You deserve to wake up to payment notifications.

It’s time to start earning more money while having more time-freedom by turning your knowledge into a profitable online course.
Before I start my spiel, I need to tell you something…

The e Learning business is expected to hit $350 billion by 2025.

And not only are online courses profitable…

Courses also:
Riding horses in a Costa Rica rain forest or sipping champagne on the beach *ahhh*…
and STILL getting paid!
(I did!😱)

That’s the power of online courses.

You have unlimited income potential, the ability to make sales passively and have more freedom in your schedule!

Just take a look at this:

I remember a time when I was busting my butt at my corporate 9-5 job earning $4,000 a month.
Now, thanks to online courses, I can earn more than that in a single week (and the kicker is I was on vacation while I earned this!).
Are you ready to turn your knowledge in an online course?

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️
Side effects of creating an online course may include...

Having more time to enjoy with your kids, your boo or heck with yourself… all while still bringing in revenue.

Expanding your impact and helping people all over the world with your course

Diversifying your income because we all know one source of income is wayyyyy to close to zero income!

Online courses are one of the fastest and best ways to stop trading your time for income.

Maybe you've heard the myths like...

You need a large audience (Wrong. You don’t!)

Listen, you don’t need 100K Instagram followers to earn $100K with your course. I am proof of this.

You absolutely don’t have to be popular to be profitable!

Your course idea has to be unique
(Nope. It doesn’t have to be!)

What if I told you seeing people with courses in the same topic you want is a good thing because that mean’s there’s a demand for it? PLUS can’t nobody do it like you ‘cus the secret sauce is YOU.

You need to be super successful
(Aht-aht, not true!)

You don’t need to be super successful in order to be successful with your course!

You can create a profitable and impactful course with the skills and knowledge you already have!

Imagine creating a course that allows you to...

Are you ready to help more people and earn more money without having to give away more time?

🎉 Introducing… 🎉

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The proven framework to help your turn your expertise or 1:1 service into an online course.

This program is the complete step-by-step blueprint to plan, launch, and sell your high-quality online course again and again.

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 9.26.20 PM

"I had a $20,000 launch and made $40K in 90 days thanks to Breonna!"

– Kay Hillman

Business coach

Here’s all the life-changing info packed inside Bankable Expertise


Phase 0: Successful course creator mindset

Ready to crush those self-limiting beliefs and self-doubts holding you back when it comes to launching a successful course?
During this foundational phase, you learn how to adapt the mindset of a profitable six figure and beyond course creator (because newsflash: You are!)

Phase 1: Packaging up your course

You’re going to get crystal clear on your course and how to package it up so it’s irresistible. Wouldn’t skip this part for ANYTHING because I want to make damn.well.sure your course get noticed by the right people right from the get-go.

Phase 2: Getting your beta students

Imagine spending tons of time, energy, resources and effort creating an entire course… and then no one purchase it. You won’t be able to relate because you will validate your course idea to ensure it’s what your audience needs (and people vote with their wallet!) as well as launch it to your paying beta students!

Phase 3: Creating your high-quality course

You’ll create high-quality course videos with ease and without needing expensive tech! No videos that look like they came straight out of the Blair-witch project!


Phase 4: Your course finishing touches

Once you’ve created your course, it’s time for the course after party including automating aspects of your course and turning students into raving course fans for even more sales!


Phase 5: Turning content into Course sales

It’s not enough to post randomly on social media. You need a strategy! Inside this module, you learn how to create content that takes your audience from interested to “gimme my money” over and over again.


"After working with Breonna, I was able to create and market my online course and had 4 people sign up the first week I launched"

– Danielle Jackson

Friendship coach

✋ WAIT! ...did somebody say bonuses?!

Because I want to give you every single actionable step you need, I’m also including this stack of aces —

Six week Launch strategy

Automate With Webinars

sales page success

NOPE, I'm still not done!

Pay in full and get over $1,000 worth of bonuses fo' free!

pay in full
bonus #1


Social media Ideas vault

Pay in full
Bonus #2


Cash in the DM's scripts

pay in full
Bonus #3


Visibility Accelerated

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The first month my course launched it made over $30,000 in 30 days.

– Laquita Scott

Business coach and investor




$400 $297



$1497 $997

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 5.15.31 PM

I launched my course to my small audience and it's already on its way to hitting $10,000 in course sales!"

– Darius G

Owner of

Inside this program, you’ll find everything you need to create a profitable online course, so that you…

Inside Bankable Expertise, you get:




Streaming Videos



Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 10.14.54 AM

"I went from $0k months to $5k months after working with Breonna"

– Heather Fletcher

Fitness influencer

Ready to meet your coach + strategist?



I went from creating a course that nobody purchased nor wanted to building a 6 figure course business that has allowed me to pay off debts, quit my job, and vacation while still bringing in revenue. Seriously, courses changed my life.

BUT my video journey was not all plain-sailing and mimosa popping.

The truth is I made plenty of mistakes along the way, trying to figure it out on my own.

I’ve come out the other side (with results that still have me doing a double-take) and now I’m offering YOU a short-cut. One that allows you to confidently and strategically create your own online course.

…Because I truly believe you deserve more financial freedom and time freedom, and can do that by leveraging your God-given gifts packaged into an impactful online course.

Are you ready to gain more time-freedom and financial-freedom with an online course?
I can’t wait to show you how!
Screenshot 2021-10-16 at 4.17.18 PM

"Before Breonna, I struggled with how to package up my offer. Now I have clarity on what to offer and how to market it!"

–Kebar Yodhhewawhe

Beauty Digital Marketer

When you join Bankable Expertise you get:


Lifetime Access To The Step-by-Step Method

You’ll learn my course to coins system so you create a highly sought-after and profitable online course.

VALUED AT $5,000


Personalized Feedback for 12-months

No such thing as lost in the sauce! You get the support you need with personalized feedback in our private community designed to help you build along the way.

VALUED AT $4,000


Tons of Scripts, Tools & Templates

Everything you need including workbooks, scripts, templates, plug and play copy, swipe files, templates and sooo much more!

VALUED AT $6,500


A Private Community

No such thing as lost in the sauce with Bankable Expertise! You get the support you need designed to help you build along the way.



Podcast version *coming soon*

No desire to sit in front of a screen? You’ll get access to the special secret podcast version of this program!



Access it anywhere

Busy girl on the go? Me too! Bankable expertise program is mobile-friendly so you can access anywhere at any time!


TOTAL VALUE OF $16,000.00
In other words, you’re basically getting a business in a box. And, if you get started today, you get everything above for a fraction of the price.



$400 $297



$1497 $997

PLUS, when you join Bankable Expertise you also get access to these guest expert trainings:

Goodbye procrasination

Hiring your first team member

Mastering Instagram Video

Sell With Emails

Here's what my past clients are saying...

"I have so much clarity."
- Melena, Licensed Therapist and mindset coach
"Breonna provided so much guidance as I built my course."
- Danielle B Jackson, Friendship coach

Still here, wondering whether to make a move?

All the results I’m talking about likely seem straight-up impossible right now. Your imposter syndrome is probably going into overdrive, that feeling of overwhelm is closing in, and the “where-do-I-start” panic is creeping in.

So let’s take a deep breath —

Because in reality, creating and selling your online course and getting those big-picture results is all just a series of little steps.

so let’s suppose — just for a second — you do join Bankable Expertise. You tackle one small step at a time, moving yourself forward bit-by-bit, and in a few weeks from now you have a completely done course.

 → Which leads to more revenue…

→ Which means more time freedom…

→ Which allows you to impact more lives…

And all of this leads to increasing the joy in your life…

The good news is, all of that starts right here, with a click of this button.

Got Some Questions?

I got answers.

Aht, aht! 

Bankable expertise is designed to create a profitable course even if you don’t have a huge audience

(plus you even get lessons to help you build your audience!)

Bankable expertise will be applicable no matter your industry, and is designed for anyone who wants to create a course including entrepreneurs, service providers, influencers, content creators and professionals.

Uh… how about immediately?

You get instant access to the private community, and the curriculum.

Marketing is forever changing which means this program is constantly updated

… which also means you get lifetime access to the program so you’re always updated!

You’ll find a vast sea of information available online. The difference is that I’ve taken every single thing you need to know and DO to create a course, and put it in an easy to follow, step-by-step action plan.

The result? Not only do you save hours (#winning), you can rest assured that my 10 years’ experience as a digital consultant and successful course creator means all your boxes are ticked.

My program combines experience, the latest tips and proven strategies to help you create and launch your online course.

Everyone learns different and if you find you need 1:1 assistance, it is offered as an option when you enroll in the program!

1:1 coaching is reserved for my private clients, however, you do get personalized feedback from me and my team inside the private community.

If you feel you might need private access to me, you do have an option to upgrade your enrollment to include 1:1 sessions!

If you’re looking for one of those “no questions asked refunds”, you’re bang outta luck. Because you know one thing I know for sure? The best results come from those with skin in the game; not the people looking for an easy way out.

Now, I don’t offer refunds but I do offer a guarantee. I’m committed to bringing only quality products to the market, and I guarantee that you’re getting the very best of my experience and knowledge.

Everything I cover will work if you do!

Turn your knowledge into an online course that allows you to have more time and financial freedom.



$400 $297



$1497 $997

Disclaimer:  Particular results cannot be predicted  nor guaranteed, as results differ for each individual.

Enrolling in Bankable Expertise is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. The level of success in attaining the results depends on the time devoted to the program, ideas, techniques used, finances, knowledge, and various skills. Each individual’s results depend on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. You fully agree that there are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results you expect.  Any testimonials showing our success or the success of our clients are not to be interpreted as common, or to be expected.

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