How I made $20K in one month leveraging YouTube

Can I tell you a not-so-secret? I love income reports. When I first got serious with blogging and YouTube, I would watch and read all types of income reports where content creators would share how much they made and how they made it.

For me, it’s so inspiring and motivational to see how people make money in different ways online which is why I decided to publish my first income report to share the breakdown of my income and hopefully inspiring you to see that you can do it too!

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Disclaimer: Just because my business earned $20,000 does NOT mean I have $20,000 just sitting in my bank account for me to buy clothes, champagne and shoes. This is business profit and I have business bills including my video editor, my VA, services (like payment processor and email marketing), and more.

How I made $20K in one month leveraging YouTube


Ad Revenue (from my blog and YouTube channel):

The first way I hit my 20K is I made $401.46 in ads including YouTube AdSense, as well as blogging blog ad revenue.

Although I usually make around $600 in ad revenue, I did hide a lot of my beauty and decor videos, since I am moving more into business content.

Affiliate income (from my blog and YouTube channel):

Another way I hit 20K for the month is I made $602.87 in affiliate income with Amazon Associates. This is generated mostly through blog post, as well as my YouTube videos.

The great thing about affiliate income and ad revenue is that both of these things serve as a passive income stream at this point since I make the income from old blog posts and videos. If I create more YouTube videos, I’m going to make more money with ad revenue. If I do more blog posts, I can make more money with that. So I can absolutely scale the amount I’ve made with ad revenue, as well as with affiliate links.


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How I made $20,000 in one month leveraging YouTube

Services (consulting) :

I made  $4000 in consulting income. I am a consultant (small business, women-owned, and minority certified) and I help content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs create online marketing plans for their business.

Digital products:

I also made $1006.32 from a $17 product which is my Ready, Set, Record bundle.  I am currently offering a flash sale where my Ready, Set, Record bundle is only $17, and over $50 people purchased it!

The great thing about this is that I did absolutely nothing to earn this passively. I would literally wake up and notifications on my phone for a new Ready, Set, Record bundle sale.  I would be brushing my teeth and my phone would notify me of a new sale for my digital bundle.


So this is where I saw my huge jump! I released my premium program all about helping you become better on video and really just how to create a profitable YouTube channel.  I don’t talk about how to grow your subscribers or how to get a million views or go viral. I honestly don’t talk about any of that stuff because popular does not mean profitable.

And as someone who’s been on the YouTube platform for a very long time, I can tell you now there people who have 100,000 subscribers, and they barely make any money at all on YouTube and there are also people who have 1,000 subscribers, and they’ve hit 10K a month just off of that.

Popular does not mean profitable

With my program, YouTube coins,  it focuses on how to monetize with video. You learn how to create a signature product, how to reference affiliate marketing, how to edit, record, optimize your videos, and more. I literally give students the blueprint, A to Z framework on how to start, grow, and monetize with YouTube without needing YouTube AdSense.

So with my program,  you get modules, a ton of bonuses and you even get a community that you can talk to, ask questions, be held accountable, and collab! You get a lot inside my program!

I launched this program and I made $14,006 within three weeks of announcing my program, YouTube coins. Originally, I planned to promote the program for 6 weeks, but sold out early (I limit spots to ensure students get the absolute most out of my program while enrolled!)



So this how I earned $20K in one month. I didn’t make all 20K from one thing in particular. I diversified my income with digital products, programs, consulting, affiliate links, and ad revenue.

If you are trying to make money online, there are so many ways you can do it But my biggest recommendation is to do it and have a framework that works for you. For me, I wasn’t able to come out of the gate making this. It definitely took time. It definitely took time to build this, and definitely took time to create an audience who know, like, and trust me.

If you are trying to make money online, there are so many ways you can do it But my biggest recommendation is to do it and have a framework that works for you.

I remember reading income reports and wondering how people did it… how they were able to consistently earn 5 figures month doing the things they enjoy and I’m here to tell you that it’s not only doable but it’s absolutely possible for you too! You can monetize the things you like to do and you can make great money from it!

Inside my coaching program, YouTube Coins, I teach you step by step how to create a profitable YouTube channel even if you have a small audience and you’re brand new to the platform! I teach you how to ditch the camera shyness and finally become confident on camera. I share how to create a signature offer that generates income while you sleep and of course, you’ll learn video editing hacks, how to come up with endless video ideas, and to create awesome videos you’re proud of!

Click here to learn more about my 6-week program, YouTube Coins, and how you can turn your passion into a viable evergreen machine business.


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How I made $20K in one month LEVERAGING YOUTUBE

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