how to create consistent content for youtube

I have been able to batch videos for my Business YouTube channel, stick to a schedule, send out weekly podcast, write emails, schedule out marketing content…. and all this was done WHILE I was out 3 weeks of the month so today, I’m sharing my content schedule and how I’ve been able to stay consistent.

I take one day out of the entire month and I create 4 videos
I pick out 4 different shirts, 4 different pairs of earrings and I have 4 video scripts ready!

I record a video. Change my outfit. Record a video. Change my outfit. FOUR TIMES and then my video content and podcast content is done for the month!

I know which videos are being edited and posted at which times.
I have a content calendar that says ok, the first week this video is going out… the 2nd week this video is going out. I know which videos are being released which weeks thanks to my content schedule

There’s a rule that if you’re doing too much, ask yourself can you automate, delegate or eliminate… …which leads me into Scheduling…

I auto-schedule my things to ensure I’m being consistent and not miss a week. I try to be at least 2 weeks ahead so the content I’m posting today was recorded two weeks ago.

I use Later to schedule out my IG, Pinterest pins and Facebook. I use Facebook creator studio to schedule out my igtv videos and fb videos. I use YouTube to schedule out my YouTube videos and I take advantage of WordPress to schedule out my blog post and podcast… as well as my email provider.

I go more in-depth here:

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