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You’re sipping a martini on the beach when your phone suddenly vibrates *ding* *ding* You check and see a notification that $700 has been deposited into your account while having fun. How? Well, someone discovered your videos, binged watched them, and purchased your digital product.

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👉 Here’s the truth: Those who use video to market grow their business 49% faster than those who don’t.

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You just need videos that are authentic, speak to your ideal audience, and increase sales. That’s where I come in.

I teach entrepreneurs how to be confident on camera and create profitable videos from scratch.

It's time to level-up with video.

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12-week group coaching program for aspiring, and new entrepreneurs, and content creators who want to monetize their expertise online and build a profitable YouTube channel

Helps entrepreneurs and experts create and launch a high ticket digital course, market it, and sell on autopilot leveraging the power of strategic video content.


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I teach entrepreneurs how to craft personality-infused, glued-to-the-screen video content that grows their audience, drives sales, and scales their business on autopilot.

Helping you create smart video content from scratch (without all that unnecessary hustle and overwhelm!) is my superpower and I can’t wait to show you how!


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Danielle Bayard Jackson
publicist & friendship coach
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Chantail Williams
Owner of Classic Hair Therapy

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