22 ways to style blonde hair on dark skin

Who says brown girls can’t go blonde? Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of going blonde but unsure if the golden hue will look right against your brown skin. Don’t worry sis, I got you!

Today, I’m sharing how to pick the right blonde for your dark skin, different blonde hairstyles to try for black women, and my tips for being a blonde bombshell.

If you are just starting off with going blonde, I highly recommend trying out temporary hairstyles such as blonde box braids, blonde wigs, and blonde extensions. That way, you can figure out what colors you like best without the pressure of it being permanent.

Additionally, there is a variety of different blonde hair color shades which means there’s at least one that will flatter you. Here are a few popular blonde colors and ways to style blonde hair on brown skin.

Platinum Blonde Hair On Dark Skin

Platinum blonde hair looks gorgeous on cool skin tones because of it’s icy white tint. If you’re warmer undertone, try a platinum blonde with more of a yellowish tint.

@yvonnevictoria | Similar wig

@ | Similar Wig

@chloekitembo | Similar Hair

@africancreature | Similar wig

@nymatang | Similar hair


Ash (or Ashy) blonde hair on Dark Skin

Ash-blonde hair has a gray tint to it (get it… because ash is gray?). Additionally, it tends to look great on most skin tones.

@OhhThatsMo | Similar Wig

@IvyLeagueStyles | Similar wig + Hair dye

@dsoarhair | Similar hair

@ | Similar hair dye

Golden/ Honey blonde hair on dark skin

Golden hair color is the go-to for warmer skin tones (think Beyonce) and looks great on an array of skin tones. Additionally, honey blonde looks great as a highlight or ombred.

@likea808_ | Similar Hair dye

@kaisercoby | Similar hair

@iambsounique1 | Similar hair

@ | Similar Hair

@agummakuch | Similar Hair

@Tarajiphenson | Similar Hair

Beach Blonde on dark skin

Beach blonde hair gets its name from just that; hair that looks blonde because you spent too much time in the sun. The great thing about beach blonde is it can be adjusted to going warmer, cooler, lighter, or darker.

@JackieAina | Similar hair

@taliquindio | Similar Hair

@maryjbrooklynn | Similar hair

@Remymay | Similar Hair

Natural Blonde hair on dark skin

No fancy names here. Natural blonde is straight-up blonde without the extra bells and whistles.

@gigiperucke | Similar hair

@queentoide | Similar hair

@kehinde_smith | Similar hair


How to choose a blonde hair color for black women

Not every blonde shade will look right on you. The key is choosing a blonde hair color that looks flattering for your undertone. For example, a honey blonde is a warm color and looks best on warmer skin tones (think: Beyonce). Whereas a platinum blonde is more of a cool tone and will look best on cool skin tones (think Justin Skye).

How can you tell your undertone?

Here are a few questions to help you determine your undertone:
Do you look better in gold jewelry? You’re probably warm tone
Do you look better in silver jewelry? You’re probably a cool tone
If you look killer in both, you may be more neutral.

Tips for going blonde as a black women

Start off going slow

When starting off blonde, it’s best to go slow such as highlights or ombre the hair instead of all over color which can strip and damage your hair.

While it’s not required for you to go dark roots when going blonde, it tends to be easier maintenance since you will not need as many touchups as your hair grows.

Conditoner is your bestie

Make sure you are deep conditioning your hair since bleaching tends to dry out hair. Additionally, you will want to use products specifically created for color-treated hair. Here are a few top-rated products on Amazon:

Mielle babassu line is safe for color-treated hair, organic and sulfrate-free.

Sunny Isle products are great for African American hair that has been color-treated and is also sulfate-free.

Blondes have fun

Whether you’re rocking blonde bone straight hair, blonde box braids, or a classy blonde bob, have fun with it! The great thing about hair is its a reflection of us and can even be a reflection of our current mood (I’m known to switch up wigs depending on my current mood!)

As a blonde, give yourself permission to have fun!

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11 Crochet hairstyles for women with round faces


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22 ways to style blonde hair on dark skin
22 ways to style blonde hair on dark skin

11 Crochet hair styles for round faces that are trendy & cute!

Crochet hairstyles are an easy protective hairstyle that’s cute, fun, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You can rock them short, long, braid styles, kinky curly style, and everything in-between! Crochet hairstyles truly are versatile, and with the right cut and style, you can look like a million bucks.

If you have a rounder face, you know that finding flattering hairstyles can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have fuller chubby cheeks. Here are some trendy crochet hair styles for round faces.

Do you have a round face?

Here are a few ways to determine if you have a round face:
1. Your facial features are soft with no sharp angles
2. Your chin is rounded
3. The length and width of your face are around the same size.
4. Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face

How to find crochet hairstyles that flatter your face

1. Avoid super sleek hairstyles with no shape as this can add emphasis to your round face
2. It’s better to go up and then out. Choose crochet hairstyles that have the volume on the top and not just on the sides as this can make your face look even wider
3. Avoid bangs straight across and opt for bangs cut at an angle or swept to the side.

The best crochet hairstyles for round faces

1. Volumious curls

Watch this Youtube tutorial by LivingFearless
If you love crochet hairstyles that look like natural hair, be sure to cut/layer your cuts so they frame your face. These soft curls help add volume.

2. Shoulder length crochet Goddess Locs

Watch this Youtube tutorial by Kendra Kenshay
These gorgeous faux locs add shape and texture to the face. Because the faux locs sweep the shoulder, it helps add some extra oomph to the medium length crochet faux locs.

3. Short braided asymetrical bob

This asmemtrical braided bob helps to narrow a wider face since the hair is at an angle.

4. Goddess locs bob

Bob faux locs are a flattering option for a round face because they narrow the face by balancing out the upper part of your face which creates a thinner face.

5. Crocheted soft curls

Source: @vanitybydanit
This crochet hairstyle features choppy layers and soft curls. Because the hair is below the shoulders, it also helps elongate round-shaped faces.

6. Beach wave faux locs

Source: @idlelocs
The great thing about crochet faux locs is you can wear them straight, curly, wavy and everything inbetween! These faux looks would amazing on rounder faces since the waves add deminsion to the look.

7. Crochet Asymmetric faux locs bob

Go one step further with your crochet faux locs by adding a asymmetric cut to it!

8. Long messy crochet faux locs

Crochet hair styles for round faces
Watch the tutorial by Breonna Queen
The key to wearing long hair with round faces is to ensure it’s not super sleek (which can add emphasis to a round face shape). These long faux locs help define and and highlight the face because the faux locs have texture and shape.

9. Pineapple passion twist

crochet hairstyles for black hair
Sourse: Breonna Queen
Who says a crocheted ponytail can’t be a versatile face-slimming hairstyle?

10. High top curls

Source: @vanitybydanit
You can elongate the face with short hair, however, the key is to go up with the hair and not out. With short crochet hairstyles focus on adding volume to the top. Dani T. Because the volume is up top, it’s a great way to shape the face.

11. Waist length crochet faux locs

Source: imyourdestinny
Looking for a nice crochet hairstyle for vacation that serve as a protective hairstyle too? This waist length goddess locs will flatter a round face while creating a face-framing silhouette.

If you’re crocheting your hair yourself, don’t forget a crochet needle, and if you’re crocheting faux locs or braids, don’t be afraid to add in extra accessories like beads and ribbons for that added sparkle!

So here are a few crochet hairstyles for round faces that will frame your face. See a hairstyle you like? Let me know below!

How to do crochet hairstyles on yourself

I’m sharing how I do individual and crochet when I do my own faux locs! Watch the tutorial below!

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11 Crochet hair styles for round faces that are trendy & cute!

crochet hairstyles for black women crochet hairstyles for black hair

I tried brow lamination. Here’s what happened.

This blog post was sponsored by Arts of attraction LLC. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock because I knew absolutely nothing about brow lamination before this month. Today, I’m sharing all about these coveted feather brows so you no longer have to sit on the cold bathroom countertop tweezing and waxing your super curly brows… only to fill them back in every single day.

Ugh, as if (ever again).

If you’ve been wondering what brow lamination is, the process, the aftercare or just my honest review then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get to it.

Brow Lamination: What is it, the process, the aftercare & the results

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination also known as feather brows is a technique that helps correct eyebrow hairs growing in different directions. It can create the illusion of almost double the amount of hair.

It’s a needle-free alternative to microblading. It’s basically a perm for your brows (without the harsh chemicals!) that tames unruly hairs and sets them in place for that trendy fluffy just-combed look.

My brow lamination experience

I’m sharing my brow lamination process which I received from Arts of Attraction located in St. Petersburg Florida. My service was performed by licensed tattoo artist and esthetician, Natalie Sue.

While Arts of Attraction is a full beauty and brow lounge offering everything from facials, eyelash extensions, and tattoo removal; they are known for creating killer brows and one of the first in the united states to offer brow lamination.

Here is my before of my brows:

As you can see, there’s a party at the beginning of my brows (thick) and non-existent towards the tail end of my brows.

Preparing for a brow lamination

When preparing for brow lamination, you want to make sure you don’t remove any hair or shape within 2 weeks. This will allow your brow tech to shape and remove any unwanted brow hair.

Additionally, you will not be able to get your brows wet for 24 hours after brow lamination as this can interfere with the bond so I recommend keeping your makeup minimal the day of.

The first step of brow laminating is the esthetician brushing your brows in the desired direction. Natalie used brow adhesive to secure my eyebrow hairs in an upward direction.
process of brow lamination

After brushing and separating my brows, a layer of cream is applied. This is essentially the perming portion. She then wrapped it.

I tried brow lamination. Here's what happened.

The great thing about brow lamination is you get the thickness without having to take that microblading plunge. Additionally, microblading can last 4-6 weeks but only takes a hour-90 minutes for a full service!

Next up, is the setting solution which was a bright blue color. Again, Natalie applied this solution, wrapped in plastic, and allowed it to sit for 20 minutes.

After the setting solution is wiped off, Natalie waxes my brows to get rid of any sparse hairs. At Arts of Attraction, wax is included with the feather brows.

I had an about an average tolerance to pain. I was extremely surprised that I barely felt my eyebrows being waxed.

I remember back in the day getting my brows waxed to oblivion. Oh, the sharpening pain I would experience as the cosmetologist would snatch the wax off my skin. However, this eyebrow wax experience was extremely painless for me and writing this, I’m still kind of shocked about it.

Look how beautiful my brows look from the brow lamination! However, I wanted even more volume and opted for the henna too!

What is eyebrow henna?

Henna Eyebrow is the process of filling in the gaps of your existing eyebrows and creates a fuller brow. It’s basically eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin under your brow hairs.

While this is great for those who want fuller brows, it’s not recommended for those with little to no eyebrows as henna works best along with your real natural brow hairs.

The purpose of henna eyebrows is to create an illusion of depth and fullness by visually filling in any sparseness.

This process was extremely easy and pretty quick. A paste is applied through the shape of your eyebrows and allowed to soak into the skin for about 15 minutes.

When it comes to my brows, I usually fill them in with makeup myself. My brows are usually normal; not too thin or super thick. I opted for fulled brows with the brow lamination + henna and I’m sooooo happy I did!

Here are the results after getting my brows laminated + henna

I LOVED the results of my brow lamination by Arts of Attraction . Eyebrows frame your face and after getting my brows done, I felt I looked younger and more wide-eyed. I’m a fan of thick feathery eyebrows and brow lamination is perfect for that polished feathered brow look thats still natural-looking.

Eyebrows frame your face


Aftercare brow lamination is relatively simple with the most important step being not to get your eyebrows wet for at least 24 hours.

At night, I cleaned my face with toner and made sure to avoid my brow area. Additionally, you want to avoid touching your brows (To prevent transferring oils from your fingers) as well as any harsh exfoliators to the area for a few days after.

Before and After of brow lamination + Henna

Final throughts

Brow lamination is a pretty easy and fast process that’s painless with great results.

If you’re looking for a way to have thicker brows with the needles, money, or commitment of micro-needling then I think brow lamination is a great option to consider.

If you’re in the Tampa, FL area, I recommend Arts of attraction. My experience was pleasant, the studio is super clean and they’re truly brow geniuses with a wealth of experience and information to help you achieve the dream brows you never knew was possible!

You can learn more about their services offered as well as book your appointment clicking here

How to do a home facial for glowing skin

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars (or even leave the house) for a spa-like facial. Since most of us are stuck safe at home, I figured what better time to share how you can get glowing skin in six easy steps. As a skincare fanatic, you can do your own facial easily and inexpensively (I do all the time!)! So let’s get into these at home facial steps for glowing skin!

Watch the video: Step by step spa-level facial



The first step to an at home facial is thoroughly cleaning your skin. You want to wash your face with a simple cleanser that will remove dirt, gunk, and makeup.

I like to use Simple Fash wash since it’s gentle, extremely refreshing and great for sensitive skin. However, apply any cleaner of your choice.

I find that wetting your skin prior to applying your cleanser will help it lather up better and be easier to apply across your skin. You’ll want to take a dime-size amount and apply it to your face using small circular motions, ensuring that you’re covering your entire face. Massage the cleanser into your skin for an extra spa-like level.

Once your face is covered, rinse off with warm water and pat your face dry with a paper towel. Regular towels can be full of bacteria so I prefer to try my face with an eco-friendly paper towel. Be sure to lightly pat your face instead of rubbing or wiping your face which can tug at your skin.

step by step at home facial for skin


What are some benefits of steaming your skin? It gives your pores a deep clean, removes toxins, enhances circulation and helps other products work better (which thus saves you money!).

You can purchase a steamer such as this one (a top seller on Amazon) or you steam your face at home in the shower or with a bowl!

To steam for that at home facial, you want to bring a small pot of water to boil (no more than 4 cups). Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat.

From here, you can add some tea bags or flowers to the water. It’s best to use loose-leaf tea, but tea bags work perfectly fine as well. One of my favorite teas to steam my face with is Chamomile Flowers Herbal Tea.

Check out this blog post for some DIY Facial steam recipes!

Place your water inside a bowl and allow it to cool for about a minute (you don’t want it so hot that it burns your face!) Now drape a towel over your head to help direct the steam. Place your face about 12 inches away from the steam.

I recommend steaming your face for a minute or two and then taking a 1-minute break for a few minutes. You can repeat this process as much as you want. You should feel like your face is sweating a little. This means its working!

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How to do your own facial at home


Exfoliating is one of my FAVORITEEEEEE things to do because it helps to get rid of dead and dull skin cells revealing beautiful skin!

You can make your own DIY facial scrub using simple ingreidents like baking soda and honey or sugar and cocoabut oil.

When I’m not using my own DIY facial scrub, I like to use NeedCrystals Microdermabrasion Crystals. What’s the difference? Microdermabrasion scrubs use aluminum oxide crystals to scrub away dead skin which is a much finer crystal. This scrub works great to even out your skin tone, smooth skin and can help makes you look younger.

You want to wet your skin and then apply a small amount of facial scrub. For NeedCrystals Microdermabrasion Crystals, I apply it with a little water or facial cleanser.

Apply your scrub in circular motions but please be gentle! You don’t want to over scrub your face (which can irritate your skin). Once your entire face is covered, rinse off with warm water and dry with a paper towel.

at home facial for glowing skin


Face masks help improves the overall appearance of your skin as well as soothe. You can make your own face mask and face wraps or purchase one. They’re pretty inexpensive and the options are endless for one that fits your needs the best.

I purchased the SpaLife Pink Spa Set which includes face mask, feet mask and hand masks. It’s not the best facial mask, I’ve ever used but it’s decent for a spa-like experience at a low price.

Be sure to follow the directions for your face wrap or face mask. Add cucumbers to your eyes for an extra spa life experience (plus cumbers on your eyes help reduce puffiness!)


Toning your skin helps to restore your natural PH balance and get rid of any traces of face scrub/face mask we previously used.

One of my favorites is Simple micellar water. It’s not harsh and great for sensitive skin which is why I love it! I use it every day.


The last step to getting glowing skin with your at home facial is to moisturize your skin! You can use a moisturizer of a serum.

Serums are great because they’re able to pack in beneficial ingredients such as more antioxidants, and skin-restoring ingredients without needing other ingredients such as SPF, emollients or texture-enhancing ingredients that general moisturizers need (which is why serums also tend to be more expensive).

Look for serums with active ingredients in high concentrations. How can you figure this out? The higher the active ingredient is placed on the ingredient list, the higher the concentrations within the product.

Retinol is great at helping to fight acne, even out skin tone, reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen, and promote cellular turnover. I tend to use retinol during seasonal changes when my skin needs a little extra.

For active ingredients like retinol, too little of it and it’s a waste (real-life experience talking here) so make sure you’re choosing a serum with more than .000000001%. of active ingredients.

You only need a tiny amount of serum. Apply it to your fingertips and gently massage into your face and neck!

at home facial steps for glowing skin!

So this is how to do your own at-home facial for clean glowing skin (without the expensive spa bill or even leaving the house!). Do you like to give yourself facials at home too? If so, let me know below!


In my next blog post, I’m sharing how to do your own spa-quality pedicure at home!

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How to do your own facial at home

47 DIY at home spa day ideas that will have you feeling luxurious

Ahhh, the spa. Relaxing, tranquil, quiet and oftentimes expensive. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a relaxing spa day and you can even have that spa day at home. Yup, right in your very own home. Today, I’m sharing 47 different DIY at home spa day ideas that will have you feeling relaxed and luxurious all while on a budget!

At home spa day checklist:

How you plan out your DIY spa day is completely up to you but I do recommend a few essentials to truly elevate your at home spa experience:

Essential Oils – These improve your emotional wellbeing, can affect your mood and even manage your stress. I recommend diffusing a few essential oils or adding a few drops to your bath or foot water. My favorites are Lavender, chamomile, and peppermint. You can also try some essential oils mixes such as this Tranquil Essential Oil Set

Essential Oil Diffuser – Air diffusers distribute essential oil molecules by breaking them down and dispersing into the air. This maximizes the beneficial properties of essential oils when you inhale.

Terry Cloth Robe – Seriously, what’s a spa day without a robe? A fluffy soft robe is just what you need to elevate your at home spa night.

Heated Footbath – Did you know foot soaks can alleviate symptoms from colds and flu, increase circulation and reducing inflammation? If you’re on a budget, you can definitely soak your feet in the bathtub. However, I highly recommend a Footbath tub that includes a massager (and vibrating bubbles!). This is my favorite foot soak and I use it at least monthly for the past 3 years. I like to add Epsom salt or homemade bath salts for a full-on foot pamper without the expensive bill!

Candles – Soaking in the bathtub? Why not add a candle or two to your bubble bath to set a relaxing mood and reduce stress.

Infused water – I love to drop a few sliced cucumbers, strawberries, and basil into my water… especially on days I’m practicing some self-care with my own DIY at home spa. Infused water is delicious, refreshing and full of minerals!

A calming playlist– Check out this relaxing massage playlist on Spotify. Another option is Relax Melodies which has sleep, meditation, calm and white noise sounds!

DIY spa at home recipes

Homemade face scrub recipe

Face scrubs are awesome at removing dead cells to reveal smoother and brighter skin! I recommend wetting your face first and then applying one of the below awesome DIY facial scrubs:

IMAGE BY www.freebiefindingmom.com for homemade coffee scrub

Try this Homemade Coffee Scrub
Check out this Facial Sugar Scrub
Make this Lemon Facial Scrub
Make this Aloe Green Tea Facial Scrub

DIY facial mask recipe

When I think of an at home spa day, I imagine me comfy in a robe, sipping delicious infused water and rocking a skin tightening face mask! Facial mask can help deep clean and shrink pores as well as give you that glowing skin. Here are a few homemade face masks you can use!

Try this DIY Bubble Clay Mask
Make this Honey and Cocobut Mask for glowing skin
Check out this Avocado Face Mask
Try this DIY Rose Clay Face Mask

DIY facial steamer recipe

Facial steams are a great way to pamper yourself! They increase circulation in your face and help to open up your pores so you can cleanse away any dirt and impurities. You can steam using hot water and pot/bowl or a professional facial steamer

Try This DIY Facial herbal facial steam
Check out these 10 DIY Home facial steams

Homemade facial toner recipe

I love a good facial toner because they hydrate our skin, restore our natural ph balance and can help with acne. You can apply with a clean cotton ball or simply spritz on if added to a spray bottle.

Image by www. helloglow.co for diy rose water toner

Make this Rosewater facial toner
Try this Tea Tree Oil Face toner
Check out these DIY facial toner pads
Try this DIY Blood Orange Hibiscus Facial Mist
Check out this Apple cider vinegar face toner

DIY Bath bomb recipe

What’s so great about a homemade bath bomb? Well, besides being super easy and cheap to make, bath bombs are great at softening your skin because they add emollients to your bath’s water which moisturizes your skin. Additionally, bath bombs make your bath water smell great and create a relaxing atmosphere. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Image by Countryhillcottage.com for Milk & Honey Bath Bombs

Check out this Milk & Honey Bath Bombs
Try this Coffee and Cream Bath bomb
Make this Matcha Green Tea Bath bombs
Check out this cotton candy bath bomb
Try this Oatmeal Bath Bomb
Make this Rose Bath Bombs

Homemade shower jellie recipe

What exactly is a shower jellie you ask? They’re cleansing body washes that kinda look like Jello. They’re perfect to travel with (since they won’t spill out) and you can use them a multitude of ways such as cutting them up for a luxurious bubble bath, applying a few pieces to your loofah for body wash or simply using as a bar of soap!

Check out this recipe for DIY Shower jellies
Make this DIY Vegan Showe jellies
Try this DIY Honey Lavendar Shower Jellies
Check out this Apple pie spice shower jellie

DIY body butter recipe

Applying Body butter is a great way to moisturize your skin especially if your skin is dry or flaking. They’re usually chalked full of beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C, E & A that leave skins feeling silky smooth.

My DIY Whipped Shea Butter

Check out my DIY Whipped Shea butter here
Try this Vanilla Spced Whipped Body Butter
Make this Whipped Laendar Body Butter
Check out this peppermint and matcha green tea body butter

DIY Bath Salts recipe

Bath salts soothe achy muscles, hydrates skin, detoxifies the body and helps promote restful sleep. Simply pour into warm bath water, breathe and relax.

Image by yourbeautyblog.com for Rose Bath Salts

Make this rose bath salt
Try these aromatherapy DIY Bath salts
Check out this refreshing orange green tea balt sats

DIY Foot soak recipe

I love, love, love a good foot soak! I ride my bike a lot and wear heels often so it’s vital I soak and exfoliate my feet often if I want baby soft feet. If you’re on a budget, you can definitely soak your feet in the bathtub. However, I highly recommend a Footbath that includes a massager (and vibrating bubbles!). This is my favorite foot soak. Pair this with one of the homemade foot soak recipes below and you’ll feel like you’re at a luscious and expensive spa! Your feet with thank you

IMAGE BY www.savynaturalista.com FOR CITRUS FOOT SOAK

Check out this Citrus Foot Soak
Try this Lavender Foot soak
Make this DIY Peppermint Foot soak
Check out this Skin soft bubbly foot soak

DIY Cuticle oil recipe

What’s so great about cuticle oil? Umm, a lot! Cuticle oil helps promote nail growth and moisturizes you nails. It also improves the health and appearance of your nails! You can purchase cuticle oil or you can make your own with a few easy ingredients.

Try this DIY nail serum for nail growth
Check this DIY cuticle oil for cracked and dry cuticles
Make this DIY cuticle butter

You can have a relaxing at home spa day without breaking the bank! These DIY recipes are perfect for spa night ideas with friends and you can even create these DIY products for gifts!

Do you love to pamper yourself at home? Have you tried any of these DIY at home spa recipes? If so, I would love to know below!

Step by step routine for glowing skin


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My Peaceful Night Routine featuring ancient cosmetics



diy spa recipes

How to look younger at 30

CONGRATS, GIRL! You survived your very messy 20’s and now you’re thirty, flirty and thriving! Your 20’s were probably kind of a mess but 30’s? Well, it’s still a mess but its different but better mess. It’s awesome!

Today, I’m sharing how to take care of your skin after 30 at home because while I’m sure you currently look amazing, there’s nothing wrong with a little 30’s glow up either!

FACT: Did you know your skin cell turnover slows down in your 30s? What does that mean, you ask? It means your skin won’t repair itself as quickly it did in your 20s.

Skincare in your 30’s may not be a whole lot different than it was in your 20s, however, it should be. There are definitely some different things that need to be considered when it comes to your skincare routine when you’re in your 30’s.

Don’t worry though. As a 30-something (I’ll nevaaaaaaaaaa reveal my true age) year old, it’s not all bad and today, I’m sharing all my secrets *evil laugh* to looking young and glowing.

Let us begin.

How to take care of your skin after 30 at home

1. Stay Hydrated.

Are you surprised this is number 1? You aren’t right? Because you know the most important beauty tip (besides self-love) is that you have to stay hydrated and DRANK (not drink), DRANK YOUR WATER!

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it’s mostly made up of that good ol’ H20. Without water, your skin can’t function at its best and prone to becoming dry, dull, and flaky. Ewwww.

One way I like to stay hydrated at home and on the go is a collapsible water bottle. These are great because you can fill it up and drink while you’re’ on the go. When it’s empty, simply smoosh it down to a smaller size and throw it in your bag or purse. Plus this water bottle is BPA Free (super important to me!) and can withstand extreme temperatures from -40ºF to 248ºF without compromising the integrity of the foldable water bottle.

There are so many benefits to drinking water such as tighter skin, smaller pores, clearing adult acne, reducing puffiness, improving complexion and maintaining a healthy PH balance. When it comes to how to take care of your skin after 30 at home, drinking plenty of water is always on the top of my list.

2. FULLY remove your makeup (Consider double-cleansing if you wear a full face of makeup!)

Gone are the days of sleeping in your makeup. As you get older, it’s extremely important you fully remove all of your makeup so your skin can breathe.

If you’re simply wiping your face with a makeup wipe, it may not be enough. Throughout the day, airborne bacteria and pollution are attracted to your skin, and if you don’t wash that gunk away properly, it could contribute to pigmentation and breakouts. No, thank you on that.

These days when I’m wearing a full face, I double cleanse which is quite simply using two different types of cleansers, one after the other to fully remove your makeup and sunscreen.

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How do you double cleanse?

1. First, you want to use an oil-based product that breaks down your make-up, SPF and dirt on the surface of your skin such as a cleansing oil, balm or micellar water.

You can use expensive products…. but wanna know what I use? Good ol’ coconut oil. Yup, I use coconut oil to break down my full face of makeup and mineral SPF sunscreens.

Be sure to massage your cleanser into your face about a minute to thoroughly remove build-up dirt, make-up, toxins, and gunk. After you’ve washed off your coconut oil, you want to do a second round of cleansing which will clean much deeper into your pores and remove any impurities. I like to use all-natural products on my skin and one thing I love is Simple facial wash! I use it daily.

I then follow that up with the Simple toner.

Face toners prepare your skin for moisturizers and serum while also helping to remove any stubborn dirt or leftover makeup. Once you’ve cleansed and applied a toner then you moisturize or apply a serum.

3. Start using Anti-ageing products

Yes, the time is NOW… like RIGHT NOW to start using anti-aging products.

I’m picky when it comes to the ingredients in my skincare products. My facial mask are usually aloe vera juice from my home-grown aloe vera and when it comes to serum, I want something natural and preferably organic. One of my favorite Anti-ageing products includes Vitamin C Serum, Retinol Serum, and Hyaluronic Acid Serum which are all amazing when it comes to combating dark circles, hyper-pigmentation, dull skin, and aging.

4. Make eye cream apart of your life

I was the tender age of 25 when I first received some eye cream in a gift bag. I was offended (and now looking back, I guess over-dramatic too).

The skin around your eyes ages faster than the rest of your face.

Eye creams can help protect the skin under your eyes which is very thin and help reduce things like dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. However, be sure to check the ingredients when it comes to eye creams and add it to an already awesome face routine (which you will have by following this post).

5. Chill out with the Concealer

As we get older, dark circles may become more apparent but that doesn’t mean you should smack on even more concealer.

Why not? Well, the more concealer you apply, the more it’s prone to wrinkling and settling into your fine lines which is equally not as cute and even more aging. Instead, focus on a concealer that has a heavier coverage or designed to be luminizing. I, personally, prefer liquid concealers for the thin skin around our eyes.

Two of my favorite concealers are NARs creamy radiant concealer and Born this way multi-use concealer because they’re luminizing and long-lasting. I apply by adding a few dots and lightly blend with a damp beauty blender sponge.

6. A really great primer is your friend

There are so many benefits when it comes to primer. For example, primer can compact oiliness, create a smooth base for your makeup, reduce shine, even out skin tone, disguise flaws, make pores appear smaller, fill in wrinkles and fine lines…. a lot. Before applying your foundation and concealer, you first want to apply a primer (the same way you would apply primer before painting a wall). Primer preps your skin.

My favorite primer hands down, without a doubt, we-are-not-about-to-argue is Dr. Brandt Pores No more.
Yes, it’s a little pricy but a tiny bit goes a LONGGGGGGGGGGG way and it actually works.

I prefer to buy a pricy primer that works and requires very little product over a cheap primer that doesn’t work well and requires a lot of product. Why? Because you still end up spending more and getting less in the long run with cheap, ineffective primers.

7. Body exfoliation gloves to scrub are a game changer!

I love a good ol’ body scrub and honestly, I tend to make them myself with oil, essential oil and some salt. Body scrubs should not be $95 especially if they’re full of chemicals that do more harm to your skin than good.

Exfoliating is important because it removes dead skin cells clogging the skin. When you exfoliate you uncover fresh new cells below which gives you softer, glowing skin. Additionally, by exfoliating, you open the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin which makes them more effective.

I recently discovered exfoliation gloves and its a game-changer. At first thought, it seems ridiculous but listen, I’M A BELIEVER! You can use them dry (like dry brushing), however, they work best on wet skin.

Exfoliating gloves are meant to be used with water and body wash so I recommend wetting your entire body, as well as your exfoliating glove, then start scrubbing.

Your exfoliator glove is your exfoliator. Be sure to use circular motions and replace them often to prevent built-up bacteria (the gloves below are washable so you can reuse! Yay, for the environment!).

When it comes to how to look good in your 30s, exfoliating and removing dead skin cells is super important!

8. Lip scrubs are everything too

I want ugly lips that are flaking, crusty, crack up, and bleed when I smile. Said absolutely no one ever.

Lip scrubs make lips soft, smooth, and kissable because they help remove dead skin from your lips and reveal a fresh layer of skin. Don’t exfoliate your face and body, and forget about your lips!

9. Consider a light cleanse in the morning

#Storytime I use to wash my face every morning and night with heavy cleansers and it actually wasn’t beneficial because I was over-cleansing (yup, it’s a thing).

If your skin is naturally oily but dehydrated, it will then try to produce even more oil to compensate which means your oily skin only gets oiler when you’re constantly trying to remove the oil. Wonderful. So in the morning, I skip my face wash and use a toner instead.

I splash a little water on my face, dry and then take a cotton ball with toner and wipe all over my face to remove any dirt from my face while I snoozed. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin since doing this and the amount of oil my face creates (I have oily skin).

Note: If you have highly acne-prone skin or skin that has excessive oils then I do recommend a gentle cleanser in the morning.

10. Body luminizers for instantly glowing skin

One of my beauty secrets in the summer is I apply luminizer all over my body (paying extra attention to my legs and shoulders).

You can make your own (check out my video here:)

or if you’re not a fan of DIY (or lazy like me sometimes), here’s a great organic body luminizer. The key is the shimmer. When the sun hits your skin that shimmer starts glistening and you’re glowing!

11. Say YES to serums

Serums are great because they’re able to pack in beneficial ingredients such as more antioxidants, and skin-restoring ingredients without needing other ingredients such as SPF, emollients, or texture-enhancing ingredients that general moisturizers need (which is why serums also tend to be more expensive).

Look for serums with active ingredients in high concentrations. How can you figure this out? The higher the active ingredient is placed on the ingredient list, the higher the concentrations within the product.

Retinol is great at helping to fight acne, even out skin tone, reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen, and promote cellular turnover. I tend to use retinol during seasonal changes when my skin needs a little extra.

For active ingredients like retinol, too little of it and it’s a waste (real-life experience talking here) so make sure you’re choosing a serum with more than .000000001%. of active ingredients.

Step by step at home facial routine for glowing skin

12. Get your 6-8 hours of sleep

Without sleep, your brain can’t continue to work correctly. It’s important in your 30’s to start doing all you can to set daily morning and night routines that allow you to meet your sleep needs.

If you struggle to sleep well, here are a few things I use to help me fall asleep faster and better:

You can also check out my peaceful night routine here. GOOD sleep is vital when it comes to how to look good in your 30s!

13. Move your body

Ever heard the quote “If exercise could be packaged in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.”

Even just 10 minutes of exercise a day can help reduce your risk of age-related diseases and keep you looking young. If the gym is not your thing, there are other ways to move your body such as taking a walk (the sidewalk is free), dance around to music, and working out from YouTube videos.

When I’m too busy to hit the gym, I like to work out at home. You can get a great workout anywhere and for less than $100 you can create your own mini at-home gym.
Check out my Pinterest board with different full-body workouts you can try.

If you’re interested in at-home workout essentials, these are my recommendations and what I currently use to stay in shape:

Resistance bands

My Pinterest board with different resistance band exercises you can do at home.

Kettle Bell

My Pinterest board with different Kettle band exercises you can do at home.

Bosu Ball

My Pinterest board with different bosu ball exercises you can do at home.

Fitness ball

My Pinterest board with different fitness ball exercises you can do at home.

I also have a DIY workout storage you can make to store your equipment.

Your 30’s are an exciting time! Getting older doesn’t mean you cannot continue (or start) feeling your best and looking your best! When it comes to how to look good in your 30s, I say eat nutritionally dense food, drink plenty of water, work out, speak kindly to yourself, and use natural products that help you glow up too!

Are you currently in the 30+ club? If so, please share some of your tips and secrets below when it comes to how to look good in your 30s!

In my next blog post, I’m sharing how to do your own facial at home for glowing skin.

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