How to make make money with digital products

People will pay for your expertise, experience, and education. A great way to monetize this is through digital products. Today, I’m sharing four profitable digital products to create and sell! The best part? Each digital product can be created in a single weekend!


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Digital products that you can make in one weekend!

1. How to create and sell E-Books online

E-Books were the first digital product I created and even today, 5 years later, it still serves as a source of passive income for me.

When creating an e-book you first want to start with an outline of what you want the book to be about. Know what problem this book will solve and who is the ideal audience for this book.

Once you have those questions answered and have an outline for the book then it’s time to do a brain dump. Write every single thing that you want in the book. Don’t worry about spelling, photos, formatting, or grammar yet. Just get the words out.

Once your book is complete then you want to arrange the content according to the outline of your book. You can spell-check and format your book or you can pay someone to do this on websites like Fiverr where you can hire professionals as low as $5/ per project or via Upwork.

If you just want to write the book and want someone else to do all the other tasks such as editing, book covers, and distribution, you can hire a publishing company.

You can also use those sites to hire someone to create your book cover or you can create one yourself (and for free!) using Canva. The great thing about Canva is they have book cover templates that are already created for you. You simply just have to customize them!

You can also purchase royalty-free images to use for your book cover via stock sites like Depositphotos and Pearl stock.

NOTE: When using pre-made templates from Canva, I HIGHLY recommend customizing them and changing the colors, photos, and fonts. These covers are available to anyone meaning your cover can look like 56,038 other book covers. Therefore, make sure you are customizing your book cover if you choose to make it yourself.

Once you have the book and cover done, save it as a pdf and sell it on Amazon (Kindle KDP).

The great thing about selling it on Amazon is that your audience can download the digital version and read via their tablet or phone. Amazon also gives the option to create a physical version for your book so you can sell to people regardless of their book format preference.

Another benefit of selling on Amazon is it makes it readily available since people just have to type in your name or the book name on Amazon or Google.

The con, of course, is that Amazon does charge you a percentage of each sale.

How to create and sell digital products

2. How to create and sell printable planners online

If you’re design-savvy then printables and printable planner inserts are a great digital product you can make money with!

Type of printables you can create and sell

  • Monthly Calendars
  • Home school planners
  • Student planners
  • Wall art quotes
  • Greeting cards
  • Coloring pages
  • Self-care planner
  • Word search and puzzle inserts
  • Weekly Planners
  • Daily Sheets
  • Wedding Planner
  • Blog Content Planner
  • Budget Planners
  • Meal Planners
  • Teacher planners
  • Fitness Trackers

This is just a select few of printables you can create and sell!

You can create these printables in design applications such as Indesign and even with Canva!

Once you have created your printables, you can sell them on websites like Etsy!

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how to create and sell templates online

3. How to create and sell templates online

I love templates and purchase them often because they allow me to save time creating documents!

With templates, I can simply plug and play eliminating all the guesswork needed!

A list of templates you can create and sell

  • Resumes
  • Sales scripts
  • Teaching templates
  • Invitations
  • Microsoft Excel templates
  • Holiday Cards
  • Announcement Cards
  • Bookkeeping template
  • Marketing Material

A great example of templates is my Influencer with Income toolkit. I have a media kit template that influencers can use as well as email templates so influencers can pitch to brands via email for paid sponsorships.

If you have scripts or templates that you use for something, you can sell those just like I do with my influencer with income toolkit!

Once you have created your templates, you can sell them on websites like Etsy!

Click here to get 40 FREE listings with Etsy!

4. How to create and sell a mini-series

You don’t have to spend 89,893 hours creating a course! You can create a mini-series sharing how to do something.

Here are a few examples of mini-series you can create:
– A mini-workout series sharing exercises to do on leg day
– A mini-series sharing how to take better photos of your phone
– A mini-series sharing how to use certain software, tool or equipment

The list is literally endless when it comes to mini-courses and mini-series! The great thing about these digital products is that it doesn’t take long to create since it’s a smaller course. Additionally, you can even make it an audio series!

There are a few ways you can create mini-series depending on how you want to deliver it.

You can record the mini-series via your phone and sell on websites such as Etsy or GumRoad
You can record and edit on video editing software such as Filmora Wondershare and sell on Teachable.

Teachable is one of the top platforms to sell and create courses. You can create web pages, add your content videos, allow your audience to register automatically in your course, and take payments all through the Teachable platform. You can even set-up payment plans!

Teachable is great if you want more a more robust but beginner-friendly way to sell and serve your course to your audience.

Here are 4 different and profitable digital products to create and sell!

Want to know some of my other favorite ways to make money online? Check out this post all about 30 easy ways you can make money on the side from home!


Did I give you any ideas on profitable digital products to create and sell online? If so, I would love to know below!


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If you’re ready to monetize your expertise then I highly recommend downloading my profitable passion bundle! It’s absolutely free and includes a planner, worksheets, printables, and my 5-step process to turn your idea into income! This is a great resource to reference to create and sell digital products.


3 awesome ways to monetize your blog (even if you’re just starting off!)

I truly believe that you can monetize your online presence at any stage. No matter if you have an audience of 500 or an audience of 500,000. Today, I’m sharing why you should have a blog and ways to monetize your blog regardless of the stage you’re in


Why should I even have a blog?

Why? Search power!

If someone searches “How to start a beauty business” most likely your Instagram post or podcast episode will not rank in search engines. HOWEVER, your blog can! Your blog post can rank and it can rank for years which means you’ll continue to get traffic to your website (do you hear that *ching ching* sound?)

YouTube is a great way to make money. However, if you’re relying on sponsorships and YouTube Ad Revenue it does take time and a few requirements to even be approved as a YouTube partner. On your personal blog, you don’t need any of that.

Should I have a blog if I’m a YouTuber, Podcaster or Instagram Influencer?

You CAN make money as an influencer and if you’re a blogger, you can set yourself up to create income on day one.

If you’re starting off on YouTube, Podcast or Instagram, I say combine that with a blog!

You can have your podcast or YouTube video transcribed for as low as $1.50 a minute which means your audio is put it into written word for you! You can take that transcription and create a blog post with it!


If you’re an Instagram influencer, take your content and elaborate with a blog post. This helps to build your audience on your OWN platform and when you are negotiating sponsorships, you can bundle a blog post + social media post together! Brands tend to love blogs because of the long life span and search engine power!


3 awesome ways to monetize your blog at any stage:

1. Affiliate Income

It doesn’t matter if your blog is about fashion, natural hair or keto meals, you can include affiliate links such as Amazon Associates in your posts.

If you’re a fashion blogger, you can buy clothes on Amazon and then link those clothes on your IG stories.
If you’re a tech blogger, you can share reviews with the product links to your post. Affiliate income, in my opinion, is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog.

Amazon associates are one of the biggest affiliate programs but you can also use sites like , Magiclinks, Reward Style, and Shareasale.

A lot of websites and apps even offer affiliate programs these days! I’ve made hundreds of dollars referring people to eBates, Siteground, honey, and Dosh. I use these apps often so why not earn a little money when you’re recommending a product you already love?

When someone buys the product or service you recommended on your blog, you earn a percentage. The great thing about Amazon Associates is that you earn on the total purchase, not just what someone clicks on from your link. So if someone buys a lipstick you recommended on your blog, but also has mascara, a pair of shoes, and a phone charger in their cart, you’ll earn a percentage on all those items!

The great thing about affiliate links is you don’t need thousands of people coming to your blog in order to earn money nor do you have to spend any money to do it! You really only need one person to click your affiliate link and purchase something to make income with affiliate programs!


2. Ad Revenue

Yes, you can install ads on your site via Google Adsense at any time. However, if you don’t have substantial web traffic then you won’t make much from ad revenue (literally pennies).

However, I think once you’ve got a good rhythm of blogging and have established a readership, you can add-in ads to your blogs. As you’ve noticed, I have a few ads on my blog and earn income each month with AdSense on my blog.

Just be careful not to overdo it. If your blog is full of ads, it takes away from the design of the blog and may deter readers away.


3. Sponsorships

You can secure collaborations with brands for paid and gifted campaigns.

Gifted campaigns mean you receive the product with no additional compensation and if you have a small audience, don’t be afraid to participate in gifted sponsorships.

If you had bought something anyway, and you are able to get it for free, I personally think you are monetizing by saving money!

Additionally, you CAN sell the items from your sponsorship! As a beauty influencer, I would receive so many cosmetics since I was on a lot of beauty brand’s PR List. Often times I would receive shades that I would never wear (such as a pastel pink or a super-light color foundation). I would either donate items or sell them. Think outside the box when it comes to ways to monetize your blog.

If you’re gifted shoes and clothing, sell on sites like Poshmark, Facebook and eBay. If you receive a ton of products from a gifted sponsorship that you won’t use or need, sell them and make a little money from it.

So here are 3 awesome ways to monetize your blog (even if you’re just starting off!). When it comes to blogging, are you a newbie or have you been in the blogging game awhile? Let me know below!

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=3 awesome ways to monetize your blog

5 awesome websites to find brands to work with

If you’re new to the influencing world, you’re probably wondering how to find brands to work with as a youtuber or blogger. If you’re looking for tips on how to work with brands, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’ve been at this for years or days, I want to share my top 5 favorite networks to find brands to work and secure sponsorship opportunities! Some of us are about our money (no shame… because that’s me!) and these are my favorite places to go to get PAID!

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1. Aspire IQ (Formerly Revfluence):

Aspire IQ is one of my favorite influencer marketing platforms! It’s easy to use, and they take into consideration ALL of your platforms (not just Instagram…. or YouTube… or your blog).

They give you a “suggested” rate for your engagement and following on the platform, but you can choose however high or low you want to go which means you get to negotiate!


One of my biggest paid sponsorships came from They offer paid collaborations and you can also negotiate with brands on the platform.

3. Brandbacker

I know a lot of bloggers who have had a lot of success with Brandbacker. The great thing about this platform is there are a lot of brands you may not have even considered. There are free campaigns as well as paid and campaigns are not restricted to US only.

4. Tapinfluence

Tapinfluence has raised over $8.3M to date for influencer marketing so it’s definitely a platform to consider. If you’re looking to work with bigger brands with bigger budgets, I recommend looking into tap influence. I’ve secured 4 figure deals from brands through the platform.


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5. Famebit

Famebit is one of the first platforms I joined as a YouTuber. You can negotiate with brands and search through different opportunities. They have expanded into other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Tumblr. There are a lot of campaigns in specific categories and I’ve had great luck securing sponsorships on the platform.


HONORABLE MENTION: In-person (and events)

Seriously! Attend influencer and social events like create & cultivate where you’ll be able to meet with brands directly. Go to local events in your area where you can mingle with local business owners!

This is a GREAT way to find sponsorships because you’re able to directly connect with the person and build a rapport. I recommend having business cards that address you’re a blogger/influencer and letting people know that’s what you do!

I have a friend who scored an awesome sponsorship with a local restaurant after striking up a conversation with the owner at an event. This led to over a $1000 brand deal (and she had less than a 1000 followers!).

Don’t be afraid to meet people IRL (In Real Life)! Yes, influencer network websites are awesome but in-person is absolutely one of the best ways to find brands to work with as an influencer.


If you’re interested in working with brands as a YouTuber, I create a mega bundle full of scripts I use to pitch to brands and secure thousands of dollars in brand sponsorships! Additionally, this bundle includes a media kit template, modules to help you negotiate, what to charge, and MORE! Learn more about my Work with brands bundle here

>In my next blog post, I’m sharing 7 tips to email pitch to brands.

How to negotiate MORE money working with brands

Today, I’m sharing 5 different things you can negotiate and make money working with brands. If you’re a content creator (ie: YouTuber, influencer and/or blogger), don’t be scared to offer more when working with brands! It could potentially increase the amount of money you make!

1. Bundle it up

Instead of just offering an Instagram post… offer to bundle it with an Instagram story too. Instead of just a YouTube video also offer to include a blog post with the video. By offering other formats and other social media platforms, you can negotiate a higher rate!⁣

This is also why it’s super important to grow more than one platform (preferably a blog or podcast -something you own!) because if you put all of your eggs into one basket and something happens (Instagram deletes your account) then you’re back at grown zero.


2. Change the duration of the campaign

Instead of just one Instagram post, offer a package where they get 3 Instagram post over the course of 3 months. ⁣

By negotiating a longer duration of the campaign, you can increase the amount of money you earn with the campaign too!


3. Negotiate Photo rights

You own the rights to your videos and photos (or your photographer). Offer the brand full rights to your photos at an additional price, so they can use your photos for their marketing campaign. ⁣This is a great way to make money working with brands and increase your rates!


4. Exclusivity

Working with a hair brand? Offer exclusivity (ie: you won’t work with any other hair brands or competitors for the next 2 months. You’ll only work with them and advertise their products). Just be sure you give a specific date for when the exclusivity expires.


5. Referral links

A referral link is a link that is given out to you to participate in their referral program and earn affiliate income. Every time you promote that brand’s product or service and you generate a sale for the company (through the referral link or code), you get paid.

When negotiating with the brand, can they offer you a promo code and when one of your followers use it, you get a percentage of that sale (affiliate income). This is a great way to make $$ with it!⁣

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If you’re interested in working with brands as a YouTuber or blogger, I create a mega bundle full of scripts I use to pitch to brands and secure thousands of dollars in brand sponsorships! Additionally, this bundle includes a media kit template, modules to help you negotiate, what to charge, and MORE! Learn more about my Work with brands bundle here


In my next blog post, I’m sharing The secret sauce to become a social media influencer: 6 awesome tips!


Here are 7 tips to email pitch to brands so you can have #sponsored content

So you’re ready to work with brands and create sponsored content?! *Gives you a high-five*

…BUT Before you send out a mass email to every brand, and they momma’ that you want to work with, there are a few things you should include when you’re trying to pitch to brands. I’m sharing six must-haves.


1. Provide Your Name

Starting off your email with “To whom it may concern” will generally land your email in the trash bin. Address the person by name who you’re writing to.

You can usually find out who to address your email to by doing a quick LinkedIn search. I like to look up the brand + influencer marketing and see who works within that field. It’s a great place to start off when trying to find contacts within a brand to pitch to.


2. Introduce yourself

Who are you? Seriously?!
Introduce who are you and what you do briefly.

ie: I’m Breonna, a Tampa-based lifestyle blogger.

ie: I’m Breonna, a beauty YouTuber.

3. Link to ALL profiles where you have an audience

So you have 8,000 followers on Instagram? Awesome! Where’s the link?

Don’t make people chase after you and hunt down your social media accounts. Be sure to link ALL of your social media accounts in your email.

4. Provide Your collab idea

You love ELF’s new aqua lipstick? Coo, coo. Who doesn’t?
Give the brand a brief idea on how you’re going to use it

ie: I am creating a beach-friendly makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel and would love to feature your new Aqua lipstick in the video!

5. Add your  stats

Brands actually do care about your stats and if you have a larger audience than you def want to include them.

ie: My YouTube audience of over 45,000 loves content focused around simple beauty and everyday looks.

6. Provide a short and sweet paragraph of why you’re interested in the company

Don’t overdo it with this one, girl.

Tell why you want to work with the brand. Butter them up a little and make it personalized.

ie: I love the ELF mineral black eyeliner and use it often in my makeup tutorials. The quality is amazing which is why I’m super excited about the launch of the new ELF aqua lipstick!

Want to know the exact scripts I use to pitch to brands and land 4 figure sponsorships? Get that plus a ton more inside my Influencer starter bundle.


Do’s & Don’ts


  • Address the person by name in the email to make it personal
  • Have a catchy subject line
  • Follow-up if you don’t have a response for the first time. Brands get busy too!


  • Send out the same email to everyone with a generic email. Personalize it!
  • Have grammatical errors. yOu aRE a pRofESSinaw.
  • Be rude
  • Commit to things you know you can’t deliver 

In my next blog post, I’m sharing 5 awesome websites to find brands to work


How much do I spend on my blog, youtube channel & business?

Being a content creator can be lucrative and compared to other businesses such as ones that require a brick and mortar, you can have massive profit margins.

However, being a content creator (blogger, youtuber, and/or influencer) does require some cost and I believe that as your elevate your brand so will the amount you spend. One of my goals this year is to post consistently on my blog, YouTube channel and social medias.

I’m leveling up my content, investing in a team, elevating my brand and putting some respeck’ on my name as a digital creator… and guess what? Most of those things cost.

So how much do I exactly spend as a content creator?

I’ve broken up my expenses into categories. Some of these I pay monthly and some I pay yearly. This doesn’t include things like office supplies or conferences. These are strictly expenses I can expect to pay each month and/or year. Obviously, you don’t have to use any of these things but I wanted to share exactly what I use and pay for to keep going….

Organization & planning:

1. Google Drive: $20/yr
I use Google Drive to house most of my documents and photos. I love Google drive because no matter where I’m at or the device I’m on, I have access to all of my things. I

Social Media Assistance:

1. Tailwind: $105/yr – I use tailwind to help me with Pinterest. I don’t have the time to pin 3-4 times day each day. With Tailwind, I take a few hours out of the month and schedule all of my pins! I’ve been using Tailwind for a little over a month now and my Pinterest monthly views have DOUBLED! Click here to signup for Tailwind and you get $15 off!
2. Planoly: $7/month – I use planoly to not only schedule out my instagram post but also my stories! I like planoly because they get you the best times to post, extended analytics and you can automatically post your hashtags as a comment for your new post!
3. Tubebuddy-: $16/month
Tubebuddy is a free web browser extension that integrates directly with YouTube’s site and helps you to optimize your channel better. I pay for the extended version so I can really look into keywords and SEO for my YouTube channel. I highly recommend TubeBuddy and I use it a few times out of the week!
4. MailerLite: $84/year –
I’ve used a few email providers and I always go back to Mailerlite because it’s easy and simple. Your first 1,000 subscribers is free and you get access to everything! You only pay once your grow past that 1000, which is why I pay. Click here to get a $20 credit when you sign-up for mailerlite!


1. Google Analytics: free
This what I use to look at my blog analytics such as page views, average time on site, unique visitors and monthly visitors
5. YouTube Analytics: free
This what I use to look at my YouTube analytics

Graphics & video:

1. Lightroom & Photoshop: $100/yr
I use adobe lightroom to help edit my photos. Photoshop was also included in the bundle.
2. Canva: free
I use canva to create my YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest pins and other graphics
3. Final cut pro: $300/ one time free
I use final cut pro to edit all of my YouTube videos. I use to use imovie which was free on my Mac and eventually upgraded to Filmora Wondershare which I highly recommend for beginners who want cute videos that are easy to create!

Money & Budgeting:

1. Quickbooks: $12/month
I use Quickbooks to help me manage my money, expenses and taxes.
I use to use wave apps which is similar and free. However, I prefer Quickbooks because it gives me expected taxes to pay quarterly, syncs with Turbotax and a few other programs I use.


I believe you should never stop learning! While I invest events, conferences and seminars, I have not included those things because the events I attend truly depend on my needs and what’s being held. I do not have a set amount for events I attend

1. LinkedIn Learning: free
LinkedIn Learning is $29.99 a month. However, I get it for free since I have a library card! I enjoy watching different courses on different things such as how to use Final cut pro better!
2. Skillshare: $100/yr
Skillshare is similiar to LinkedIn Learning as you have access to an abundance of coures.
Click here for 2 free months of skillshare!
3. Kindle Unlimited: $9.99/month
Yall, I LOVE Kindle unlimited lol. I’ve had it since 2016 and use it often for downloading cookbooks and quick reads.
Click here for your first month of Kindle Unlimited for FREE.
4. Scribed

Hosting & Domain Name:

1. Siteground: $6/month
Prior to siteground, I had all the website hosting including godaddy, hostgator, fatcow and bluehost. They all were just okay.

… then I got siteground and the game changed. With siteground, my website is faster, it backs up everyday, customer service is better, I have unlimited emails and can add unlimited websites to my hosting. I highly recommend siteground.


1. Photographer : $900/yr
I have a package with my photographer where I take photos ever quarter. I do plan to increase my sessions to every 6 weeks but right now, I just do every quarter and in-between I use my own camera!

So in total, how much should I expect to spend each year?
About $2,221.00/year not including things like conferences, office supplies, photoshoot props, running ads, traveling or meals.

This may seem like a lot to some but compared to other traditional businesses, this is relatively low! You don’t have to use all of the things or any of things I use and often times, most of the above software offers trials and free plans!

I choose to invest in my business because I know it’s worth it and I’ve made a return on my investment every year.



7 ways to make money as a blogger

There are so many ways I’ve made money leveraging my influence and even months when I had no sponsorships and fell completely off the social map, I’ve still been able to earn $1000 in passive income for the month.

So today, I’m sharing my top seven ways you can earn money as a blogger using your influence.


7 ways to become a paid content creator

1. Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is basically when you earn a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s product. When I was creating beauty tutorials, I obviously used a lot of beauty products. I leveraged that by adding affiliate links to my tutorials. A viewer watching my tutorial may love the lipstick I’m wearing and when they click the link and purchase the lipstick, I earned a small commission.

The great thing about affiliate programs is that you don’t need a large following to start. My top 4 favorite affiliate programs for bloggers: Amazon associates, Magiclinks, Reward Style, and Shareasale,

The majority of affiliate programs are free to join and if you already love the product and rave about it, why not earn a commission from it?

Affiliate income is one of the easiest ways to become a paid blogger because anyone can add affiliate links to their blog regardless if they’re new to blogging or been at it for a while.

2. Digital Products

In 2015, I wrote my first book… then I wrote another book…. then I wrote another book.
Five years later and I STILL earn revenue from book sales. Here’s the thing, if you have a skill then you have a way to make money because there’s always someone who is looking to learn that skill. For example, if you’re good at hair then there’s always someone who will want to learn how to become better at doing hair. If you’re great at pivot tables in excel, there’s always someone looking to become better at pivot tables in excel. You can leverage this by creating digital products such as books, courses, templates, and guides sharing your knowledge and expertise!

Some examples include:

  • Creating a course on beginning cooking basics.
  • Writing a book on how to flirt
  • Creating a template for those who want to be better at pivot tables in excel.
  • Creating a cheat sheet guide for photographers who want to learn different camera settings.

    Turn your skill into a digital product.

Digital products are one of the best ways to become a paid influencer because you can control how you make money.

With digital products, you simply create them one time and then continue to promote them each month. Once you have an established audience who sees you as the expert, I definitely recommend creating a digital product to help your audience even more.

I’ve been a digital marketer for over a decade now. I know video creation inside and out so it made sense to create a product to help new YouTubers become better on video.

Additionally, I’ve pitched and worked with huge (and small brands). I know a lot about being an influencer so creating a product that shares my exact methods of obtaining paid sponsorships was a no-brainer when it came to creating digital products.

Share what you know and create digital products centered around HOW to do.

Websites you can use to leverage your digital product
Where to publish your book: Simply write your book in word and submit on KDP for publishing your book on amazon
Where to publish your course: Teachable
Where to create your digital product: Canva and/or Adobe Spark
Where to sell your digital downloads: Etsy

The great thing about the recommendations above is none of these even require a website domain! *woot* *woot*

Click here for 4 types of digital products you can create in a single weekend!

3. Ad Revenue

I make money every single month on YouTube and my blog… even on the months, I don’t publish. I have enough evergreen content that I get still views on old videos and old blog posts.

On my beauty blog, you’ll notice I have ads. These ads also earn me money. I was approved for an ad network that pays better than Google Adsense and allows me to make money from display ads.

If you’re a brand new blogger, I recommend looking into Google Adsense to place ads on your site. Once you hit 10,000 page views, I recommend Ezoic since it will have a higher payment. Once you hit 20,000 pageviews, I recommend SheMedia (which is what I currently use) for even higher payouts.


4. Events

Last year I hosted my very first event in the area. It was a lot of work but I made a nice chunk of change and I got to connect with other women in the area! If you’re a local influencer, you may be able to leverage your connections to host a practically free event. You can collaborate with a venue, get food, and goodie bag sponsorships from local businesses and you can market on your platform to your audience!

Here are a few events you can throw:
– Vision board party
– Networking event
– Paint party
– Fitness event (ie: Yoga in the park)
– Educational class (such as a beauty event where you show attendees how to do their makeup or a photography class where you show attendees how to take better photos!)

If most of your audience is local, I think hosting or being a part of events is one of the best non-conventional ways to become a paid influencer.

Also, don’t sleep on virtual events! You can charge for virtual fitness events, paint parties, and makeup classes!


5. Physical products

In 2015, I launched my own cosmetics line called Queenie Chic. It did really well and the profit from my lipstick line really helped when it was time for me to purchase a home.

I closed down my beauty line in 2019 (I wanted to focus on other things) but I’m not going to lie… I miss it!! I do plan to launch a different product line in the future because products are such a great way to earn money!

The easiest products you can sell in my personal opinion is private labeling, dropshipping and print on demand.

I recommend the product you sell being within or similar to your niche. For example, I had a lipstick line because I was a beauty influencer. It was easy to create a beauty look and finish off with my lipstick. It made marketing easy.
How difficult would it be to sell lipsticks to my audience if I was a gaming influencer?

6. Sponsorships

I feel like this one is pretty obvious but it’s also pretty substantial. You can get paid to promote products and services through brand deals.

Use influencer marketing platforms and don’t be afraid to pitch to companies. If you’re a new influencer then I recommend starting off local. Reach out to local businesses and restaurants for brand deals. Don’t be afraid to accept free. Free can lead to paid.

Once your audience hits 1000, I absolutely think you can get paid sponsorships. I also think its a good time to start pitching to brands via email.

You can work with brands and get paid to post. If you’re new, you may have to take some free sponsorships but you can also find ways to get paid from free sponsorships as well. I share more on that in this blog post.

If you’re interested in working with brands and getting paid, I have a toolkit that includes plug and play templates you can use to pitch to brands, a media kit that’s fully customizable in Canva, videos to help you determine your rate PLUS more! You can learn all about this exclusive bundle here.

In my opinion, sponsorships are one of the best ways to become a paid blogger because you can secure 4 and 5 figure deals!


7. Services

The whole reason I fell into being a content creator is because I was a marketing consultant and had a client who wanted to get into YouTube! Today, I still sell my services (although I’m moving away from being a service provider as my brand grows).

If you’re a business blogger, offer business coaching! If you’re a fitness blogger, offer online personal coaching. Selling services does not require a large audience and you can make a lot of money depending on your pricing.

You can even do group coaching where a group of people pays you each month to be apart of a community! I’ve joined group coaching programs to become a better content creator, to advertise better, and to even sell better!

Providing a service is one of the most profitable ways to become a paid blogger especially if you’re a small blogger because you don’t need a large audience. For example, if you’re a wellness coach who charges $3,500 for your coaching package, you only need 3 people to join your program to hit $10,000 month!


Here are seven ways I made money as a blogger! It doesn’t matter if you have a small audience or a large audience, you CAN monetize your blog!

In my next post, I’m sharing ways to work with brands and make money.