5 awesome websites to find brands to work with as a microinfluencer

If you’re new to the influencing world, you’re probably wondering how to find brands to work with as an influencer. If you’re looking for tips on how to work with brands, you’ve come to the right place (Check my entire #influencerwithincome blog series!)

Whether you’ve been at this for years or days, I want to share my top 5 favorite influencers networks to find brands to work and secure sponsorship opportunities! Some of us are about our money (no shame… because that’s me!) and these are my favorite places to go to get PAID!

6 places to find sponsorship opportunities as an influencer

My favorite 5 websites to find brands to work with as a microinfluencer

1. Aspire IQ (Formerly Revfluence):

Aspire IQ is one of my favorite influencer marketing platforms! It’s easy to use and they take into considering ALL of your platforms (not just Instagram…. or youtube… or your blog).

They give you a “suggested” rate for your engagement and following on the platform, but you can choose however high or low you want to go which means you get to negotiate!

2. Influence.co

One of my biggest paid sponsorships came from Influence.co. They offer paid collaborations and you can also negotiate with brands on the platform.

where to find paid sponsorships
how to get paid to be an influencer

3. Brandbacker

I know a lot of bloggers who have had a lot of success with Brandbacker. The great thing about this platform is there are a lot of brands you may not have even considered. There are free campaigns as well as paid and campaigns are not restricted to US only.

4. Tapinfluence

Tapinfluence has raised over $8.3M to date for influencer marketing so it’s definitely a platform to consider. If you’re looking to work with bigger brands with bigger budgets, I recommend looking into tap influence. I’ve secured 4 figure deals from brands through the platform.

5. Famebit

Famebit is one of the first platforms I joined as a YouTuber. You can negotiate with brands and search through different opportunities. They have expanded into other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Tumblr. There are a lot of campaigns in specific categories and I’ve had great luck securing sponsorships on the platform.

HONORABLE MENTION: In-person (and events)

Seriously! Attend influencer and social events like create & cultivate where you’ll be able to meet with brands directly. Go to local events in your area where you can mingle with local business owners!

This is a GREAT way to find sponsorships because you’re able to directly connect with the person and build a rapport. I recommend having business cards that address you’re a blogger/influencer and letting people know that’s what you do!

I have a friend who scored an awesome sponsorship with a local restaurant after striking up a conversation with the owner at an event. This led to over a $1000 brand deal (and she had less than a 1000 followers!). Don’t be afraid to meet people IRL (In Real Life)! Yes, influencer network websites are awesome but in-person is absolutely one of the best ways to find brands to work with as an influencer.

If you’re ready to become a social media influencer and work with brands, I have TWO things for you. YES, two!

1. Go ahead and download my influencer checklist. It’s FREE and fully interactive so you can checkmark things as you go!

2. My influencer with income toolkit. This toolkit is great if you want to become a social media influencer who gets paid!

Interested in working with brands and becoming an influencer? Download my FREE influencer cheatsheet checklist!

Do you have any questions regarding finding sponsorship opportunities and how to find brands to work? Let me know below!

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5 websites to find brands to work with as a microinfluencerfive websites to find brands to work with as a microinfluencer

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