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DIY Office Space: Recovering Desk and Ottoman

This is my very, very, very (did I mention very?) boring recording space. It includes a makeup stained desk, a walmart plastic dresser and an ottoman I found by the dumpster.

Boring? Yes. Ugly? Basically. Uninspiring? Well, thats kinda the same as boring but yes, yes that too! So with $40 and a hour to spare… I turned my unmotivating recording space into this….

Is this the most gorgeous recording space? No, probably not. However, it looks a lot better than before and it only cost me $40 to do!

Most of the material was purchased from Joann Fabrics and Craft. They stay having sells like 20-40% off which I did. I also got an additional 10% my entire purchase (which gave me $5 back!) by using the Ibotta app. If you aren’t using the ibotta app, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Seriously you get money back on your everyday purchases. I have already saved $40 altogether. Use my referal code so you can get an additional $10 added to your account after your first redemption (something I wish I would of had!) (or just download the app, and use the referral code ijlewfd).

So the first thing I did was redo the top of my desk. The desk was stain with old makeup and just, yuck. I purchased this cricut glitter vinyl from Joann since I had a coupon and ibotta was offering 10% off, however you can also purchase it on amazon.

Literally, all I did was clean the desk with soap and water then stick the adhesive to the desk. It took less than 5 minutes!

All done! I also added a rhinestone pull to the drawer!

Next up was the ottoman. I found this little gem on the side of a dumpster. It’s in really good shape with just a few scratches on the seat.

I added some 2 inch density foam to the ottoman for extra comfort (I used my handy dandy Stanley Staple/ Brad Nail Gun)

and then I added some faux fur. I debated spray painting the legs gold but decided against it because in a few years, i may want to redo this ottoman and gold legs may not be what I want then. I purchased a yard of faux fur and with the extra fabric, I made a pillow.

I store all of my makeup in a plastic drawer. I decided to spray paint it gold for some extra glam. I used Rust-Oleum 7710830 Bright Coat Metallic Color Spray Paint in Gold


I also added curtains, a gold pillow to my chair, cute sayings in gold picture frames and  a little gold trim around items in the room.








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