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  • how to create consistent content for youtube

    I have been able to batch videos for my Business YouTube channel, stick to a schedule, send out weekly podcast, write emails, schedule out marketing content…. and all this was done WHILE I was out 3 weeks of the month so today, I’m sharing my content schedule and how I’ve been able to stay consistent. […]

  • Why your brand needs consistency

    Consistency is about much more than posting on social media all the time to tell your audience the the latest update on your business. It’s also about being recognized for who you are and what sets your brand apart from others. When your brand is not consistent, you risk confusing your audience and confused people […]

  • Should I start a podcast, YouTube channel or blog in 2020?

    So you’re ready to start being a content creator but perhaps you’re wondering which THING to actually create content on? You’ve heard podcasting is hot. You’ve heard YouTube was great. Perhaps, you’re being told blogging is where its at. So now you’re wondering… which one should you start? The thing is, is that I don’t […]

  • Six Types of Videos You Need For Your Business

    We can see you…. hear you… but videos? IT’S BOTH… and this is why video is such a game changer. Did you the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Forbes, 2018). You do now. C’mon would you prefer to read a 10 page guide on to assemble a table or […]


    Creating videos for *gasp* the entire world to see takes a level of confidence and if you don’t resemble the Cookie Monster on camera, your confidence will probably be higher, right???‍♀️ Here are 3 ways you can instantly look better on camera. No filters or makeup. 1. Utilize natural sunlight. Natural Sunlight is complimentary and […]

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