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Digital Video Marketing Strategist

Ready to confidently show up on camera and create YouTube videos?

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Video content is one of the most powerful ways to grow your brand, tell your story, position yourself as the expert and increase sales?

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you want more visibility, a larger audience and a long-term way to attract clients. And I’m sure you’ve tried blogging, emailing, advertising, social media posting and almost everything under the sun to build the business of your dreams.

While all those things can grow your business over time, video is a rarely-talked-about, yet leading-generating marketing tactic proven to take brands from best-kept secret to industry superstar without the hustle of balancing all the other “stuff”.

… what video content do you post to attract your ideal audience?
… how do you find the right topics to talk about so you’re not constantly struggling with content ideas?
… how do you leverage video to increase (and automate) your sales?
… how do you increase video views so your videos don’t sink to the bottom of the black pit?
… how do you create videos that don’t require a lot of time editing or hiring an expensive videographer?

That’s where I come in. I help serviced based entrepenuers grow their business and increase sales with powerful video content and marketing strategies.


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Let me help you with your marketing and video strategy. During your VIP Day, you will gain the clarity and strategies to turn your business idea into lasting influence, impact, and income. We'll spend 6-7 hours creating your entire video and marketing strategy for your business.

Strategy Session

Three 60 minute sessions created to analyze your current video content strategy. These sessions, held via live video, will identify areas of improvement within your video including development, content, video presence and optimization.

My bi-weekly LIVE trainings to help you elevate in business, video and life. Just text “VID” TO 31996 to get notified right before I go live!


Breonna Queen is a lifestyle YouTuber and video content strategist.

She’s a native of Louisville, KY native (GO CARDS!). Who, after a few too many cold winters, headed south to call sunny Tampa, FL her home.

With a bachelors in creative advertising, Breonna has worked over a decade in digital media helping small and large businesses grow their online presence.

While working in the digital marketing field, she also created her popular YouTube Channel, Breonna Queen Lifestyle, which has been featured on HBO, Own and 10news.

Watch my lifestyle YouTube channel all about helping you elevate in practical ways! I share my day to day as an entrepreneur, beauty videos, decor and more!

From church-mouse quiet to over 75,000+ YouTube subscribers & 5 million views


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