I help entrepreneurs monetize their skills & online presence.

Are you ready to monetize your expertise and create additional streams of income? I help new (... and not so new) entrepreneurs create, develop, and implement strategies so they can transform their personal brand into a powerful and lucrative business.

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Hey, I'm Breonna!

With over 60,000 Youtube subscribers and 5 million views, most know me in the online-world for my easy beauty & lifestyle tutorials. I’ve worked with major brands, written highly rated books, been featured on countless websites, interviewed for magazines and news outlets, and turned one of my many passions into a lucrative business.


behind the scenes, I am a results-validated business strategist with 10 years of digital marketing experience helping businesses grow their online brand and revenue. I strategically consult and advise entrepreneurs who are ready to level up when it comes to their brand presence & profit.

I work with go-getters who are ready to monetize their skills online, and create additional streams of passive income. They're ready to have more brand visibility in these e-streets and create a roadmap to their next stage of success.


I help entrepreneurs increase their brand awareness, influence and revenue.

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  • Are you ready to start a business online but unsure how or where to navigate? My courses and workbooks are designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to create their profitable passion and start their business.

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  • Are you a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to transform and monetize your brand presence?

    Together, we power plan & execute so you can level up.

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  • I was feeling lost, confused and uncertain about the best way to grow my business outside of services. Breonna seemed to really understand where I was coming from. I could see that she had experience and knowledge that would be very beneficial in my current position. With Breonna's help, I was able to create additional streams of income within my business which resulted in over $13,000 of additional income.

    Whitney S Owner of Whitney's Hair Love
  • I came to Breonna with my big ideas and a general idea of the direction but I wasn’t sure how to bring it all together in a way that made sense. She helped me lay it all out, identify the missing pieces, and develop a strategy to take my business to the next level.

    I now have a system set in place so that I can work less but more efficiently. All thanks to Breonna!

    J Gardner Owner of IPHONE Screen Repair
  • Breonna is so knowledgeable, and genuine. I highly value her ideas, intuition, and experience when it comes to social media, marketing and branding. She created a strategic plan for me which allowed me to write and release my first eBook.
    I think any entrepreneur feeling stuck and uncertain about how to best move forward in their business would greatly benefit from a session with Breonna.

    William Thomas Owner of 88/84
  • With Breonna's help and group calls, I have been able to strategize a more efficient business plan, reach my target market and ultimately increase profits.

    Ronnie J Author


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