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… and I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a lifestyle content creator, personal brand strategist and video marketing coach who loves helping women package up their power!

When it comes to business, I specialize in teaching entrepenuers how to grow their business and brand with video.

When it comes to lifestyle, I specialize in creating videos that help women live their best life in simple ways.
Can I be honest for a second though? I wasn’t always in love with the camera or creating video… and I definitely didn’t realize all the perks creating videos would bring me!

However, once I started hitting that record button and strategically using video the right way, my business (as well as myself!) took off in ways I never imagined (like completely booked out months, speaking engagements, increased profits, generating leads while I sleep and huge collaborations… plus I get to make an impact!).

I’m now committed to helping other entrepreneurs do the same with their personal brand!
So sit back, take a look around, and let’s get acquainted!


Engaging and informative how-to tutorials to help you slay in simple ways.

Let’s get to know each other better on one of the internet’s most powerful platforms! I share lifestyle videos focused around decor, beauty, life and biz!

Since starting my YouTube channel, I’ve gained over 70,000 subscribers, 5 million views, and my videos have been featured on popular sites such as Buzzfeed, Bustle and even HBO!

Content creator
I create lifestyle videos on YouTube centered around helping you live a beautiful life in simple ways. I focus on beauty, decor, DIY and more!

Personal brand strategist
Ready to use video to grow your brand but unsure where to start (or maybe you’ve started but just not seeing results)? I help entrepreneurs and content creators create a magnetic personal brand and leverage video to make more money!

Interested in inviting me on stage to breathe some life into the room? I travel to conferences and events to share strategies and stories to help your audience level up in life and business!

Join the No-BS course that teaches you how to use video to grow your audience, visibility & income!

Are you a new ( …or not so new) Youtuber who wants more visibility, a larger audience and a long-term way to attract buyers?

In my Video Creator Academy, you’re learn how to:

✅ Create enticing and engaging videos that turn viewers into buyers.

✅ Develop a calendar of compelling content that draws people to that subscribe button.

✅ Leverage my best growth strategies, break down your analytics and optimize your videos, so you set yourself up for long-term success right out the gate.

✅ Use my easy-to-follow filming and editing tips, so you produce high-quality videos in half the time.

✅ Leverage YoutTube to create a lead-generating machine

✅ Learn how to leverage the power of videos to attract, engage and entice the right people


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