine so you can see how I’m able to attract all the best brands to work with me – a 5-star, 5-figure earner. It's designed and delivered in Canva so you can fully customize it for you too!

Pre-Pitch Checklist: You only get one shot to make a first impression. I'm sharing my pre-pitch checklist so you know exactly what to do so they’ll say YES.


Pre-pitch Prep: From the moment your message lands in a brand's inbox, companies will be searching for clues on whether this whole thang will work. I'm sharing how to satisfy their curiosity and let brands know you’re THE ONE right off the bat.

What to charge: Unsure of your rates? I'm sharing everything regarding pricing including how to price yourself, why you should never send a brand a rate sheet first, and ways to increase the amount brands pay you!

Mastering your media kit: Your media kit is your influencer resume! I'm sharing common media kit mistakes, what to include, what not include and what to add if you have a small following

Snag your copy of this Mini course Bundle before the price doubles!



Still unsure if Work with Brands bundle is right for you?


Here's what included:


Videos to help you determine your rate, master your media-kit and prep for pitching!


Plug & play templates to pitch, negotiate and communicate with brands


Fully customizable 2 page media kit template, checklist to pitch to brands and additional resourses to become an influencer!

These are the same scripts, resources and tools I use to earn thousands of dollars each month as a paid influencer!

What others are saying about the Work with Brands bundle :

Thank you so much for creating this!

It’s helped me to be able to pitch to brands and ask for what I’m worth❤️

It also helped me to set up my media kit and make it look super professional. 🥰

I’ve already landed one deal from a big brand using the pitch and negotiate email template!
YouTuber & blogger at heycurlybae.com
I especially love Breonna Queen's influencer information as I am working to develop myself as a paid influencer.

I have great influence and I'm ready to get paid for it using the influencer with income bundle!
Influencer at eclecticsoulcollective.com

"I now know how the direction I want to go as an influencer"

Channel Royal
Youtuber & Blogger at channellnaturallyroyal.com

Ready to get paid to promote the brands you already love?

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An awarding winning influencer, YouTuber, and video strategist.

As an content creator for the last 8 years, I’ve worked with huge brands such as Covergirl, Cricut, Goodwill, Sketchers, Always and more!

I’ve used my influence to earn thousands of dollars in brand sponsorships and trips.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned as a paid content creator, it’s that you have to know your value and negotiate your worth!

That’s why I created the work with brands starter course so that hard-working creators like you can finally get paid!

Are you ready to work with your dream brands and get paid?

If you purchase today, you get lifetime access + access to any updates and new materials added to this course bundle. This is valued at over $299 and sells for $120!