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  • How to start an easy vegetable garden when you don’t have a green thumb

    Can I tell you a secret about gardening?! It’s not just for people with a green thumb. You can start a garden that produces delicious fruits and veggies without spending all your money or time in the garden. You don’t even need a lot of space! Prior to purchasing my home, I had a small […]

  • Build your own Easy DIY Console Table for under $35

    Console tables are great for entryways, foyers, behind couches and underutilized spaces in a room. They can be pricey or you can be like me and build your own Easy DIY Console Table for under $35! Yup, that’s right… UNDER $35 (minus the tools!) I’m not a professional carpenter or furniture-maker so I don’t have […]

  • Tips to revamp your home on a budget

    Anyone else get bored with their home decor after a few months? While I don’t decorate my home for every holiday, I do like to revamp for different seasons and bring in different colors. Recently, I was getting VERY bored with my super glam gray living room and wanted to add some elements of black. […]

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    Declutter your home with these simple tips!

    No one likes a messy home, right?! Right?! Which is why I’m sharing 5 of my simple tips to declutter and organize your home! Watch the video here: Here are my simple tips: 1: Do a walk-through of your house with a trash bag in hand Place anything and everything that you don’t need anymore, […]

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