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“Inspiring women to live life beautifully”

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Hey, girl, hey!

I’m Breonna and welcome to my piece of the internet!

I’m a beauty & lifestyle YouTuber as well as a business strategist to aspiring content creators.

I share easy makeup & style looks that don’t break the bank or require a lot of time. I also talk lifestyle,  DIY projects and entrepreneurship (so other aspects of your life can be equally as fab!).

I believe every woman should feel beautiful because when you feel beautiful, it shows in everything you do.

I also believe every woman is deserving of a profitable passion (making money doing something you love!) because when you love what you do, you inspire others to do the same (seriously, can you get more beautiful than that?).

To me, beauty  is all about being yourself… your best self! Because when you feel your best, you do your best and I think the world needs more people feeling and doing their best!

So grab some snacks, pour yourself a glass of wine and let’s get acquainted!


This workbook includes:
✓ My 7 step formula to achieving your goals
✓ goal crushing worksheets
✓ affirmations that WERK
✓ daily slay planner worksheet
✓ goal crushing reflection sheet

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The Discover Your Passion workbook was created to help you identify, gain clarity and laser focus on your passion.


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