My digital brand, Breonna Queen, happened by complete, utter accident… and I’m so happy it did.

Can I share the story? Cool.

That’s me. I had just graduated from college with a shiny new bachelor’s degree in creative advertising, a ton of student debt, and absolutely no luck finding a job (Fun -_-).

I had no job, no money, and had to move back in with my mom (super fun -_-).

Basically my bank account was as empty as Chick-fil-a on a Sunday 😭.

So I decided to start my own consulting business helping local businesses advertise online.

It was going great until I had a client request I help them optimize YouTube videos.

Youtubeeeeeeee?! 👀

Yeah, I had absolutely no idea how to do that, so I created a few videos on YouTube talking about beauty stuff (my other love) to understand the platform. I had no intention of making any additional videos.

…and then, I got a message that said….

“Hey Breonna, I just discovered your videos and I love them! Do you plan to upload anymore anytime soon?

It was at that moment, I thought “Say What?! You WANT more?

So guess what?! I created more videos!

That content led to:
✔ Over 85,000 subscribers and 5 million views on YouTube
✔ My services & products selling on autopilot
✔ TRIPLING my business income & $20,000+ months
✔ Working with my DREAM BRANDS
✔ GETTING PAID to speak at events
✔ Clips of my videos being played on HBO and OWN (Yes, theeeee Oprah Winfrey Network!)
✔ Winning awards such as favorite business blogger by Florida Bloggercon and one of Tampa’s top influential women
✔ SOLD OUT events

…but most importantly?!
✔ Impacting and help people all over the world simply by sharing my gifts on video WHILE also being able to build a successful, profitable business!

(Me featured as one of the top influential women in Tampa, FL in 2019… momma, I made it!)
Allow me to introduce myself…

I help entrepreneurs confidently and strategically utilize video content to bring in more income, visibility and impact.

You can bring in more online sales and income with a simplified process leveraging STRATEGIC video content!

…and I’ve taken everything I learned (including the not-so-pretty mistakes) and packaged it into my premium program, Sell With Video, so you can confidently show up on video, and make money while having more time to do the things you enjoy.

Some random facts about ya' girl


1. I have a bachelor’s degree in advertising, an MBA with an emphasis in marketing, and over 10 years of experience as a digital marketer.

2. I believe life is like a box of chocolate…. my favorite being Ghirardelli Sea Salt Dark Chocolate!

3. I’m the dog mom of two super spoiled cuties named Leo and Sasha.

4. I was raised on God, collard greens, and soul music.

5. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening. Growing Aloe Vera and bell peppers are apparently my specialties.

6. I consider myself a certified hype (wo)man. Feeling down? Here I come with the energy of a 90’s hip hop hype-man ready to pounce on cue…. ayeeeeeeeeeeeee!