What’s for dinner? My Seafood Platter!

When I was a child, I HATED seafood. I especially disliked crab legs because it seemed so barbaric literally eating the meat out of a carcass.

Honey….. now?!! I loveeeeee me some seafood. I can’t get enough of it, and days like this when I craved seafood so bad, I have to make me a seafood tray featuring my cilantro garlic butter sauce to throw on top of all this deliciousness! Seafood trays can be pricey so a great way to cut the price… is to make it yourself!

I used a combination of king crab legs (my favorite… but pricey) with snow crab legs. I also added shrimp, sausage and corn! If you have red potatos, I recommend adding those to the tray too!

I’ll share how to get all this deliciousness!

I like to add lots of seafood seasoning (*cough* ol bay *cough*) to my tray. You can literally throw everything in one pot (minus the crab legs, which I like to steam in a separate pot with beer, lemon and ol bay seasoning).

Once everything is done, I top with melted butter cilantro which is literally melted butter (about 2 sticks), crushed garlic (3 tablespoons), lemon juice, 8tbsp cilantro, 1tsp of onion power and salt/pepper to tase)


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