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How?! 👉 Irresistible video content.

In this FREE guide, I reveal my step-by-step process for creating YouTube videos that turn your passion into profit. Sooo, if hitting that record button has you feeling nervous, uncomfortable and frustrated, my #HitRecord Guide is exactly what you need to overcome all that!

Inside my #HITRECORD guide, you’ll get:

✅ MY ULTIMATE CHECKLIST: Everything you need prior to hitting that record button
✅ MY CAMFIDENCE TOOLKIT: Everything I use to record and edit my YouTube videos… the same videos that have been featured on HBO, OWN, Buzzfeed & Bustle (plus tripled my income!)
✅ AND AS AN EXCLUSIVE BONUS: You’ll get my camera-confidence-chats! My quick videos sharing ways you can become better on camera!

Breonna Queen is a lifestyle YouTuber, author, speaker, video content strategist and serial entrepreneur.

When she’s not talking all things lifestyle, on her popular YouTube channel, Breonna Queen, you can find her teaching entrepreneurs and influencers how to create personality-infused, glued-to-the-screen videos.

Amassing over 75,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 5 million views, Breonna’s videos have opened the door to features in HBO, Buzzfeed, OWN, HuffPost and more.

With over a decade of experience teaching video marketing strategies and developing marketing campaigns that boost her clients’ online visibility and revenue, Breonna is well-known for taking entrepreneurs from church-mouse- quiet creators to profitable influencers.


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I send good vibes only. Never spam.

I send good vibes only. Never spam.

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