23 summer dresses that are super cute & comfy!

Who doesn’t love a dress?! They’re one less layer of clothing, cute, feminine, and can be super comfortable!

Dresses come in so many shapes, styles, and colors that no matter what your style is, you can find a dress that fits you! Here are 23 super cute, casual, and comfy dresses you can find on Amazon this season!

Cute casual summer dressers that are Amazon best-sellers


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women


Comfy dresses for women





In a rush?! A lot of these dresses are available with 2-day shipping through amazon prime! Not a member of Amazon prime? Click here to get free 30 days of prime!

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9 tips to thrift shop like a pro

This blog post was sponsored by Goodwill. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Who doesn’t like saving money? Who doesn’t like cute things?
If you answered yes, yes I do, to both of those things then I hope you like thrifting too because today, I’m sharing 9 tips to thrift shop like a pro!

Now, I know thrifting can be overwhelming (or even underwhelming) to some. I honestly use to hate going to thrift shops because it was just too much going through tons of tons of racks. Now? I like it (thanks to my mom -the thrifting queen!) and I’m hoping with these tips you can like it (or love it!) too.

Here are 9 tips to thrift shop like a pro:

Watch the video

1. Have an idea of what you’re looking for

I usually say, okay, I’m looking for home decor specifically a desk or a specifically a chair. Know if you’re coming in for sneakers or a vase. Have an open mind and idea of what you need. Come in with a strategy so you don’t get overwhelmed or buy up the store because everything is a deal

2. Location is everything

Know which stores have the best things. I know resale stores that tend to have great furniture, I know thrift stores that tend to have great paintings… knowing your locations and neighborhoods they reside in.
For example, if I’m looking for blazers, I’ll go to a neighborhood where that’s a lot of working class. If I’m looking for strollers, go to a thrift shop is a neighborhood that has a lot of families

3. Know your days

Know what day there are specials, what day donations come in when merchandise is put out, when certain go on sale. This will help you get the absolute best deal.

4. Go often

Thrift shops’ inventory goes fast, sometimes selling as soon as it’s put out so it’s important to go frequently ti thrift shops before all of the good stuff is gone. The more you go, the more good stuff you’ll find to take home!

5. Take advantage of thrift shops while traveling

Some of the best things I’ve found are from thrift shops I visited while traveling.

6. Check back racks and racks by the dressing room

Check places where most don’t to find treasures

7. Ask for a discount

If there is a defect, don’t be afraid to point it out and ask for a lower price. I’ve literally got items for pennies and even for free!

9 tips to thrift shop like a pro

8. Don’t take thrift shopping too seriously

HAVE FUN. Thrift shopping is a great activity to do with your friends, family or significant other. Make it a fun, inexpensive way to find unique items and save money.

9. Make friends with the employees

My mother is seriously besties with the employees at her thrift shops. She gets discounts, deals and they even set aside pieces they know she’s looking for!

How cute is this wicker tray I purchased at the Goodwill?!

Did you enjoy these 9 tips to thrift shop like a pro? What are some thrifting tips you have? Share below!

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How to look put together and polished quicky

9 tips to look put together and polished quickly

Have you ever made plans to go somewhere and then don’t feel like it later? ? You can’t cancel because it’s too late andddddddd did you also can’t show up looking like a bum. What’s a girl to do?! Today, I’m sharing some of my quick tips to look put together and polished quickly… Yup, even when you don’t feel like it!

Watch the YouTube video here

How to look put together when you feel anything but…

1. Keep the hair simple with protective hairstyles & 15 minute do’s

I love protective hairstyles such as passion twist because it’s literally a getup and go hairstyle which is super convenient on those days I want to be cute without touching my hair.

I also have a video on my 2 simple 15 minute hairstyles! You can watch that video here:

I love protective hairstyles because they’re low maintenance and help aid in hair growth. I currently on a journey to grow my hair and have been using techniques to grow my hair such as herbs.

2. Keep the face and makeup easy

My simple makeup routine includes 4 things: Brow pomade for brows, Mascara for lashes, Concealer for dark circles and a lip product to add some color to my face.

If I’m going to be photographed a lot, I’ll go ahead and add lashes and liner. It doesn’t take me over 5 minutes to do these two (practice def makes perfect because, in college, it easily took me foreverrrrrr to apply a strip of lashes to ONE eye! lol)

3. Dresses and jumpsuits are a great go-to

Who needs a shirt, pants and possibly a belt when you can simply throw on a dress or jumpsuit and be done with it?!
Instant cuteness.

4. Add a jacket to make it chic or chic casual

I love adding a blazer to a dress to make it look professional and polished or a denim jacket to a romper to make it casual! You can literally wear a blazer with your dress for work and then switch it up to a denim jacket after hours to make it everyday wear!

5. Invest in pieces that go with everything

I believe you should have at least 3 pair of shoes that will ultimately match anything: Black, tan and red denim.
When it comes to earrings, pearls and diamond studs also match pretty much everything. Keep it simple, sista.

I also recommend investing in some comfy heels like block heels and a few pairs of flats.

Here are my tips for looking like a snack when you would much prefer to be at home with snacks instead!

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Watch the YouTube video here

In my next blog, I’m sharing steps to do a full face of glam makeup!


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How to look put together and polished quicklyHow to look put together and polished quickly