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Ready to generate consistent revenue selling your service? I teach you how to create a sustainable, scalable, and profitable business without all that unnecessary hustle!

Breonna Queen
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You’re out here sprinkling your magic and doing big things as a coach, strategist, or service provider.

You’re using your talents and skills to transform the lives of your clients, BUT you’re just not getting the visibility or revenue you know you’re capable of.

Selling your services consistently doesn’t have to be complicated. Bringing in leads that are happy to pay your rates doesn’t have to be difficult or super-time consuming.

Ready to leap off that hamster wheel of #DoingTheMost while bringing in sales on autopilot? You’re in the right place!

I help coaches & service-based entrepreneurs create a system to sell their services consistently.

Uncomplicated Sales

My signature program helps you create a simple system to sell your online service with ease.

You’ll walk away with a pipeline to attract your ideal client and bring in continuous leads without needing a large audience, having to post online every day or lower your rates.

Ready to become the #1 choice for your ideal client?



Ever have that bestie who calls you out on your stuff and holds you accountable to your goals no matter what? Well, that’s ME … when it comes to online marketing and sales.

I’m known for giving coaches, consultants, and service providers the guidance and framework they need to attract the right audience and skyrocket their revenue.


Breonna Queen
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How to create a system that brings in consistent sales even if you have a small audience