With the evolution of technology and the internet, the various ways to conduct marketing activities for a business seem to grow exponentially. Social media and viral marketing strategies are all the rage these days. They’re like the fancy drinks you can order at the bar ⎼ eye-catching, bright-colored, and fun. But let’s not forget about our basic staples beverages ⎼ the ones that still get you right every time!

Email marketing remains one of the most simple and effective ways to reach your target audience, raise brand awareness and acquire new clients. Whether you are just starting out, are a small startup with some resources behind you, or have been in the game for a while now ⎼ email marketing should always be on the menu! Here’s why…

1.            Cost Effective

Email marketing is certainly one of the most affordable digital marketing tactics available these days. Depending on the size of your business, you can execute your email marketing strategy for next to nothing. Yes, the froufrou drink looks like more fun, but it’s going to cost you more, too!

2.            Personalized Messaging

Email marketing allows you to hyper-segment your target audience; breaking it down into smaller groups that you can send a more tailored, customized message to and provide more valuable, relatable content. Whereas social media and video marketing typically address your entire audience, you can build personas and create email messaging that will resonate directly with each individual you’re connecting with.

3.            Impressive Results

Likely because of the more catered messaging that email marketing enables, there’s proof in the pudding (or tequila) that email marketing is responsible for more acquisition and retention of customers than social media marketing. According to a study by eMarketer (2019), “81% and 80% of respondents, respectively, said email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Email’s usefulness was followed by that of other digital tactics like organic search at 62% for acquisition and social media at 44$ for retention ⎼ both rated effective by far fewer respondents than chose email.”

4.            Call to Action

If you think about it, every email is a call to action. You can reply or forward. Nearly every email these days has embedded links to click on or you’re directed to a website. It’s also direct, so you can get away with asking more specific questions than you would through other digital marketing channels. Whether you want to achieve more website traffic or schedule consultations, email marketing allows you to see quick results.


These are just a few of the many benefits of email marketing. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in what’s trendy, it is also important to remember where you can get the biggest bang for your buck, reach your entire target audience, and feel the effect a lot quicker!

Reference: eMarketer Inc. (2019). Email Marketing Is a Double Win for Customer Acquisition, Retention. Retrieved from

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