I turned my passions into a profitable business and a powerful brand. I help others do the same.

I help women entrepreneurs create, develop and implement strategies to scale their business and brand online.

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Hey, I'm Breonna.

I help go-getters monetize their skills & expertise with ease.

With over 60,000 Youtube subscribers and 5 million views, most know me in the online-world for my easy beauty & lifestyle tutorials. I’ve worked with major brands, written highly rated books, been featured on countless websites, and turned one of my many passions into a lucrative business.


Behind the scenes, I am a results-validated business strategist with almost 10 years of experience helping businesses grow their online income, brand and presence. I’ve helped my clients earn thousands of dollars in online revenue, establish their brand and truly crush their business goals.

I know what it takes to create a profitable business online. I’ve created three of my own and have several brands/ventures I manage. I help my clients do the same.

I also know what it feels like to tirelessly dedicate every minute to your business but I’ve learnt you can also work from a place of rest—not hustle and I help my clients create additional streams of income so they can achieve this.


we’ll create the results-oriented game plan you need to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. My signature package helps you chase down those financial dreams, while giving you more freedom and time, so you can navigate this online business world with focus and strategy.

Let's level up your business:

  • Your path to unlocking your profitable passion starts with self reflection. Discover Your Passion is a simple yet powerful workbook full of questions to truly help you align with your purpose.

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  • I help women who want to launch, grow or scale a profitable online business. I take a deep dive into your business and create custom-tailored strategic power plans to help you level up

    I'm ready to win!

Some random facts

A glimpse into my non-biz life:

1. I grew up in Louisville, KY; raised on books, collared greens, God and soul music.

2. I consider myself an outdoorsy diva. I love gardening, nature walks, and the beach. It’s probably one of the main reasons why I moved to Florida a few years ago. The beach is my happy place.

3. I truly believe life is like a box of chocolate …and I really like chocolate (Grimaldi sea salt dark chocolate if we’re being specific).

4. I kinda have an obsession with jumpsuits and sunglasses. Even better if the jumpsuits are floral or tribal print!

5. I’m a business strategist, beauty content creator, podcast host, author, boutique owner, speaker and marketing expert but beyond the titles, I’m just girl who loves creating and empowering. I love seeing people do things that make them come alive.

6. My friends consider me a certified hype-(wo)man. Feeling insecure? Here I come with the energy of a hype-man at a 90's hip hop concert ready to pounce on cue. Ayeeeeeeee!
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  • When I came to Breonna, I honestly didn’t know anything about starting a business. Within one session, she helped me identify 3 different ways I could monetize and package my expertise!

    Brandi O Creative Entrepreneur
  • Breonna helped me identify my business goals and create a clear strategic plan for me.

    William Thomas Online Shop Owner
  • With Breonna's help and group calls, I have been able to strategize a more efficient business plan, reach my target market and ultimately increase profits.

    Ronnie J Author
  • I was a slave to my business. I was working long hours but not always productive. Breonna helped me work smarter, not harder. She taught me different ways to increase my productivity and business without having to dedicate so much time to my business.

    Jessica Elle IPHONE Screen Repair

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