Being consistent but still not getting sales? Here’s why.

Are you asking yourself, “why am I not getting sales even though I’m working hard and create content consistently?”
You’re in luck! In today’s video, I’m sharing why you may not be getting sales even though you post often and create great content.


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– A common misconception

is you have to create educational content

and how to content to get more clients.

And that simply is not true,

especially if you have a
offer that is over $1000,

any kind of four figure offer,

educational and how to content

will not get you more clients

and when I get you more sales.

Let’s talk about it.

But first, hey, my name is Breonna Queen,

I help service-based entrepreneurs

generate consistent sales,
selling their service with ease.

So in today’s video,

we are talking about why
that educational content,

why those how to videos will
not bring you in more clients

they will not bring all the
boys and the girls to the yard.

Let’s go ahead and let’s get into it.

So let me just say
educational content is great.

Educational content is needed.

Educational content, how to content

where you’re literally sharing tips

and strategies and stuff of that nature.

There’s a place for it
in marketing, right?

Educational content,
honestly, it’s really good

at bringing people into your pipeline.

Very good at lead generation.

If you are focusing on
YouTube, for example

how to videos, educational
videos, those do really well.

They rank really well, and they
will let people to find you

because generally people are typing how to

on YouTube and how to Google.

So educational content is great.

There’s nothing wrong with it.

There is a place for it

especially when you are trying to attract

new leads and lead generation.

But the issue is when you only
create educational content,

you only create how to content,

trying to sell your high ticket offer,

your high ticket service.

Educational content is great
at selling low ticket stuff.

You know, if you have a $47
product or a $97 product

something that it doesn’t
take a lot of brain energy to

want to purchase, then
yeah, you could probably

sell your $47 ebook creating
educational content.

It’s a very low ticket offer.

However, if you’re trying
to sell your $5,000

coaching program, then how
to and educational videos

they will not really move the needle.

So let’s go more into that.

So I believe in the content funnel

and students inside of my
program, Uncomplicated Sales,

they learn more about this.

I go more in depth inside my program

but the content funnel is
attract, nurture, and convert.

Attract with getting new
people into your pipeline.

This is the lead generation.

This is where people are discovering you.

They’re looking for a problem.

Maybe they don’t even
know they have a problem

and they discover you.

So that’s all about attract,
attracting your ideal clients.

Then the second phase called nurture

or I like to call it connect.

This is where you start
connecting with your audience.

Starting, starting to build
that know, like, and trust.

They discovered you, they’re following you

but they’re not quite sold on you.

It’s the content, there
are people are like, wow

I like this person.

I trust this person.

You know, I know this person.

This is where you really start
establishing a relationship

with your audience through your content.

And then last but not least

is the third phase called convert.

And this is where you
get them to take action.

Where you get them to move the needle.

Where you get them to go,
okay, I have this problem

Breonna knows exactly how to solve it.

I am ready to take action

and have her help me
with this transformation.

So I believe in the three-part funnel,

attract, nurture, convert, right?

Creating educational
content and how to videos,

that is mostly the attract phase.

That is where you start
really getting new leads

to your system, right?

And then the second phase is nurture

and how to educational content,

they can also be a part of the nurture.

People are starting to
know, like and trust you

through this educational content.

However, if you’re only
creating these educational

how to type style content,
it doesn’t convert them.

It doesn’t get them to take
action to working with you.

It doesn’t get them to want to pay

for your service for the transformation.

Educational and how to videos

they provide these quick wins, right?

Like let me give the example,

you are a skincare coach

and you help women with
their to build a healthy

a sustainable skincare regimen.

You can create how to videos

you know how to pop a pimple
effectively, how to use toner,

how to use moisturizer.

Like you can create those
kinds of how to videos, right?

And those are great.

If somebody is typing in,
you know, how to pop a pimple

or how to apply a skin toner, right?

They’re looking up stuff like that,

they find your content.

But if that’s the only kind
of content that you provide

they’re going to take
those little quick wins

and they’re going to go about their day.

You don’t want that.

You want to ensure that
you’re also creating content

that lets your ideal client
know like, listen, yeah

you want to know how to pop
a pimple, but did you know

popping pimples is
actually bad for your skin.

It actually causes scarring.

So now you are handling those objections.

Now you’re educating your
ideal client on listen

I know you think the problem is

that you got to pop this
pimple, but in reality

popping the pimple will only
make your problem worse.

There is a better way.

So now you’re not just
creating how to content

but you’re creating content
that handles objections,

that educate your ideal client

and really starts positioning you

as that go-to person
for the transformation.

And like I said, inside my program,

Uncomplicated Sales, like we really go

in depth on creating content
that converts, you know

you’re ideal client into an actual client

but that’s what I mean by education

on how to content will not do it.

It will not sell your high ticket service

because it’s just going to give people

these really quick wins, these really

quick little education tidbits

but it’s not going to
allow them to see like, hey

there is a total
transformation that I need

beyond just popping my pimple,

beyond just washing my face.

So you have that convert content

and that convert content
really starts having them feel

like, wow, like I thought my
problem was this, my problem

but my problem is actually
this and the solution is this.

And Breonna can solve that solution.

I’m ready to work with her.

So that’s what I mean by
educational content will not move

the needle.

Will not have your ideal client taking

action to work with you to
get that total transformation.

The quick wins are the
little things that kind

of help solve the problem

but don’t actually solve
the overarching issue.

There just those little bitty
things they solved, right?

The total transformation
is the a to z blueprint,

the a to z framework
to absolutely solve it.

I’ll give the example.

You know, I had a program
called YouTube Coins.

It was all about helping, you know

entrepreneurs leverage YouTube.

Well, that’s great,

but I realized the biggest
issue is not people

not knowing how to use YouTube.

The issue is people not
knowing how to create content

whether it be YouTube or
Instagram or whatever platform

not knowing how to create
content, to actually drive sales,

not knowing how to have an offer

that’s irresistible that does sell,

not knowing how to convert
from consumer to actual client,

not know how to onboard for success.

So I was solving these
little quick wins with this

how to create a YouTube thumbnail.

But the overarching solution is it’s not

about your YouTube thumbnail because

if the YouTube thumbnails
banging, when the content sucks

you’re still stuck at zone zero, right?

You have to create content

that’s just beyond the
educational and how to

content when you are selling
a high ticket service.

Because a high ticket service is anything

I feel anything over 1500,

people say over a thousand
to make things simple,

we’re going to say
anything over four figures.

People tend to take a little more energy

tend to take a little more
mental energy to say, okay

do I really want to buy this?

Buying a $27 product I’m
like, oh, okay, whatever

and then I buy it.

Buy something that’s a
thousand dollars, $2,000.

It requires a little more commitment.

Educational content does not position you

as the go-to expert.

Educational content has you
looking like Pinterest or Google

or YouTube where people go to
solve a problem and they dip.

They’re not paying Pinterest.

They’re not paying Google.

They’re not paying YouTube, right?

You are positioning yourself like that.

You don’t want to be that.

You want to be the problem solver.

You want to be the person
that people want to work

with to get that total transformation

and not just all those little
teeny, tiny baby quick wins.

I’ll give the example of losing weight.

Let’s say that you have a video

and the video is how to
lose five pounds in a month.

That’s great.

People will find that
and there’ll be, you know

ready to subscribe to you

and follow you because
it’s educational content.

You can actually build that know, like,

and trust with this content as well.

But when it comes to actually
wanting to work with you,

why should I want to work with you?

You already told them how
to lose the five pounds.

You already told them your
secret sauce or have you?

You need to position
yourself as the go-to expert.

Saying, listen, I know that I just told

you guys how to lose five pounds.

But you know, what’s the
point of losing five pounds

if the very next month
you gain it all back

plus five extra?

You know, in my program I teach you

how to lose the weight and keep it off.

So now you’re really positioning yourself

as the go-to expert.

And on top of that you are
letting your ideal client

know like, listen there is
a bigger problem than just

this little teeny tiny
thing that you think, and

I can help you get that
overarching total transformation.

It’s not enough to create just educational

and how to style content.

You should be creating content
that handles objections

and educates your ideal client.

So let them know like, hey

this problem that you think
you have is only a drop

in the bucket.

Here’s your actual
problem that you’re having

and I provide the total transformation.

So creating educational
videos and how to videos

it only solves those quick wins.

You want to be able to
solve an overarching problem

with your ideal client.

Educational content will bring
you a lot of freebie seekers.

People who are never
going to buy from you,

they’re never going to
invest in your services.

They just want the free content.

And that’s fine, right?

Like we’re always going
to have people who don’t

want to pay your offer.

That’s just life.

Let’s give an example of freebies.

How many freebies have you signed up for

and you’re on that person’s email list

but you never actually
opened up their emails?

Or you ignore their emails?

Or get the freebie and you’ll
immediately unsubscribe?

Like how many of us are

on email list for freebies
that we never even opened up.

We’re not thinking about that person.

That’s the same thing with you.

When you’re creating all this educational

and how to style content, even freebies

you are attracting a lot

of freebie seekers who are
not going to invest in you.

You know, you have 3000
people on your email list

and none of them actually see
you as the problem solver.

They’re not going to buy your service.

So you have this audience
and you’re popular

but you’re not paid.

Creating content that focuses on

helping your ideal client
solve their overarching problem

is going to allow you
to sell your four figure

and your five figure offers easier

because you are handling objections.

You are educating them

and not just in educational
style information

but influencing them
and helping them to see

that you can help them really
solve their pain points.

And remember if you are able
to solve someone’s problem

you are doing yourself and
that person a disservice

when you do not share it.

And my previous video, I talk

about how you can not be afraid to sell

because selling is a service.

And when you sell you transform others

lives because people are out here

they’re looking for solutions

to their problems and they
are annoyed, agitated,

they have these major pain points

and if you’re not showing up

and you’re not sharing that, hey

I know you have this pain point
and I can help you solve it.

If you’re not letting
your ideal client know

that you can do these things

you are doing yourself as well
as that person, a disservice

because they still going
to have this pain point.

They’re still going to have this issue.

They’re still to have this problem

because you’re not showing up

and you’re not letting them know

that you can solve their
overarching problems.

So when it comes to
education and how to content

Yes, it’s great.

Yes, it’s needed.

Yes it is amazing at generating new leads

and gaining that attracts
that nurture, you know

that connect that know, like, and trust.

It’s great at doing those things.

However, it’s not establishing you

as the person who can solve
their overarching problem.

And ultimately it’s doing you

and that person is a disservice

because they feeling
like this is my problem

when in reality, this is their problem.

And you know, this is their problem

and they’re still going to struggle

with this problem because
they don’t even realize

that this is their main problem.

Hope that makes sense.

I’m using my fingers all over the place.

So I hope this video or
podcast episode was helpful.

Helping you see that,
creating those educational

and how to videos, they’re
great, but they’re not going to

get people to buy your
high ticket service.

So if you are ready to
create content that attracts

nurtures, converts with ease,
then I advice my program

Uncomplicated Sales,
where I teach students how

to create an irresistible
offer or repackaged their offer

so it’s irresistible, create
content that allows them to

bring in that ideal clients
as well as sell with ease.

So if you’re interested
in that program go to

for the free training.

I’ll talk to you guys
in my very next episode.


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