How to find brands to work with (even if you have a smaller following!)

Is it possible to get sponsored by brands even if you have a small following?
Yes, it’s absolutely possible BUT I don’t recommend sitting around waiting for brands to reach out to you. I, personally, recommend taking matters into your own hands!

Here’s how:

1. Join Influencer platforms/networks:

These are networks that connect brands to influencers. Usually, you sign-up on the website, they ask you a few questions, and once you’re accepted, you get to apply for sponsorships with brands. I got to work with one of my dream brands using influencer networks! Check out my favorite 5 influencer networks here.

2. Reach out to brands yourself:

Did you know you can pitch to brands? Of course, you did. Don’t wait around for brands to email you. Email them and negotiate the amount you will get paid! I highly recommend this if you have a smaller audience!
Inside my latest video, I’m sharing step by step how to find brands to pitch to as well as some of my favorite influencer platforms.

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Want the exact emails, I send to brands to get paid sponsorships (as well as what to charge, media kit tips, and how to pitch), check out my influencer with income mini-course and guide.

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