47 DIY at home spa day ideas that will have you feeling luxurious

Ahhh, the spa. Relaxing, tranquil, quiet and oftentimes expensive. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a relaxing spa day and you can even have that spa day at home. Yup, right in your very own home. Today, I’m sharing 47 different DIY at home spa day ideas that will have you feeling relaxed and luxurious all while on a budget!

At home spa day checklist:

How you plan out your DIY spa day is completely up to you but I do recommend a few essentials to truly elevate your at home spa experience:

Essential Oils – These improve your emotional wellbeing, can affect your mood and even manage your stress. I recommend diffusing a few essential oils or adding a few drops to your bath or foot water. My favorites are Lavender, chamomile, and peppermint. You can also try some essential oils mixes such as this Tranquil Essential Oil Set

Essential Oil Diffuser – Air diffusers distribute essential oil molecules by breaking them down and dispersing into the air. This maximizes the beneficial properties of essential oils when you inhale.

Terry Cloth Robe – Seriously, what’s a spa day without a robe? A fluffy soft robe is just what you need to elevate your at home spa night.

Heated Footbath – Did you know foot soaks can alleviate symptoms from colds and flu, increase circulation and reducing inflammation? If you’re on a budget, you can definitely soak your feet in the bathtub. However, I highly recommend a Footbath tub that includes a massager (and vibrating bubbles!). This is my favorite foot soak and I use it at least monthly for the past 3 years. I like to add Epsom salt or homemade bath salts for a full-on foot pamper without the expensive bill!

Candles – Soaking in the bathtub? Why not add a candle or two to your bubble bath to set a relaxing mood and reduce stress.

Infused water – I love to drop a few sliced cucumbers, strawberries, and basil into my water… especially on days I’m practicing some self-care with my own DIY at home spa. Infused water is delicious, refreshing and full of minerals!

A calming playlist– Check out this relaxing massage playlist on Spotify. Another option is Relax Melodies which has sleep, meditation, calm and white noise sounds!

DIY spa at home recipes

Homemade face scrub recipe

Face scrubs are awesome at removing dead cells to reveal smoother and brighter skin! I recommend wetting your face first and then applying one of the below awesome DIY facial scrubs:

IMAGE BY www.freebiefindingmom.com for homemade coffee scrub

Try this Homemade Coffee Scrub
Check out this Facial Sugar Scrub
Make this Lemon Facial Scrub
Make this Aloe Green Tea Facial Scrub

DIY facial mask recipe

When I think of an at home spa day, I imagine me comfy in a robe, sipping delicious infused water and rocking a skin tightening face mask! Facial mask can help deep clean and shrink pores as well as give you that glowing skin. Here are a few homemade face masks you can use!

Try this DIY Bubble Clay Mask
Make this Honey and Cocobut Mask for glowing skin
Check out this Avocado Face Mask
Try this DIY Rose Clay Face Mask

DIY facial steamer recipe

Facial steams are a great way to pamper yourself! They increase circulation in your face and help to open up your pores so you can cleanse away any dirt and impurities. You can steam using hot water and pot/bowl or a professional facial steamer

Try This DIY Facial herbal facial steam
Check out these 10 DIY Home facial steams

Homemade facial toner recipe

I love a good facial toner because they hydrate our skin, restore our natural ph balance and can help with acne. You can apply with a clean cotton ball or simply spritz on if added to a spray bottle.

Image by www. helloglow.co for diy rose water toner

Make this Rosewater facial toner
Try this Tea Tree Oil Face toner
Check out these DIY facial toner pads
Try this DIY Blood Orange Hibiscus Facial Mist
Check out this Apple cider vinegar face toner

DIY Bath bomb recipe

What’s so great about a homemade bath bomb? Well, besides being super easy and cheap to make, bath bombs are great at softening your skin because they add emollients to your bath’s water which moisturizes your skin. Additionally, bath bombs make your bath water smell great and create a relaxing atmosphere. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Image by Countryhillcottage.com for Milk & Honey Bath Bombs

Check out this Milk & Honey Bath Bombs
Try this Coffee and Cream Bath bomb
Make this Matcha Green Tea Bath bombs
Check out this cotton candy bath bomb
Try this Oatmeal Bath Bomb
Make this Rose Bath Bombs

Homemade shower jellie recipe

What exactly is a shower jellie you ask? They’re cleansing body washes that kinda look like Jello. They’re perfect to travel with (since they won’t spill out) and you can use them a multitude of ways such as cutting them up for a luxurious bubble bath, applying a few pieces to your loofah for body wash or simply using as a bar of soap!

Check out this recipe for DIY Shower jellies
Make this DIY Vegan Showe jellies
Try this DIY Honey Lavendar Shower Jellies
Check out this Apple pie spice shower jellie

DIY body butter recipe

Applying Body butter is a great way to moisturize your skin especially if your skin is dry or flaking. They’re usually chalked full of beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C, E & A that leave skins feeling silky smooth.

My DIY Whipped Shea Butter

Check out my DIY Whipped Shea butter here
Try this Vanilla Spced Whipped Body Butter
Make this Whipped Laendar Body Butter
Check out this peppermint and matcha green tea body butter

DIY Bath Salts recipe

Bath salts soothe achy muscles, hydrates skin, detoxifies the body and helps promote restful sleep. Simply pour into warm bath water, breathe and relax.

Image by yourbeautyblog.com for Rose Bath Salts

Make this rose bath salt
Try these aromatherapy DIY Bath salts
Check out this refreshing orange green tea balt sats

DIY Foot soak recipe

I love, love, love a good foot soak! I ride my bike a lot and wear heels often so it’s vital I soak and exfoliate my feet often if I want baby soft feet. If you’re on a budget, you can definitely soak your feet in the bathtub. However, I highly recommend a Footbath that includes a massager (and vibrating bubbles!). This is my favorite foot soak. Pair this with one of the homemade foot soak recipes below and you’ll feel like you’re at a luscious and expensive spa! Your feet with thank you

IMAGE BY www.savynaturalista.com FOR CITRUS FOOT SOAK

Check out this Citrus Foot Soak
Try this Lavender Foot soak
Make this DIY Peppermint Foot soak
Check out this Skin soft bubbly foot soak

DIY Cuticle oil recipe

What’s so great about cuticle oil? Umm, a lot! Cuticle oil helps promote nail growth and moisturizes you nails. It also improves the health and appearance of your nails! You can purchase cuticle oil or you can make your own with a few easy ingredients.

Try this DIY nail serum for nail growth
Check this DIY cuticle oil for cracked and dry cuticles
Make this DIY cuticle butter

You can have a relaxing at home spa day without breaking the bank! These DIY recipes are perfect for spa night ideas with friends and you can even create these DIY products for gifts!

Do you love to pamper yourself at home? Have you tried any of these DIY at home spa recipes? If so, I would love to know below!

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