Free workshop for a limited time only!

How to sell out your coaching program or course leveraging online video
even if you have a small or new audience!

This workshop is perfect for coaches,  course-creators and online service-providers!

You want to use videos to add new leads and consistent sales to your business (smart cookie!) buttttt are seriously stuck on the ‘how’

🤔 Do you just throw up a few videos on YouTube and hope for the best…
🤔 Spend a ton of cashola on equipment you *might* need…
🤔Watch a few other viral clips and try to replicate them…

… even though you’re not entirely sure how to talk about your offer in a way that resonates with the right people, or how to convert views into sales?

Ah, aht. We don’t roll like that around here.
Instead, we have a brilliantly clear path forward.

One that:
✔ Gives you permission to put your videos out there even if they’re not ‘perfect’
✔ Helps you build qualified leads that are ready to buy
✔ Focuses on the most important metric to skyrocketing your revenue with video content (spoiler alert: those marketing gurus are WRONG!)
✔ Gives you genuine, grounded confidence in how to transition to the sale
✔ Allows you to scale (without you working all the time)
✔ Wraps it all up with strategy so that every piece of content you create is intentional.

Want me to walk you through it?

Then you should definitely come along to my $0, totally fun, 45-minute training that does just that 🎉

How to sell out your coaching program or course using online video
even if you have a small or new audience!

When: October 27, 2021
Time: 1pm, EST

And, just for showing up, I’m going to give you a special gift: The 3-mistakes workbook.

BUT if you wanna know what the 3 mistakes are, you gotta show up 🙂

And in case you’re wondering whether this training will be worth your time…

Are you screaming (or internally whispering) “YASSSS, I need this”?!
Then I hope to see you inside this value-packed, complimentary training!

DISCLAIMER: This training is complimentary and will provide tips to help you grow a successful business. However, this training does not guarantee results.

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