Four ways to make money on YouTube without monetization! Make Money using video!

Even if you’re new to video you can leverage it to make money! Today, I’m sharing four ways you can make money by leveraging video (specifically YouTube)… and nope. I’m not talking adsense either!

1. Digital Products
Such as books, courses, templates, guides. You can do videos and offer your course or book if they want to learn more. I sold my Just Face It beauty book through my videos and earned a nice chunk of change.

2. Affiliate Links
If you love a product and recommend it, why not make some money with it? Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money because its free for you and you earn just by recommending products you already use and love!

3. Provide services:
Get people who are watching videos to become your client!
example: videos on how to budget and then you offer your accounting services
example: videos on different exercises to lose weight and then you offer your personal coaching if they want to learn more
Is there a service you can offer with your videos?

4. Physical products
When I had a cosmetics line, Queenie Skin, I created makeup tutorials and featured my lipsticks from my cosmetic line! Leverage your video to show your products! I, personally, recommend how-to videos and reviews!

Here’s the video where I go more in-depth!

On the go? Check out my podcast version

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