How to set yourself apart from the competition: Personal Branding 101

I started making money online back in 2010 as a social media consultant. I would set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for local businesses and then teach them out to use it (FYI: teaching a 70 year old dentist how to use hashtags for twitter is not fun).

….then came my YouTube channel & blog, Breonna Queen. Within 2 years, I was earning 5 figures from sponsorships, paid ads and affiliate links. That channel now has over 5 million views, 65,000+ Youtube subbies andddddd every month, Youtube is cuttin’ me a check (more on that later).

I’ve written #1 books, created courses, worked with hugeeeee brands, been featured on tons of publications, spoke at different conferences and even started a cosmetics line!

… BUT it didn’t happen until I made the decision to step from behind my business and become the face of my brand.

When I decided to brand myself and be the face of my business… my business changed from pitiful to profitable. People buy from those they know, like and trust so by branding myself, I was able to truly connect with my audience.

It’s why Oprah can launch a magazine, a television channel, a soup line and whatever else. People know, like and trust Oprah and therefore they buy from her!

It’s why Cardi B went from Instagram famous to just plain ol super-duper famous.

It’s why we link Facebook to Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon to Jeff Bezos and Microsoft to Bill Gates.

People connect with people. People can relate to people. When you brand YOURSELF as the expert, you give people the opportunity to see you. YOU set yourself apart from the competition because no one is you.

People want to know the person behind the business (ie- Who is Jeff Bezos?). They want to connect with you (ie- Why is Cardi B so relatable?) and they want to hear your story (after all, you literally just read mine!).

So what’s the best way to set yourself apart from the competition? BEING YOURSELF!

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