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(for service-based entrepreneurs)

How to Make Consistent sales selling your high-Ticket service on repeat
(without needing a large audience or posting online everyday!)

Here’s what you will learn during this free training:

👉🏾 Why your business isn’t set-up to scale without you working all the time (spoiler alert: those marketing gurus are WRONG!).

👉🏾 3 income-losing mistakes that are stopping you from attracting your dream clients!

👉🏾  How to create a sales machine that allows you to streamline your business so you can focus more on the things you enjoy (and less on things you don’t!).

Bonus: The accompanying 3 -mistakes workbook

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WHEN: Wednesday: May 19th at 1pm EST

This training is a PERFECT fit for you if….

You're a service-based entrepreneur

You are an awesome service provider such as coach, consultant, or strategist.

You're not hitting consistent sales each month

You have yo-yo income and struggle bringing in new clients with your high ticket offer.

You have no desire to post online everyday

If you like posting 5,958 times a week then this training is NOT for you because I cover how to work less and earn more!

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Ready to jump off that content hamster wheel of #DoingTooMuch (yuck!) and have a business that brings in new revenue without the unnecessary hustle?

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DISCLAIMER: This training is complimentary and will provide tips to help you grow a successful service-based online business. However, this training does not guarantee results.

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