Here are 7 tips to email pitch to brands as an influencer

So you’re ready to start pitch to brands as an influencer?! *gives you a high-five*

…BUT Before you send out a mass email to every brand and they momma that you want to work with, there are a few things you should include when you’re trying to pitch to brands as an influencer. I’m sharing six must-haves.

1. Name

Starting off your email with “To whom it may concern” will generally land your email in the trash bin. Address the person by name who you’re writing to.

You can usually find out who to address your email to by doing a quick LinkedIn search. I like to look up the brand + influencer marketing and see who works within that field. It’s a great place to start off when trying to find contacts within a brand to pitch to

Also, introduce yourself. Who you are and what you do.

2. Introduce yourself

Who are you? Seriously?!
Introduce who are you and what you do briefly.

ie: I’m Breonna, a Tampa-based lifestyle blogger.

3. Link to ALL profiles where you have an audience

So you have 8,000 followers on Instagram? Awesome! Where’s the link?
Don’t make people chase after you and hunt down your social media accounts. Be sure to link ALL of your social media accounts in your email.

4. Your collab idea

You love ELF’s new aqua lipstick? Coo, coo. Who doesn’t?
Give the brand a brief idea on how you’re going to use it

ie: I am creating a beach-friendly makeup tutorial and would love to feature your new Aqua lipstick in the video!

5. Your social media and/or blog stats

Brands actually do care about your stats and if you have a larger audience then you def want to include them.

ie: My instagram audience of over 45,000 loves content focused around simple beauty and everyday looks.

6. A short and sweet paragraph of why you’re interested in the company

Don’t overdo it with this one, girl.

Tell why you want to work with the brand. Butter them up a little and make it personalized.

ie: I love the ELF mineral black eyeliner and use it often in my makeup tutorials. The quality is amazing which is why I’m super excited about the launch of the new ELF aqua lipstick!

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Address the person by name in the email to make it personal
  • Have a catchy subject line
  • Follow-up


  • Send out the same email to everyone
  • Have grammatical errors
  • Be rude
  • Commit to things you know you can’t deliver

    pitch to brands as an influencer

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    pitch to brands as an influencer

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