9 proven ways to get more views on Youtube for free

Picture this horror story: You spend time recording an amazing video, edit it to pure perfection, upload it to YouTube and then BOOM, do absolut,ely nothing else.

The Horror.

This page may include affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase something.

Okay, while I may be acting slightly over dramatic… if you record, edit and publish your YouTube videos without optimizing them, you’re doing yourself a SERIOUS disservice.

Why you should optimize your videos

YouTube is a search engine and if, you don’t optimize your videos correctly then Y,ouTube can’t rank them or show them to the very people interested in your content which means no one will see your video.

Google and YouTube don’t watch your videos, so they have no idea what your video is about. It’s up to you to tell the #1 and #2 most popular search engines (that’s google and YouTube FYI) what your actual videos are about and the keywords most relevant to the content.

When you optimize your videos, it makes that video more likely to be discovered by a relevant audience (the people actually looking for your video who will be most likely to watch it!). The more views a video gets in a short period of time, the higher it will rank for keywords related to that video so yes, views= good.

Once you upload a video, it’s doesn’t stop there. You should be promoting the video and optimizing it for increased video views. You want your videos to have a strong YouTube presence and you do that by fully optimizing your videos so Google and YouTube actually understand.

I don’t want your video to fall into the black hole of no views and no engagement which ,is why I’m sharing 9 things your video needs to increase YouTube views.

Nine things every video ABSOLUTELY NEEDS so you can increase YouTube views

1. Research the best video title

Your video titles need to be written for robots and humans.
Say whaaaaaaa?
Your video title should be catchy enough that people actually want to click on the video and watch it AND y,our video title should also tell the YouTube algorithm what the video is about, so they can rank it.

Example #1: Your YouTube title is “How to make the most delicious chicken noodle soup ever”
– Yo.uTube knows the video is about cooking chicken noodle soup. So if someone searches “chicken noodle soup recipe” your video should pop up because you have those keywords.
– This video also makes people want to click it because who doesn’t want to make the most delicious soup ever?!

Now let’s see some examples of some trash video titles:

Title: Video #1
– Terrible. What is the video even about?!
– This doesn’t make anyone want to click on the video nor does it tell the YouTube algorithm what the video is about so it won’t rank for anything

Title: Going to the club
– Huh? At what club? The baseball club? The nightclub? The 90s bestselling book, the babysitters club? WE NEED MORE INFO!
– SOME people may click on this but, the majority won’t find the video because YouTube won’t rank it for anything since it’s not specific.
– A better title would be “3 things you need for the baseball club” or “5 best nightclubs in New York you HAVE TO ATTEND”


A great video title draws in more viewers.YouTube sees the attention your video is getting and pushes your video up in search results. Therefore, your video gets seen by even more people! WIN-WIN.


How to find the best video titles for MAJOR views

The best tool to create great YouTube titles is Tubebuddy.

I use it every single time I’m researching videos and optimizing them.

Tubebuddy is great because it tells you what titles are ranking, what people are searching for and, how well that title will do compared to other similar named videos.

Tubebuddy is free to use, however, I like unlimited keyword searches and suggestions so I have the paid version. It’s totally worth it and pays for itself since I’m creating better views which means more youtube absence (revenue).


2. Create a bright video thumbnail

Create bright thumbnails that portray what the video is about AND make people want to actually click on the video. Videos with a little text do great and videos showing a face tend to perform higher as well.

I highly recommend Canva to create Youtube thumbnails! It’s easy to do and they even have templates to follow if you’re not very design-savvy.


3. Add the best keywords

Absolutely do not under any condition forget to add keywords to your video!
Your keywords should tell what the video is about so if someone was to type in your keywords, your video would pop up and be relevant.

The higher up in the list of tags, the more weight it has. This means that the keywords you include first are the ones YouTube will care more about so make sure you are adding the best keywords at the very beginning of the keywords section, in your description and even in your title!

For example, let’s say you’ve made a video about how to make a vegan soup. Your most relevant long-tail keyword would be “Vegan Soup Recipe”

4. Add End Screens

End screens are videos that pop up at the very last 20 seconds of a video. This is a great way to hook your viewers, so they can watch more related content that you have created!

I highly recommend adding related videos or newest uploads to your end screens so viewers can continue watching your videos after the initial video is over.

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how to increase your youtube channel views

5. Add closed-captioning

Closed captioning is not just for deaf or hearing-impaired. Captions allow for different viewing experiences as well.

More and more people are watching videos on silence which makes close captioning a great option since it adds another layer to enjoying your videos.

Additionally, closed captioning is great for SEO as YouTube takes closed captioning into consideration when ranking your videos.

I use REV.com to transcribe my videos because they’re effective, less than $1.50 a minute AND they will even transcribe directly to your YouTube video.


Here’s an infographic from 3playmedia sharing why people use closed captioning:

inforgraphic supplied by 3playmedia.com

6. Utilize the Description

Your description should reinforce what the video is about with the main keywords. Also include a call to action (CTA) such as the reminder to subscribe, the URL to your website, and even affiliate links.

I make hundreds of dollars each month just from affiliate links added to my Youtube video descriptions!

You can also add time markers to important points or sections of your video. For example, if your video is about 4 exercises for belly fat you can add time markers such as:
1:36 Warm-up
2:45 Crunches
3:23 Planks
5:54 Sit-ups

This way viewers can skip to the parts of the video they want.

7. Add to a playlist

Make it easy for viewers to watch more videos on a specific topic. If you have a ton of beginner makeup videos, create a playlist for “beginner how-to’s” and another playlist for “beginner eyeshadow tutorials”

This also helps Youtube to determine what to rank and play next once your video is over.

8. Engage with your audience by commenting, liking and hearting comments

Build a community and connect with your audience by commenting, answering questions, and engaging. The first 42 hours your video is posted can determine how well your video ranks based on the engagement. Answering questions and interacting with your audience helps your engagement.


Answering questions and interacting with your audience helps your engagement.


9. Share with your community via Youtube stories

Did you know Youtube now has youtube stories? It’s similar to Instagram stories and Facebook stories, and great for showing behind the scenes and promos! Don’t sleep on Youtube stories! I find it’s easiest to use on the actual YouTube app! You can learn more about Youtube stories here.

Are you a Youtuber? If so, what advice do you have when it comes to growing your Youtube channel? What questions do you have when it comes to how to increase your Youtube views?! Share below!

In my next post, I’m sharing the BIGGEST mistakes new YouTubers make with their channel and I bet you’re doing #6!

Best Tools for YouTubers in 2021 to help skyrocket your growth

If you’re a YouTuber who wants to grow your audience, views, and revenue then utilizing tools is essential for growth. Today, I’m sharing the best 7 tools for YouTubers to help you grow your channel, subscribers, and views!

Most of these tools are free (or include a free plan) and will help you boost your youtube traffic!

img src=”https://media.giphy.com/media/1kkxWqT5nvLXupUTwK/giphy.gif”>Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

The 8 Best Tools for Youtubers to increase traffic


1. TubeBuddy

Seriously, if you’re not using TubeBuddy to grow your channel you are seriously missing out!

What makes this browser extension so great? Well, it’s an all in one place to truly optimize your videos.

Some features of Tubebuddy include:
– bulk uploading:
– Tag Explorer – Allows you to find/include the best & most popular tags for your videos.
– Video upload checklist – When you upload a video, Tubebuddy lets you know what to do next to fully optimize it
– Keyword Planner- allows you to search for keywords that will rank better (thus helping you increase your views)
– Thumbnail Generator
– Suggested tags
– Video rankings
and more!

There’s even an option for canned responses where helps you respond to more comments (and a lifesaver for someone like me who on any given day can have hundreds of comments).

Tubebuddy is hands down one of my favorite tools for growing my YouTube channel because of the abundance of perks. They offer a free option as well as paid options.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes growing my Youtuber channel, here are my top 7 mistakes I’ve made with YouTube (including Tubebuddy!)

2. VidIQ

Another great tool is VIQ IQ which can be compared to Tubebuddy. The great thing about Vid IQ is it provides extensive analytics and reporting. For example, it rates current videos based on engagement, keywords, and competitors.

VidIQ is also a free extension and offers some features that you won’t find on TubeBuddy such as video engagement ratio and subscriber count in search results.

3. YouTube Audio Library

When it comes to finding royalty-free music for your YouTube channel, it’s a serious struggle!

I used to pay a subscription for different royalty-free music websites and it was a pain. I had to constantly fight copyright claims every few months and if I ever ended my subscription, I could no longer use the music *cough* Epidemic Sound *cough*

Make it easy for yourself by using YouTube’s audio library! They have thousands of songs and special effects you can use without penalties or copyright strikes. Plus you never have to worry about an artist coming back months or years later with a copyright claim all over again.

4. Canva for YouTube thumbnails

Your video thumbnails are super important and can be the number 1 reason why someone doesn’t click on your video.

Canva offers free thumbnail templates you can use to create click-worthy thumbnails. Additionally, you can save your templates so that all future videos have thumbnails that are on brand and cohesive.

5. REV for video transcriptions

Did you know those who use closed captioning for their videos saw a 13.48% increase in views within the first 14 days they were published!

More and more people are watching videos on silence which makes close captioning a great option since it adds another layer to enjoying your videos.

YouTube does offer an auto closed captioning for videos but it’s not that good and can mess up a lot of your words.

I find Rev.com to be a better option since they’re more effective with transcribing your words. Additionally, they’re super affordable at $1.25 a minute.


6. Zapier to autoshare to other social media platforms

Zapier.com allows you to set up automation that will share your YouTube video to other platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter whenever you post a new video!

No more having to post to each platform manually to promote your product. Simply set up the automation and forget!

7. Keywordtool.io

The keyword tool for YouTube is a website application that allows you to find the right keywords for your videos.

The great thing about this keyword tool is it shows you exactly the keywords that viewers on YouTube are searching for which helps you increase traffic too.

8. YouTube Creator Studio (& App)

Sometimes the best tools are right under your nose! The YouTube creator studio is awesome at providing extensive analytics to help you learn more about your audience and viewers.

Additionally, YouTube creator studio provides any current YouTube updates, bugs, and fixes so you can always stay up to date.

If you’re interested in growing your YouTube channel, even more, I have a FREE ultimate YouTube checklist to help you create a banging channel AND videos! Get instant access to this checklist for free below:

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In my next post, I’m sharing common YouTube mistakes that prevent you from growing your channel.

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Best Tools for Youtubers in 2020 to help skyrocket your traffic

Are you making these 7 painful youtube mistakes? I bet you’re doing #6!

You record your first YouTube video and publish it. Suddenly, thousands of views start rolling in. Comments Galore. You blink and your subscribers go from 4 to 40,000. Yeah, Okay.

While that does happen to a few, it may not be your truth… and if you’re on video upload #25 and still feel like you’re not getting anywhere then this may be the post for you because we’re talking about youtube mistakes you’re making growing your channel in 2020.


This page may include affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase something.

1. Not being consistent

How often do you post? Once a week? Great. Twice a week? Awesome! 1-2 times every 6 months? NO MA’AM (or sir).

You can’t eat one healthy meal and expect to lost 30 lbs. You have to be consistent with it, right? The same applies to your YouTube channel. You MUST be consistent and I don’t just mean consistent with the day you post. You also must be consistent with quality. One video can’t be 4k quality, hilariously entertaining and the next upload looks like it was shot on your 2006 Motorola Razr flip phone. ew.

If there’s one HUGE mistake I’ve made over the past few years its hands down inconsistency. Up until 2017, I would post videos weekly… then life happened and I would legit go months (3-8 months ?) without a single upload. My channel has definitely suffered for it and it’s been hard to grow back up the viewership I use to have.

Right now, I’m working on a video schedule that works for me and trying out different timing frequencies to get into a flow that’s realistic to me. I recommend the same for you. Commit to posting at a certain frequency. That could be weekly. That may be bi-weekly but it cannot be weekly for one month and then we don’t hear from you for another 5 months.

Your subscribers WILL forget about you if you don’t post content consistently. I’m telling you this from experience.


2. Not looking at your analytics

Some people love analytics. They love knowing the average time someone spent watching their video. They love knowing how their subscribers found their videos. They love knowing the average amount of clicks they received on their video.

If you love it, great. If you don’t, get over it. You MUST look at your analytics these days so you can improve.

Look at how long people watch your videos. If 50% of viewers are dropping off at the 2-minute mark for your videos, is there a reason why? At the 2 minute mark did you bust out in song and dance so viewers decided to close out the video?

Are most people finding you via Youtube search? Is YouTube recommending you through the watch page? These are things you want to know so that you can improve your channel and the eyeballs on your videos.

Interested in figuring out your Analytics? Here’s a great video by The Content Bug on reading your YT analytics.

YouTube Analytics is super in-depth these days and it’s something I wish I would have paid more attention to. Had I looked at my analytics, I would of saw trends, opportunities for growth as well as areas that I lacked in. If you’re not looking at your analytics, it’s one of the biggest mistakes you’re making growing your YouTube channel!

For example, a large percentage of traffic for some of my videos comes from Pinterest… especially my DIY videos. This is valuable information because it lets me know where I should spend my time marketing and promoting my videos!

Had I known that over 50% of my traffic for some of my videos comes from Pinterest, I would have known to create more Pinterest pins for videos instead of heavily promoting on Instagram and hearing crickets.
Absolute chirping crickets.



3. Your thumbnails are trash

It doesn’t matter how delicious the cake taste… if it looks gross, we aren’t tasting it.

The same applies to your videos. If your thumbnail is awful and doesn’t make the person want to click then guess what? The person WON’T click!


Here are a few tips when it comes to creating awesome YouTube thumbnails:
1. Photos should be of high quality.
2. Photos should be the correct size. No one wants to see those ugly black borders around the thumbnail.
3. Thumbnails should include fonts that are readable.
4. Thumbnails should be on brand and consistent with your brand image.

I create my thumbnails in canva. It’s super easy and you can use their YouTube templates for even more convenience.

Don’t let ugly thumbnails be the reason your videos only get 2 views.

4. Not batching videos

One way I stay consistent with my YouTube channel these days is by batching videos…. something I didn’t even realize I could do back in the day.


Batching videos is basically when you create multiple videos in a timeframe (usually 1-2 days) and schedule those out through the month.

For the longest, I would create YouTube videos every single Saturday, edit on Sunday and publish on Tuesday. My social life…. oh, my social life.

That was my life from 2014-2016. A lot of time goes into video creation and it would have been a lot easier if I batched 3-4 videos in a day and then scheduled out (I probably would have been more consistent too!). If you’re creating the type of videos that can be batched then PLEASE DO IT.

Trust me on this.

5. Your content does not engage, educate and/or entertain

How many times have you typed “how to…” or “how do I” inside of Youtube or Google search?

A lot huh?

How many times have you watched a video and 1 hour later found yourself down a rabbit hole of that user’s content because they were so engaging?


You want people to love your content so much that they get lost in it. You want people to watch your videos and feel an emotion. That emotion can be empowered, informed or hey, just in a good mood. However, your video should be entertaining. People will click out of a video within 3 seconds if they don’t like it (and you’ll know because you’re now looking at your Google Analytics…. right?!).

Hook them at the beginning and continue to do it with things like:
1. Jumpcuts: varying in camera position. Here’s an example of a Jumpcut
2. Showing your awesome personality
3. Engaging and smiling with the camera

6. Comparing yourself to others

Seriously, don’t do it.

No. Don’t you do it!

Don’t compare your growth to someone else’s growth. It’s okay to learn from others and be inspired by them but please don’t constantly compare. It does nothing but robs you from joy and you NEED that joy. Your viewers and subscribers NEED that joy.

I compared my growth to a lot of my peers and ultimately it caused me to give up. In 2017, I MAYBE posted 5 videos for that entire year. I was over creating videos and I wasn’t getting the views or engagement I use to get compared to others… so I just stopped creating videos altogether (unless I felt like it or a brand sponsorship came through).

The thing about giving up is we give up during the times where we should push harder. I wish I didn’t throw in the towel and kept at it!

Who knows where I would be now?!

Keep going. The numbers will come. The views will come. The subscribers will come if you continue to work hard, be consistent, and strive to be 1% better each time!

Comparing yourself to others could be one of the biggest youtube mistakes you’re making growing your channel. It was, personally, one of mine.

7. Not using the right keywords

Your video title should accurately describe what the video is about and also use keywords that people are using to search Youtube.

Your titles should make the reader want to click on the video BUT at the same time be easy for Youtube algorithm to read.

ie: Your youtube title is “How to make the most delicious chicken noodle soup ever
Youtube knows the video is about cooking chicken noodle soup. So if someone searches “chicken noodle soup recipe” your video should pop up.
This video also makes people want to click it because who doesn’t want to make the most delicious soup ever?!

Now let’s see some examples of some trash video titles:
ie: Video #1
Terrible. What is the video even about?!

ie: Me At the club
Huh? At what club? The baseball club? The night club? The 90’s bestselling book, the babysitters club? WE NEED MORE INFO!

ie: My life on may 6th
Nobody is clicking on this…. unless you’re Beyonce or already have 500,000 Youtube subscribers.

Youtube isn’t a social media platform, it’s a search engine. You want people to search and find your videos.

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7 painful youtube mistakes you’re making growing your YouTube channel

You should be using keywords in your title, in your description, and the tags. This is how Youtube figures out what your video is about and how to rank.

Oh, if you’re not using Tubebuddy to grow your channel then it’s definitely one of the mistakes you’re making growing your YouTube channel.

Tubebuddy allows you to fully optimize your channel. They provide the best keywords and topics to use for videos. They tell you if your title tag is too long or too short. They provide more in-depth analytics and a ton of other things.

For example, let’s say I’m doing a patio decor tutorial. By using the “keyword explorer” in Tubebuddy, I find the best topics and keywords.

Searching “patio decor” and Tubebuddy gives it a 9 rating (out of 100… which is awful)

Tubebuddy will tell you if the keyword is searched often (a good thing) and if there’s a lot of videos already created (a bad thing).

You want people to type in “Patio decor” and your video shows up on the first page… because let’s be honest, how often do you click on page 2 or 3 when searching for something on Youtube? Rarely! You usually click whatever is on page #1! So you want to choose keywords that allow you to show up on page number 1!

Another thing I love about Tubebuddy is that they give you similar keywords on the side. I have the upgraded version so I can get unlimited keyword suggestions. I highly recommend it if you’re committed to these Youtube streets.

Now, let’s try “cheap patio decorating ideas” using keyword explorer:

Tubebuddy rates this a 62 which is great because it means you’re more likely to rank on YouTube and get more views!

The higher your videos rank, the more people will see your videos. Ranking increases your visibility which increases your subscribers, views, and *ahem* money from Adsense.

Another awesome benefit of Tubebuddy is you can even use the keyword explorer against your own specific channel to see if the keywords are a good idea based on your previous videos and how well they performed.

There are a ton of perks with Tubebuddy and they have a FREE version that’s awesome!

Listen, if you’re not using the right keywords for your videos, it’s definitely one of the youtube mistakes you’re making growing your channel!

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My advice when it comes to growing your YouTube channel

1. Have fun

A YouTube channel is a lot of work. Planning, recording, editing, and marketing. If you don’t enjoy your YouTube channel then it will just feel like a lot of work. Enjoy it and share things on your channel that you enjoy.

2. Focus more on building a community, and less on numbers

It’s easy to get hung up on numbers, I completely understand. However, I encourage you to focus on the people. Focus on building a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy your content and find value in the content you create…. if you do that, I know the numbers will come!

3. Leverage analytics and tools

Use tools like Tubebuddy to keyword research, stay up to date with YouTube trends, and help grow your channel. I use Tubebuddy every single time I plan and upload a video.

You can also try out Video IQ.

Are you a Youtuber? If so, what advice do you have when it comes to starting and growing your channel? According to this list, what are the biggest youtube mistakes you’re making? I would love to know below!

On my next blog post, I’m sharing 7 proven ways to stay motivated as a YouTuber


7 proven ways to stay motivated as a YouTuber

When it comes to being a YouTuber, one of the biggest struggles you hear people say is that it’s hard to stay motivated and consistent. I’m sure we all have vowed to do something before (ie: work out every day, stop being on social media so much, cook more often) and fell off the wagon due to lack of motivation.

It’s natural and human-nature to lose focus sometimes. However, it’s not inevitable. Today, I’m sharing some tips to stay motivated as a YouTuber and avoid burnout.

This page may include affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might earn a small commission if you decide to purchase something.

How to stay motivated as a YouTuber and avoid burn-out


1. Focus on your WHY

Ask yourself WHY this is important to you and focus on that.

Maybe you want to be consistent with YouTube so you can finally quit your job and stay home with your kids?

Perhaps you want to create a YouTube channel that allows you to educate people on your passion?

I, for example, create and send out emails consistently to my audience. Why? Because building and connecting with my community is extremely important to me. That’s my WHY.

Focusing on your WHY is one of the best ways to stay focused on your content especially if there’s a personal reason attached to it.


2. Create a non-negotiable schedule

Create and commit to a schedule until it becomes second natural (and still commit to it!).

For example, instead of trying to fit in youtube, create a schedule around it. Tell yourself at 7 am you will work on editing your video every Monday. Make it a non-negotiable for you and then build your schedule around that.

The best way to stay consistent is to carve out time to do the things that will make you consistent.

3. Focus on one thing first

Back in the day, your digital bestie (that’s me… right?!) was trying to do a podcast, YouTube channel, weekly email newsletter, 2 blog post per week, build a following on Instagram, hit 10,000 on my Facebook page, launch a membership site, write a book and still drink my 8 cups (1.89 l) of water. Guess which one I failed at?

All of ’em.

Focus on mastering one thing first and once you master than then focus on other things.

Focus on mastering and being consistent with your YouTube channel… THEN focus on the podcast or the blog. You don’t have to do it all (and if you don’t have a team to help you do it all, whewwwww).

You can have all of these things but you may not have it all at first (or at the same time!). Focus on the most important goal and then move to other goals once you’ve crushed the original one.

Focus on mastering one thing first and once you master than then focus on other things.

4. PUSH THROUGH those feelings

Even when you don’t feel like it, it’s important to push through.

It’s not easy especially on the days, you don’t feel like it or have no motivation (and perhaps your video didn’t perform well from the previous week).

It’s important to take these things at face value and continue to push through. Don’t take past failures personally. Don’t allow temporary feelings to control you.

Learn to push through feelings of unworthiness and complacency. One way I recommend this is reading books that help you overcome mental blocks. One of my favorites for this is Marie Forleo’s book, Everything is figureoutable.

Listen to this book FOR FREE when you sign up for Audible.


5. Rest… but don’t quit

As the great Aaliyah said, pick yourself up and try again.

Taking breaks are healthy. It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to reset. If you’re feeling unmotivated or in a slump, take a day off. One thing I like to do when I’m in a slump or feel unmotivated is to give myself a homemade facial. It lifts my spirits and one way I get to pamper myself and indulge in self-care.

Take time off and don’t feel bad for it. However, see your break as a break and not a reason to give up entirely.

Taking breaks are healthy. It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to reset.


6. Batch Content

On the days where I’m feeling motivated, I like to batch content and create as many YouTube videos as I can. There have been days when I was so motivated that I was able to record 3 videos.

Utilize the days when you feel motivated so on the days when you don’t feel motivated, it’s okay because you have content to rely on.

For me, I like to work at least 2 weeks in advance and always have 2 blog posts scheduled out in the future so if there’s a week when I’m low energy or sick, I have content already scheduled.

A great way to batch content is to have a content schedule or planner. Inside of my profitable passion bundle, I provide a FREE content planner you can use to plan out future content so you can stay consistent (and hence motivated).

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7. Write it down

I recommend writing down your WHY and placing it somewhere you will see every day such as on a wall, on your desk, or near a mirror. Speak it into existence every day.

Write it down, hang it up, and read it every day. Put it out into the universe. Manifest it. Remind yourself every day of your WHY!

Being consistent and committed is needed for continual success. You have everything you need to make your dreams come true if you just stick to it.

If you need some personal accountability and encouragement then head over to our private Facebook group, The Content Creator’s circle.

Here are a few of my tips to stay motivated as a content creator. What are some ways you stay focused and motivated so you avoid burnout as a content creator? I would love to know below!

In my next blog, I’m sharing7 ways to earn money from Youtube without adsense