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Learn how to turn your expertise into a money-making online course even if you have no idea what your course should be about and don't have a large audience!

I help women turn their knowledge into a profitable online income stream.

I believe you deserve more financial freedom and time freedom… and you can do that by leveraging your gifts packaged into an impactful offer.

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I've helped over 100+ women turn their skills into profit online.

"After working with Breonna, I was able to create and market my course and had 4 people sign up the first week I launched!
Danielle B Jackson
Friendship coach

My courses are designed to help you turn your skills, knowledge and expertise into profitable online income streams!


Turn your knowledge into a profitable online course

The program and community that shows you how to create a passive-income generating online course

Turn your knowledge into a profitable coaching program

Package up your knowledge into a coaching offer that allows you to book new clients consistently, and sell out with ease.

Turn your knowledge into paid sponsorships

Ready to diversify your income with paid brand sponsorships? Inside this toolkit,  I show you how to work with brands as an influencer & get paid!

Turn your knowledge into profitable YouTube Content

Video content is one of the best ways to grow but it can be challenging! Cue, my video bundle!