Nine things I’m saying Goodbye to in 2019

2019 has been an interesting year for me.

I hosted my very first event (it sold out in 2 weeks!), I spoke at over 15 conferences, I won favorite Business blogger by FLBLOGCON, I was selected as one of Tampa FL top women of influence, I hit 75,000 subscribers on YouTube, I made more money than ever before in my business and I was able to meet & serve so many women with my gifts… On the flip side, I also had some low moments such as outgrowing friendships, losing my sister unexpectedly and saying goodbye my furry-pet, Bailey, who I had for over 10 years. As 2019 and ultimately the 2010’s end, I think about all the things I’ve accomplished, all the things I want to say hello to… and all the things I want to say goodbye to….

Here’s nine things I’m saying Farewell to in 2019:

1. Overthinking with inaction. Clarity comes from doing things, not thoughts. I’ve learned that often times the best way to figure something out is simply by just doing it… and going from there.⁣

2. Saying “hell yeah, just let me know!” … Knowing good and damn well I ain’t going.⁣

3. Self-doubt. Of course, self-doubt will always linger regardless of how old I am, but I’ve come to accept that it’s no longer going to be something I put at the forefront of my every day.⁣

4. My addiction to my phone. I’m spending more time with nature, my garden, my loved ones, God and myself…

5. Ignoring my intuition… that includes uncomfortable friendships and depleting interactions. It’s okay for me to respectfully decline, let go and move on from things I feel do not serve me.

6. Always thinking “mmmMmm, now I want something sweet” after finishing a meal… ?? ⁣I don’t always need dessert!

7. The need to buy so much stuff. Now sis is no subscriber to minimalism but I do want to escape excessive consumerism.⁣

8. Waiting 3 weeks to fold my laundry and then feeling overwhelmed because I got all these clothes piled up on top of the dryer.⁣

9. Expectations for what the upcoming year will bring. If I’ve learned anything it’s that life is unpredictable. While we should absolutely plan and pursue our wildest dreams and goals… we also have to remember that real life does not follow a script or sequence. ⁣
Almost nothing I thought would be true at age 20 is true today and the best parts of my life today weren’t planned.⁣

Photos by Christina Jones Photography

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