3 things you ABSOLUTELY need to hit CONSISTENT $10,000+ months

Today’s episode, I’m sharing 1-2-3 (three!) things I believe you absolutely, without a doubt need to hit consistent $10,000+ months (and spoiler alert: you don’t need thousands of subscribers or posting every day to hit it either!)

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I remember the first time I had a five-figure month. I was just like, “oh my gosh, it’s possible!” it was like a limiting belief was crushed for me because for the very first time, I was able to generate over $10,000 in one month. and then after that, I had a $20,000 month, and then I was able to bring in consistent five-figure months. so, what does it take to have those five-figure $10,000, $20,000 months? there are three things I think you absolutely need to hit those five-figure months and today, we’re talking all about it. what’s up, guys? it’s your girl, breonna queen, and I help service-based entrepreneurs generate consistent sales and revenue with ease. so today’s video, I’m sharing three things you need to hit those five-figure months. so let’s go ahead and let’s get into it. consistency is all about making things repeatable. and if you can’t repeat it,if you’re exhausted, tired, feeling burned-out – getting tired now, though. – then obviously, it’s not sustainable. so the first thing you need is you need a business, a method that is sustainable. how are you bringing in new leads? how are you converting those leads from prospects into clients? how are you onboarding those clients? like, what is your system? what is the pipeline? what does it look like, and is it feasible? if you have to go on Instagram live every single day, and send emails out every single day, and post on every single social media, it may not be sustainable, and you might find yourself burned out after day 33. however, if you have a business that does not require a lot out of you or you enjoy doing it, and you can do it repeatably, then I think that is where the goal is. you need to have a business that is sustainable, your marketing, your onboarding,the task that you do, everything you do needs to be sustainable. I remember there were times where I would do launches, and I would be completely burned out. I would have very profitable months when I did my launches. and for those who don’t know, a launch is basically when you announce that you have a course or offer or service that has opened up. and you promote it heavily. and there were times I would have launches, and i’d be absolutely exhausted because I was doing so much. and yes, I was bringing in lots of revenue from those launches. However, I was feeling burned out. it wasn’t sustainable. so with the biggest and having consistent 10k months or 10k plus months, you have to have a method that is repeatable, that does not leave you burned-out or exhausted every single month. another thing you need is consistent strategy. so why did I combine consistency and strategy together? so here’s the thing, you can be consistent but if there is no intention or strategy behind it, you may not see results. and you can be strategic, however, if you’re not consistent with that strategy, you won’t see results because you have not done it enough. so consistent andstrategy go hand in hand. it’s not enough to just post on, you know, Instagram every single day. it’s not enough to createa video every single day on youtube or every single week on youtube. yeah you’re being consistent, but is that content actually good? does that content actually attract, nurture, and convert your audience? is that content actuallythe kind of content that you’re proud to have up? because here’s the thing, yeah, you can have a strategy. yeah, you can be consistent, but you can’t just be consistent as in time. you need to be consistentin also your delivery. if you have one video and it’s amazing and the next video is subpar and the audio’s awful, and the quality, the visual’s awful, it’s not consistent in your delivery. you need to have a strategy that you can do and that you can do over and over and over and over again. it’s not enough to have a strategy. we all know someone who hasall these amazing things they wanna do. “oh, I have this plan,oh, I have this goal.” they’re always talking about what they wanna do, but they never executed. or maybe they executed one time and they didn’t executeit anymore, you know? like have you ever seen ayoutuber or an instagrammer and they have really great content, but they’re not consistent with the content, so they’re kind of like, um, womp, womp. (sad trumpet tune) and you see people who are consistent. they’re posting every single day. they’re posting on instagram stories and Instagram posts, maybe youtube video, maybe a podcast. and they’re doing allthese things consistently, but it doesn’t really do anything, right? it just adds to the noise. there’s nothing great about their content. you don’t feel like it is relevant. you don’t feel like it’sinformative or educational or entertaining. it’s just quotes. you know, it’s nothingthat actually adds value to people’s life. so you have to have a consistent strategy. you have to have a strategy, something that you do with intent and you know exactly whatyou’re doing and the goal and you have to do it consistently to ensure that one, it works,and two, to allow it to work. enter my program, “uncomplicated sales.” students learn how tocreate content with intent. they’re not just creating content for the sake of creating content. but students inside the program, they learn how to create content that attracts their audience, right? attracts the right peoplethat nurtures them, to gain that know I can trust and then converts the ideal client into an actual client. so you have to have consistent strategy if you want to generate consistent income. and a quote I heard a few years ago back when I was really struggling to bring in consistent income was, “inconsistent income isdue to inconsistency.” let’s say that again. “inconsistent income isdue to inconsistency.” so if you have a monthwhere you are getting lots and lots and lots ofsales, what did you do different from the month where youdidn’t get a lot of sales? maybe the month you gota lot of sales, you know, you did more reels. maybe the month thatyou got a lot of sales, maybe you did more videos. maybe you actually showed up with intent. maybe you actually got themmore sales columns open to more sales calls. maybe you email people. i’m not saying you do all of those things. cause you guys know i’mpart of team I sleep. I do not believe in hustle,hustle, hustle, hustle. I do believe in rest. I do believe, you know,i can do all the things, but if you find thatyou’re having yo-yo income, ask yourself, “has your execution been yo-yo? has your strategy been yo-yo? how’s your consistency been yo-yo? have you been showing up yo-yo?” as in one day you show upand then three weeks later you show up again andthen five weeks later, you show up again, like, can you tie that inconsistent income with something that you’redoing inconsistently? and one more thing I thinkis absolutely necessary to hit those five-figuremonths is mindset. and this also includes faith. we’re gonna add faithand mindset together. now here’s the thing. people who feel likemindset is a bunch of hoopla and it’s like, uh, you know, all this empowerment, blah, blah, blah, and I am all about strategy, right? like I don’t need you building me up and you don’t give me theactual steps to execute. so I do think strategyis extremely important. however, there is a place for mindset. and there is a place for empowerment. there isn’t a place forfeeling like I can’t do it. I always say, if you feel likeyou can’t do it, you can’t. if you feel like you are a failure you will go through lifefinding evidence of that. if you look for red cars you’re gonna see a lot of red cars. if you look for blue cars you’re gonna see a lot of blue cars. so mindset is so importantbecause you have to tell yourself that one, you are successful. two, you are worthy and capable of generating consistent income. if you feel like you can never do it, you honestly won’t do it because you don’t havethe mindset to back it up. and i’ve learned thatyou can give somebody all the tools they possibly need. you can give, you cangive someone everything they need to succeed, like every single thing, but if they don’t havethe mindset to succeed they won’t do it. they won’t see those toolsas tools for success. they’ll see those tools as drawbacks. they’ll see those tools as, “oh, I can’t do it. why even bother?” so mindset is extremely important when you are trying tohit those consistent five-figure months. because if you feel like youcan’t do it, you won’t do it. I gave the example of wheni had my very first event. you know, I wanted to have anevent and I told my friends and told some family membersand I got responses like, “do you think anybody would show up? I hope you get your hopes up.” and I had one friend say, “everybody’s having eventsthese days. oh my gosh. okay, is that the new thing?” like those were the comments I got when I wanted to have an event. and I was feeling like, dang, like, should I even have this event? like maybe i’m second-guessing myself. maybe this is not gonna be successful. maybe I will be getting my hopes up. but I was like, you know what? I wanna have this event. I have something to say. I know I can educate people. so I decided to have this event. this event sold out in less than 10 days. because of this event I hadpeople coming to me and saying, “hey, you know, after yourevent, I started my business. after your event, youknow, I got on social media and I got a sale.” I had to show up. but first I had to have the mindset that you know what? I can do this. I can have this event. I can help people. I can serve people. I can impact lives with myeducation and my expertise. if I didn’t have the mindset for it, I wouldn’t have done it. I would have, as soon as somebody told me, “oh, you’re gonna get your hopes up if you do it.” or, “oh, everybody’shaving events these days.” the minute someone sayssomething negative to me, I would have believed them and I wouldn’t have executed because my mindset wasn’t right. mindset is extremely important for me. i, seriously, I listen tomindset books every single day. when i’m walking my dogs, I will listen to mindsetbooks, like audio books. at night, at times i’llread mindset books. like, it is a routine to me. mindset is something thatyou have to strengthen and cultivate. and one way I do that is like I said I listen to mindsetbooks every single day. I believe in affirmations. it’s not enough to just say, “oh, I believe in myself.” one day, you have to actually cultivate it and continue to strengthen it. I think, your mind is a muscle, right? the more you do, the moreexperiences you have, the more you open yourself to new things, the smarter you get, the more you read, the more youconsume educational content, you know, you will getsmarter, you will get brighter. and the same thing with mindset. if you feed your mind things that will help strengthen your mind and have you crushingthose limited beliefs and things that you feel are negative, if you constantly feedyour brain positive things, positive things will happen. additionally, mindset, and really strengthening your mindset, it allows you to takethe focus off yourself and more so on to your clientsand those you can serve. I personally operate in aserve over nerve capacity. basically that means isyes, my nerves may be through the roof but iwas put on this earth to serve people. so I serve over my nerves. when you start strengthening your mindset you will stop focusing so much on you. and, “oh, what if I look stupid? oh, what if I look dumb? oh, what if I look crazy?” you will focus less on thosethings and focus more on “i have something to say, andi know it can impact lives.” this thing happened to me. I don’t want it to happen to anyone else, so I wanna share my story. I am so educated in this and I know that it cantransform other’s lives. you’re gonna startfocusing more on the things that you can do for others, as opposed to limiting beliefs that are really centered around you. and honestly, vanitymetrics and vanity things. there have been times wherei didn’t feel my best, right? maybe I gained weightor maybe I looked crazy and I was like, “oh, I don’t know if i’mgonna post this video. I don’t look my best. I don’t look my, you know, I don’t feel my best, buti was like, you know what? this video is very, very good. the information i’m sharing in this video is gonna help someone. it’s going to allowsomeone to do something better, bigger, greater.” you know what? it’s not about me. it’s about me being able to impact people with my stories, with my knowledge. I truly believe that god gives stories to those who can tell it. and it is my duty to tell those stories. so sometimes you have toreally start strengthening that mindset so that youcan focus less on you and more on the peopleyou’re here on earth to help and impact. now, obviously there are otherthings that are great to have to get those consistentfive-figure months. you know, systems is great, automations is great, a large audience is great, high-tech quality is great. all those things are great to have to have consistent five-figure months. but you know what? none of those things are necessary. you don’t need a large audience. you don’t have to post every single day. you don’t need the latest,greatest equipment. you don’t need automationsystems that exist to hit five-figure months. you can make that with the bare basics. if your mindset is right. and you have a consistent strategy and if it is sustainable and repeatable. if you are ready fora step-by-step process that allows you to sell yourservice online with ease, without needing difficult,complicated, crazy email funnels, without having to createa billion freebies, without needing thousands and thousands of subscribers and followers. if you’re looking for astrategy, a blueprint, a framework to sell your service with consistent revenue, I have a (inaudible) program,”uncomplicated sales.” I will link it down below orgo to uncomplicatedsales.com. so these are the three things I think that are absolutely necessaryto hit those 10k months. if you enjoyed thisvideo or podcast episode, be sure to give me athumbs-up, five stars, comment down below. what are some things thatyou feel that you need to have those five-figure months? i’ll talk to you guyson my very next episode. bye.

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